Zoro Is Living Sanji’s Dream – One Piece Chapter 941 Review

Zoro Is Living Sanji’s Dream – One Piece Chapter 941 Review

This review is surprisingly on time, don’t
you guys agree? Minus a week but still on the same day. Aren’t you guys impressed?! On the first page, Orochi is getting informed
about what is happening in Wano, but he does not seem to care that much. And I don’t blame him, why act like a king
of a country when you can act like an emo teenager who got his heart broken. I don’t know why Oda is still insisting
in this love/tragedy, I really hope it is part of some sort of setup and he will reap
the benefit later on in the story. Because as things stand the only thing that
I am getting from this is how pathetic Orochi’s character is. Oda did reveal who the witching hour boy is,
so he is Yasu, the father of Toko. He used to be one of the lords who did support
Oden, so that’s why he was hiding all this time. In fact, Orochi did think that he was dead. I thought that the witching hour boy will
play a more important role in this arc but it seems that Oda has other plans. So, he is going to use Yasu to gather his
people and join the alliance which is good but this is not the first time in this arc
that someone who could be a potential ally for the alliance, is either old or too young
or a weirdo. We are yet to see someone in Wano that you
can tell just by appearance that they are a legend. I hope that Kawamatsu is that type of character
and that’s why Oda has still not revealed how he looks. He father probably is Gol D. Roger, so Roger
did more than sightseeing in Wano. I am just kidding by the way. But can you imagine if that were to be true? If that happens then I will delete my channel. Anyway, when Queen hears the news of Komurasaki’s
death he starts to cry, I did not know that he also cares that much for Komurasaki… Oh no, now we have a triangle in this love
story that no one did ask. I hope they never will find out that she is
alive. It was funny when Luffy calls Queen a ballon
while he himself looks like a ballon. Queen should have said, look who is talking,
you ballon wannabe. Wait I just solved Luffy’s problems with
gear 4, instead of inflating his body and using haki to control it, he could just gain
weight and that way all his problems are gone. He should call it gear 4 real form. Luffy did gain that weight because he did
eat the food that was meant for Queen. And you see two people there talking about
what should they do, they cannot tell Queen that his food is gone because it seems food
is everything for him, just like Big Mom. This is getting really weird, and I am really
worried about Oda, story-wise makes no sense what so ever to pay attention this much to
food. The only explanation I have is that Oda is
starving while he is writing the story, and without him realizing his real-life problems
are convergence with the story. Whatever the case might be, one thing is for
sure that his staff is a bunch of useless morons. If Oda is starving that just remind him to
eat, if not then do your job and tell him that this is not something that you put in
the story. This is a story about pirates and not food. Seriously what is next? Besides food. Maybe next we will see a character that is
obsessed with breathing air?! Anyway, Holdem has started a fire at the place
where Ashura and his men are using as a hideout. And Kinemon says that this is a good thing
because this would mean that he has no choice but to fight Kaido’s forces. When Kinemon said to Ashura that you know
what type of man I am, I will make you join the alliance no matter what. When I read that I did get excited to see
what will Kinemon do, but it seems that he will do nothing, Holdem did the job for him. And then we go to the main event, Hiyori is
sleeping with Zoro. At this point, you got to feel bad for Sanji,
everything that Sanji dreams is happening to Zoro. I wonder did Sanji do something to Oda? They don’t seem to be in good terms, knowing
that Sanji is a pervert, who knows what he did. When they did wake up and Hiyori says to Zoro
did you enjoy that? That shocked me for two reasons:
This is a shonen manga so this is really weird. And did she really work as a prostitute? Because up until this point I did not think
that to be the case. So, that’s why I did check another translation
and it looked even worse. And then I did check another translation,
and I think this translation is the correct one. She said: “… But everyone gets besotted
by the thought of sleeping next to me. Was that existing for you?” So, that never did happen to her before. Brook tells them what is going on and as soon
as Toko finds out that her father will be executed she starts to run. That panel where you see her outside the house
running is really amazing, this is my favorite panel in this chapter. The way Oda has drawn her and shown her emotions
in that panel is amazing. You really feel bad for Toko, she seems to
love her father a lot even though he sold her, but now what can she do, she will not
be able to save him. That’s why this panel did hit me hard when
I saw it. And lastly we see Yasu crucified, he is about
to be executed and he says that he has two things to apologize to the people there and
one thing to say to Orochi. I think he will apologize to the people there
for failing to protect the country for outside enemies like Kaido and inside like Orochi. And then he will remind Orochi about the prophecy
of Toki and that he will be taken down. If after saying that he will be executed that
would be quite epic, Roger and Whitebeard had epic last words before they did die. But it is more likely that someone will save
him, maybe Zoro will arrive on time, or someone else from Wano will intervene. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments Thanks for watching
And see you in the next video

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  1. Was this video completely satire? Kinemon started the fire! The reason they mention the food is because big mom is going there, and she wanted that food!

  2. The whole idea of being a pirate is freedom. A real pirate is supposed to get what they wants just because they are powerful enough to demand from others. Great pirates and Marines like Big Mom, Luffy, Garp, Queen etc are always shown eating. They love delicious food and that's the freedom they want as a pirate.

  3. Feed Oda now!!! Great spot @Shadowflame 🤤

  4. Good video! After learning about who Yasu was before as well as his connection to Toko, I have a feeling that in the next chapter or 2, we will get to see what Yasu really looked like 20 years ago, which I am hoping that he looks just as epic as Hyougoro's was!?
    Also, do you believe that the impact of Yasu's death to the people of Ebisu may be similar to how Ace's convinced Marco & the WB to aave Luffy on his behalf?!
    What do you think?

  5. Anyone else feels like Ode did that purposely. Knowing he’ll do what the author of seven deadly sins did with Ban and Elaine in the chapter 308

  6. 🙄dis guy dumb…. Japeneese anime mostly food plays major role with main character look at Naruto , Dbz, One piece , heck even Bleach

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