Zimbabwe’s Codeine Cough Syrup Epidemic

Zimbabwe’s Codeine Cough Syrup Epidemic

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  1. I dont think this is what Screw vision was…..

  2. They should kill that ex Dictator for sucking there county dry tell there was nothing left.

  3. 🦠🦠Live to death🦠🦠
    🦠🦠Happy small live🦠🦠

  4. While they bump Shoreline Mafia

  5. Shit bro wokhardt is like $600 , I think I might go to Zimbabwe

  6. Literally the last thing Africa needs is hard drugs

  7. Wait… Give them drugs… And they FORGET how to take drugs?!

    Sounds like a good plan to me.

  8. I bet they all have a Lil Wayne and Future shrine in their homes.

  9. Codeine is such a dirty buzz. I break out in hives if I have to much if the stuff. Now dilaudid is some sweet stuff.

  10. lil pump has entered the chat

  11. This is why we should bring back rhodesia

  12. 3:24 what’s Sadio Mane doing in this documentary

  13. Why can’t these mfs just smoke WEED

  14. You literally met Lucio

  15. I like how everyone of their excuses was that they have nothing to do, and that’s the reason they do this. That’s the worst excuse. How do they plan to get anywhere better in life high as hell all the time spending all their money on syrup. Laziness is the real issue here.

  16. Sip sipping on some sip

  17. Rhodesia was better

  18. Who knew? America is just like Zimbabwe.

    Downward Spiral is relentless.

  19. ร่างกายของแต่ละคนไม่เหมือนกัน

  20. เมื่อสิ่งแปลกปลอมเข้าsystemระบบ..จะต่อต้าน

  21. do you know de way?

  22. Atleast there's been a vast decrease of irritated throats there

  23. Well, atleast they're not coughing

  24. Of all the problems in the country you choose this ?

  25. Damn! Im from HOUSTON TEXAS aka city of syrup! Who knew zimbabwe was about that action. This is why i travel the world. Not for syrup lol but to open my eyes to alot of things we are blind to.

  26. Last year at college my friends and I got so bored in my dorm that we decided to drink all my NyQuil. It was a dope experience

  27. Don't be so hard on them, they don't even have enough money to build a proper economy and infrastructure and you are talking about rehab clinics, VICE? Perspective…?

  28. this is what happens when you hand out codeine cough syrup like candy to children.

  29. Look how African American rap influences Africa .

  30. Lol yikes. I’ve had syrup a bunch of times but it’s something you should definitely stay away from.

  31. Am I the only one who's thinking "If I lived in Zimbabwe I'd want to be as high as possible too"? Seriously, why even make the effort to cover this story. No one in the civilized world gives a shit about a drug epidemic in some third world shit hole. Every country has their own problems to worry about. And if you say you care about a drug problem in Zimbabwe, guess what? You're full of shit.

  32. Drinking cough syrup when I’m sick is already a struggle for me, nasty af, now people are downing that shit like it’s normal.

  33. Ian Smith has turned so much in his grave he's gone 20 feet under

  34. Black hip hop culture is toxic.

  35. 1:45 a Black Widow

    What? i am spitting sraight facts!

  36. this just proves that humans if stupid enough will always find a way to destroy themselves to get 'high'

  37. "Zimbabwe really looks great now, when it's not Rhodesia!"

  38. 4:00 it's written dude

  39. hahahaha great solutions i heard in this video.
    solve thier addiction by giving them diazepam, which in turn is…. ofcourse highly addictive and hard to kick.

