Why Does Portuguese Sound Like Russian?! (or Polish)

Why Does Portuguese Sound Like Russian?! (or Polish)

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  1. I first heard this long ago from a teacher. She was on a school field trip ages before telling me this and she was at a small store in London with a colleague buying food (breakfast for the kids – when I was little it was usual for teachers to buy our food on field trips with a part of our payment – or their dinner, I don't remember). They were talking Portuguese, as there was no need to talk English with a friend, at night, in a store discussing produce.
    The store clerk went out of his way to ask if they were Russian with a smile. She said they both burst laughing and explained that no, they weren't.

    It's easy to know of Russia, but up to 2015 I firmly believed that no one knew my country outside of it. We were called Spanish, Brazilian, whatever the heck they wanted. I never heard of my country on the news. I never even knew other kids learned of the Discoveries, even if for just a couple of paragraphs.

    I was astounded when she told me. I had never really heard Russian, only Moldavian as I had kids who moved from Moldavia in my class. I have no idea if it's even a Slavic language, it just sounded foreign. I grew up with kids with mixed backgrounds – from Poland, Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, China, Mozambique, Angola, many countries that I had no idea where they were. At a point in my childhood, any non-Portuguese or Spanish language just sounded like jibberish and they told us every kid was equal and the same, so I focussed on my friends, not where they were from.

    So, after she told me that, I started to look for more content on other languages and tried to learn about their distinctions. Although I'm not very good at French, non-French speakers have told me I have a great French accent so far, and my French teacher (whose 2nd language was French) never complained. I even scared an English teacher once!

    As for Russian, even though I have yet to experience this phenomenon, I can tell you that, whenever I'm very tired and don't make any effort to correct my Portuguese accent when speaking English (where I usually have a soft British-y accent or a strange but clearer more "American-TV" accent), I sound a bit like those Russian characters in movies. It's very timed and I go much lower with my voice. It's weird.

    So, yes, I agree. Portuguese can very much sound like Russian if we focus on sound, rather then content, even when our countries and cultures are so far apart.

  2. Pulled an owl on a globe

  3. It does sound like Russian, at least for foreigners.
    Two friends of mine (Brazilians like me) took a cab in New Your and the driver said: you're speaking Russian. They laughed. From that moment on we used to say: let's speak Russian? Ah! I love Russian.
    We still have fun with that..

  4. It sounds similar, becauce the people have the same roots. People from slawic lands moved to italy, france, spain and to port u gal (Harbour near GAL, Galiza (same in Ukraine, Galizia). Later the language mixed with some others, but the sound still has been kept.

  5. 3:15 lingua romântica ?

  6. Эпичный бред!

  7. So I speak Spanish and I can understand some Portuguese also speak Russian and they only sound alike when hearing far aside in a conversation but songs, texts, any other expression is just no, anyway this is a great explanation…

  8. A a German I say: yes its the same!!!!!!!!!!! 😱😵😳

  9. Oxente, sabia disso não, isso é de português de Portugal né? Pq Brasil acho difícil

  10. I live in russia and i think that portuguese and russian language is semilar xd

  11. (🇪🇸 Spain) Que pasó. Ese Bundio Yo no conozco Tú sabes es en Burdeo? (Yes,) Si Que pasó ese mundillo yo no 12 they gusto to do thousand 2019

  12. I'm from Portugal and I spent a year in Poland. One time, at Amsterdam airport on the way to Warsaw, I heard a woman talking on the phone some 7-8 metres away from me and at that distance, it definitely sounded like Portuguese, it was only when I got closer that I realized she was speaking Polish.

    Words like "mexilhões" (mussles), where the "x" is pronounced like a "sh" sound, will most likely give European Portuguese an even more Slavic semblance. I would be curious to see what others would say of the Portuguese accent from the islands, namely from the Azores, which can in some cases be tricky for 'mainlanders'.

  13. Is very funny see other people of diffrent countries, ,See our language as a language that looks like a Spanish or Russian Language. 😂😂😂
    Will always be welcome to our country
    And the interesting thing is that I think English people have are more attractive accent than any other language.
    I love English people, and i am a portuguese Who is starting speak English, And I'm really enjoying her,
    Edit:I'll hook with my english accent any Pretty english Girl 😘, ehehehehe!😂😂

  14. It's the way the "j" and "g" sounds are pronounced, but Portuguese sounds more similar to Hungarian to me.

  15. It's funny how portuguese sound more similar to Russian than it does to the Spanish language.

  16. O bot do portugues é o demonio disfarçado

  17. Só se parecem mais ninguém entendi nada o que um ou outro fala kkk

  18. O português Europeu é o mais bonito de todos,o brasileiro é bem diferente mesmo falando o mesmo idioma

  19. I haven't ever paid attention to this topic, but now I'm thinking that that's actually true. Also some african may sound russian-like sometimes. I don't know why. When african talking English, I mostly can't understand them, so obviously their accent is not like russian. It's strange, i guess.
    P.s. yep, I'm russian

  20. I'm an European Portuguese native speaker and I don't find even the pronounce similar, maybe some aspects but we have way different sounds

  21. Não se parece nada >:^

  22. Well, considering that all of our languages have come from one single language (the language mother) hundred of years ago, this don't surprise me

  23. Yeah it's so true!

  24. wait untill you hear the açores pronunciation

  25. It's so weird learning Portuguese when you grew up speaking a language that does not swallow any letters.
    Like you have to break your jaw or something.

  26. i saw the title.. and I wanna confirm: yes i made that error or connection b4.. I felt it was cos of the vhhh or shh? or sjeee or whatever sounds? but youl iuess say in the vid

  27. I'm a Polish speaker and I also think that Portuguese sounds like Russian

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  29. Both languages have much influence from Greek which was a language that was spoken in both territories due to the Roman Empire and after Byzantium-

  30. As a Russian native I have heard portoguese quite a while but I never thought it sounded like Russian, cause it reminded me a strange dialect closer to Romanian, I was surprised to hear that this language was Portuguese and not Romanian. Something else both of the Latin base languages are incredibly beautiful.

  31. All Russians I've heard speaking Portuguese-Brazil, 90% have a very good pronunciation, without an accent, looks like a Brazilian. mainly russian children.

    (google trasnlate)

  32. I think that E.P. sounds the way it does because of Swabian German and Frankish French having a presence in Portugal and Galicia in ancient times

  33. One time I was in a hostel talking to two israeli girls (in english) and I asked how portuguese sounded to them. Funny enough they said "like russian, very agressive"

  34. Just noticed that "também" is pronounced very close to "давай" in Portugal — the nasal vowels appear to be much weaker in Portugal than in Brazil

  35. O quê é parecido é o sotaque , vcs podem comprovar isso vendo russo que são fluentes em português quase não tem sotaque

  36. Well in russia saying kolbaser is exactly the same as ele vai ser witch means he will be… man portuguese is hard

  37. I'm Russian and for me Portuguese is sooooo Italian

  38. I’m Brazilian, the first European Portuguese thing if I’m not reading sounds like French to me xD (probably cuz of the dead of of google translator)

  39. So that's why when we dub a russian they sound like real russians lul

  40. To all my portuguese fellas…just listen some russian rap and you'll be surprised how many non russian words sound like portuguese words despite having a different meaning… I remember this song called Колибри (colibrí in portuguese). There's a part where the singer seems like he's saying "balofa, pois a tua irmã é gorda" 😂
    I die of laughter everytime I ear a misleading word in those songs ahah Maybe our russian friends can listen to some portuguese songs and get the same effect

  41. Oh i am russian and my mother sang me a song when I was a child. It was classical russian song, I don't remember it right but it was something:
    "Eu não sou daqui

    marinheiro sou

    eu não tenho amor

    marinheiro sou…" i don't remember what was next…
    Besides, she has that weird musical instrument in her hand with one string, very funny sound.

  42. Nossa, to chocada! Verdade! Eu entendi exatamente o que quis dizer com serem parecidas, a sonoridade realmente lembra possíveis palavras em português. Muito interessante.

  43. Жааааа, ёпта:)

  44. First time I’ve heard Portuguese I was confused. It sounded like Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, German and French all in one.

  45. Qual a fonte que você usou para dizer que Português Brasileiro se assemelha ao Espanhol ?
    Portugal fica do lado da Espanha e não se parece?
    Sempre pensei que o Português Brasileiro, mais o de São Paulo, fosse influenciada pelos Italianos, se você consultar a historia vai ver que em São paulo ouve forte influencia dos italianos

  46. Yes, although, Brasilian Portuguese sounds like french, Spanish and Italian mixed.

  47. This is probably very wrong but I will preface with:
    – My Family is Ukrainian
    – I was only taught Russian as a child so the little bit of Ukrainian I do know is very broken/accidentally spritzed into my Russian.