  40. This is what I dont get why is there people in the government house if there not doing there job and helping the people

  41. at least nobody has sore throats in Zimbabwe

  42. I know American rap music has influenced so many generations, but hearing a young talented brother from Zimbabwe calling himself the N-word in his lyrics just sickens me 🤢

  43. Guys we should just introduce them to weed so they will get high off of something else

  44. They have a drug that makes you forget drugs. That’s funny

  45. anytime I see some of these titles I swear they make it up

  46. Dude in the beginning sounded a lil bit like younger Kendrick Lamar

  47. 一天不喝大力,我浑身难受

  48. Imagine giving into peer pressure

  49. legalize mariuhana and you have one problem less

  50. When cough syrup is more important than food for your family

  51. thats a damn Cough Syrup

  52. Government this, government that.

  53. give them diazepam (benzos, which is more addictive and tolerance building) to help them off opiates? whaaaat? lmao

  54. What disappointing comments. Is everything a joke to you guys?

  55. Black folks seem to love that shit 🧐

  56. But why Ban the drug? Ban unemployment and out all the journalists to find why they can’t get jobs? They get off drugs they may start killing.

  57. BronCleer is going be the name of the next "great" SoundCloud rapper.

  58. Just nuke that place already

  59. Yup, sounds about right.

  60. Lol they suck anyways

  61. Here in America we drop a zany in that b** and call it a day over there acting like they're a poverty place in need of something when all that s***'s going on here why don't you get back over here and fix something other than acting like something's wrong and they are to fix it just to make money to bring it back here to not even help here

  62. Unemployment shouldn't be the reason to drink this! They simply think it's cool. They mustve seen this in American Rap music!!

  63. let them fucking drink it lmao. Natural selection is just kicking in.

  64. "If the government doesn't step up and do something." Who do you think is behind the epidemic?

  65. This the country u will never catch cough and flu

  66. He even stole food from you, that's when you know there's a problem lol

  67. pretty sure these energy drinks have the same effects

  68. The mother is so adorable

  69. People, Rehabilitation would never solve that issue. Rehabilitation is what you do to clean the EFFECTS and RESAULTS of your mistake! The only solution if you want to solve that issue is EDJUCATION… not REHABILITATION. Its pointless to heal 200 people while you know that after them you are going to have 400 new patients! Make sure that no more patients come next, then think about rehabilitation! What's the meaning of paying doctors and medicine if the main issue is still there; Get teachers make schools, show them how people live in the rest world and let them deside what they are going to do from now on.. People in places like this one have not even tv, no connection with the world! I find it normal to try kill your self if your life is full of depression and troubles! A fake world in the youngs minds seems better than the world goverments builded up for them. They are trying to forget the fact Goverment and people ignores them .

  70. This brothers need weed

  71. So basically , a drug dealer is also a pharmacist in Zimbabwe

  72. Wait what? Did he say $5? It costs 10-20 per 10mg where I live

  73. It’s a shame the documentary never mentioned the influence of American rap contributing to this epidemic. It seems pretty blatant to me.

  74. no money for food, but enough for codein…

  75. What's with the mandatory subtitles?

  76. What a time it was…

  77. "former dictator robert mugabe ran the country into the ground"…. Vice, tell the truth. The People of zimbabwe elected Mugabe because they wanted to oust Ian Smith, steal white farms and give them to uneducated farmers, and turn over manufacturing to the impoverished. Since 1986 (the end of Ian Smith's government) food had to be imported (where i was exported), and manufacturing stopped. Mugabe was part of the problem, but the people of zimbabwe chose mugabe over smith.

  78. "even a young child can tell this is a broncleer"

    >Shows bottle with the name Broncleer on it

    Also young child.

  79. I’m zimbabwean..and the comments here are hilarious 😂

  80. How is the young rappers mother so fat in a country so poor?

  81. That woman speaks English remarkably well.

  82. What kind of shit lyrics he rappin ? Just go back to drugs kiddo. Uve made the wrong choice. 😂 😂

  83. If it was rhodiesia that cough syrup would be used to help sick kids.

  84. Wait until they get promethazine

  85. P U R P D R A N K !

  86. Smith should come back

  87. Did anyone see Sadio Mane 3:24?😂

  88. Well on the bright side they'll never have to worry about a cold.

  89. Codein doesn't make you high lol

  90. I need 2 bottlee of that shit


  92. This country will be the only Cough free country in the world

  93. Im glad the kid didnt stop his sound cloud rapper dream just because he quit using

  94. these people's accent is funny as hell

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