    So when I tell people this and then they ask me what the differences are between the two languages I:
    A – Refer them to your Russian vs Ukrainian Video
    B – Tell them the differences between the two are comparable to the differences between Spanish & Portuguese

  48. Contrarily to what you say (9:03 to ca. 9:08) not all features of Russian carry over to Polish. Polish is a syllable-timed language, i.e. it doesn't reduce vowels. Russian, German, French, English are stress-timed. In fact, learning how to reduce one's unstressed vowels in these languages is a major difficulty for Polish learners. Then, Polish does not (anymore) have the "dark l".

    To me, as native speaker of Polish with some exposure to Russian, Portuguese, as heard from a distance does sound a bit like Polish, sometimes even like Russian, but then the nasal vowels, which Russian hasn't, bring me back to Polish. I am talking of Brazilian Portuguese, though, where there is little vowel reduction and where "-de" and "-te" are pronounced very much like our "-dzi", "-ci". European Portuguese doesn't have such sounds.

    As an aside: it is not the case that all Slavic languages sound the same. And still less that they all sound like Russian. Just listen to Czechs, Slovenes, Bulgarians speaking in their native languages.

  49. Полнейший бред , в русском языке не редуцируются гласные , как раз ударные и безударные гласные звучат примерно одинаковое время , в отличие от того же итальянского , где пулемётная очередь из безударных гласных, пусть и чётких , а потом длинный ударный слог , как в словах lentamente , fortunatamente
    А в русском ударные и безударные гласные длятся примерно одинаковое время.
    Shit ! Shit ! And shit! In Russian stressed and non-stressed vowel have almost the same duration , unlike in Italian for example where there is several short vowels and then a long stressed vowel. and we don't reduce anything , just the pronunciation of unstressed vowels is deeper and not very clear
    Just the phonetic of consonants and vowels is similar without any exhalation before every letter (I mean in Portuguese and Slavic languages )

  50. By the way , I once heard a song in Portuguese and I thought it was in Chinese , so I don't think that Russian and Portuguese are very similar in fact

  51. I don't know about these languages you mentioned but as a speaker of Hungarian whenever I hear Finnish from a distance I think it's Hungarian until I get close enough to realize it's not!

  52. I believe there's another feature that contributes to this linguistic phenomenon, which is how the letter R is pronounced in both languages.

  53. I am a UK English speaker and when I was in Lisbon a few years ago I commented to my daughter that it sounds like the local people are speaking a Slavic language.

  54. Eu sou brasileiro
    Não sei se vocês vão entender…
    "Mas ó linguá desgraçada está…"
    Eu queria muito que o Brasil tivesse sido colonizado pela Espanha..

  55. Yass, that's true. I'm Polish but live in Portugal from few months and my portuguese language teacher always say that Polish people usually don't have a problem with learn this language. Also when I come to this country first time and heard Portuguese people speaking it was like french+italian+(maybe little english) but with slavic accent haha. I thought it was because a lot of this sss, zzzz, sh sounds what you called sibilants

  56. I am russian and i sometimes confuse portugues with polish

  57. I'm russian and for me portuguese=spanish+german

  58. bastante interessante

  59. só esqueceu que muita gente da Mãe Rússia estava andando naquelas partes de Portugal na hora da queda romana

  60. Hi! I'm from Poland, native speaker. And also I've been learning Russian and Portuguese. I noticed the same – to me these languages sounds very similar but it's only the sound. Grammar and vocabulary are totally different. But I love the sound of these both languages and I think they are the most beautiful of all I've been learning during my life (Polish, English, French, Spanish, Latin and of course Russian and Portuguese). 🙂

  61. European Portuguese DOES sound like Russian. When I lived in London I used to pay attention to passengers' conversations on the bus and try to guess their nationalities. In one occasion the bus was full and there were many people talking. I focused on a couple of people sitting close to me and I tried hard to hear what they were saying. Due to the sounds around me, I struggled to hear their voices, but I could swear they were Russians or from another Eastern European country. After about 30 minutes I could finally clearly hear some words they spoke and to my amazement, that weird language was European Portuguese! Although I am a native speaker of Portuguese, people in Brazil sound completely different than people in Portugal.

  62. As a Ukrainian speaker I used to think that the famous song Lambada was in Czech or some other Slavic language until I learned that it’s in Portuguese lol.

  63. Seamănă ca și cum ar fi un dialect românesc limba portugheză din Brazilia.

  64. Impotant seamănă cu cuvântul important din limba română .

  65. The Portuguese accent sounds like Russian, but the Brazilian one doesn't.

  66. Thats only from Portuguese from Portugal, it doesnt happen with Brazillian Portuguese…

  67. All unknown languages indeed sounds like Portuguese

  68. I am Russian speaker/ do thik Portugese and Russian sound similar
    you named very good reasons, + plus tempo and rythm is similar too i guess,
    Thank you for wonderfull explanation

  69. привет меня зовут не мое имя. Olá, meu nome é notmyname

  70. i am Portuguese native speaker (Brazilian ) i never thought Russian is closer even in sound aspects , really is to strange to me , even in romance languages i think Romanian is more close, i dont know why think that even before to watch this, i dont know kkkk

  71. European Portuguese is terrible.. and rly sounds like Russian. Brazilian Portuguese sounds like a mixture between Spanish and French.. That's interesting 'cause I think Brazilian accent really beautiful and that's the same language (Portuguese)

  72. Wtf? I got heard someone speaking russian.

  73. Sou brasileiro e casado com uma Russa, realmente acho o português parecido com o russo. Diversas vezes escutei russo sendo falado sem prestar atenção de longe e eu pensei em ser português, na hora que começo a prestar atenção eu percebo que era russo e não português.

  74. Besides the s and the z, the x can make a lot of different sounds , like in peixe (sh) , or executar (z)

  75. I have often thought that Portugese sounds like a Russian speaking Spanish

  76. Parece mesmo! Tava vendo porno, do nada eu escuto "ok" com aquele sutaque típico brasileiro.

  77. No, I'm Polish and Portuguese sounds nothing like Polish. It does sound some indefinite Slavic, nothing obvious.

  78. Доя славян смешно сравнение русского и польского. Мне как русскому кажется что португальский ближе по звучанию к польскому. Племянница учит португальский, она говорит – очень легкое произношение для русского (она знает английский немецкий и … латынь)

  79. Tabom então francês parece japones

  80. Onde o Português pareçe com Russo???

  81. We both drink vodka that's y

  82. 2:30 as únicas vogais que os portugueses pronunciam são as tônicas (stressed vowels).

  83. I am Brazilian. My roommate in college was Russian. Her friends said I have a Russian accent.

  84. Tem algum brasileiro aí comenta

  85. i knew guy who was born in ukraine but grew up in portugal. he spoke russian, ukrainian, portuguese, english and was learning spanish.

  86. really? REALLY? to any NATIVE English speaker, please open any video of mine and come here and tell me if I sound freaking russian??

  87. A Romanian work colleague overheard me speaking to my wife in Portuguese on the phone. He said it sounded "very familiar" to him, though he couldn't describe why. He informed me that this was because Romanian and Portuguese had a common ancestor language. However, from Paul's explanation I guess this was not correct.

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  89. I'm Brazilian, and I do think that Portuguese from Portugal sounds Russian. I've met a friend of mine who's Israeli here, and we were talking about this. He had the same impression.
    Anyway, congrats! The video was amazing, I loved the job you did: complete and very interesting going to every single details of each language. Perfect explanation, and now I understand that makes a lot of sense.

  90. I'm Brazilian and I never have listened Russian or Polish, but once a time a Portuguese said that a Brazilian imitating the Portuguese accent looked like a Ucranian that spoke Portuguese. XD

  91. Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱
    As a Polish native, it really works. I didn't know why Portugese 🇵🇹 seemed to me much better and easier than Spanish 🇪🇸 (which is said as a easy language for foreigners). I need to admit, I don't know both of these Iberical languages.
    Ą + Ę -> this is it!

  92. Não entendi nada jkk

  93. I speak Brazilian Portuguese, and I really think Portuguese Portuguese is very similar to Russian

  94. Why Japanese sounds like Portuguese. Thanks to Vasco de Gama

  95. When I was In Portugal for first time, I sat at restaurant and had to look over my shoulder a lot of times coz I thought people where speaking Lithuanian, and this is like the first time I heard them speak.

  96. Sound line romanian(Moldavian accent)!

  97. Senti isso no trem de Moscou a São Petsburgo, estava meio desligado e achava que tinha gente falando português no trem! E falo português brasileiro!

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