Who Was The Person At The End Of The Mandalorian Chapter 5?

Who Was The Person At The End Of The Mandalorian Chapter 5?

The hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian loves
to lob mystery after mystery at us with every episode, and the fifth was no different. Case in point: Who the heck is the person
who discovers Fennec Shand’s body at the end? We can hazard a few guesses. The episode was something of a love letter
to Star Wars fans, as it returned us to where it all started: the desert planet of Tatooine,
where “Mando” heads to get his ship repaired after it sustains damage in a dogfight with
another bounty hunter. “Oh yeah, I’m gonna have to rotate that.” After leaving adorable lil’ Baby Yoda in the
care of mechanic Peli Motto, Mando heads to a very familiar cantina looking for work. There, he finds Toro Calican, a guild member
who just happens to be posted up at the very same table where a certain Rodian bounty hunter
met his end so very long ago. He offers to split the take if Mando will
help him bring in his bounty: Fennec Shand, a notorious assassin who has apparently made
enemies of the wrong people. Of course, it turns out that Calican isn’t
telling the whole truth. He’s not exactly a member of the guild, but
he sure wants to be, and hauling in Shand is his ticket in. He offers to give Mando all of the dough to
assist in bringing in the extremely dangerous, hardened killer and while our hero is just
a bit hesitant, well, money talks. After meeting back at the mechanic’s, the
two set out on speeder bikes, and it doesn’t take them long to find and corner Shand, who
puts up a heck of a fight, but is eventually subdued by the power of deception and teamwork. Unfortunately, Mando now has a bigger problem:
Shand, in attempting to convince Calican to free her so they can team up to kill Mando
and get custody of Baby Yoda, instead convinces him to blast her so that he can attempt the
double-cross on his own. This endeavor doesn’t go well for the inexperienced
bounty hunter. After a confrontation back at the mechanic’s,
Mando manages to get the better of Calican, and use the credits he had on him to pay the
mechanic for his ship’s repairs. He and Baby Yoda continue their flight but
somebody knows they’ve been there. We see Shand’s (presumably) dead body being
approached and examined by an unknown party, dressed all in black with a long, flowing
cape and what looks like a blaster on their hip. Who this mysterious person? We have a few ideas. There is always the possibility that this
person will be one of the many bounty hunters we’ve seen on Mando’s trail over the course
of the season. Baby Yoda is the hottest commodity in the
galaxy, after all. One such random pursuer made a surprise appearance
at the end of the previous episode, just when we thought Mando might finally have found
a safe haven for Baby Yoda. So if he can be tracked to the remote outpost
of the planet Sorgan, he can certainly be tracked to the comparative hot spot of Tatooine. However, we don’t find this to be likely for
one simple reason: why not show the person’s face? If he or she will indeed be another rando
in pursuit of Mando who will otherwise be relatively unimportant to the plot, then there’s
no real reason to conceal their identity. Sure, this party could very well be someone
we haven’t gotten a formal introduction to yet but it’s probably someone who will play
a vital role in episodes to come, hence the mysterious tease. Of course, the possibility also exists that
this is a character we have met before just not in this series. The Mandalorian takes place five years after
the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. And who has a loose but significant connection
to the Mandalorians, whom we last saw in that film falling to his presumed death into the
gaping maw of the Sarlacc pit on Tatooine? That’s right: Boba Fett, whose armor differs
from Mando’s only in color scheme and accessories, and who, like Mando, isn’t so much a Mandalorian
as he is a guy who really, really identifies with the culture. Of course, it’s up for debate whether Boba
actually survived his encounter with the Sarlacc. The extended Star Wars canon states so explicitly,
but the House of Mouse has been very, very quiet on the matter. If indeed it was he who discovered Shand,
it would make sense to hide his helmeted dome for a big reveal in another episode but, if
we’re being honest, we’re pretty sure that this isn’t the case. Here’s why. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we know that
Giancarlo Esposito’s Moff Gideon is going to be a major player in The Mandalorian’s
narrative. We’re familiar with that “Moff” title; this
is an old Empire guy, obviously, but what exactly is he after? Esposito himself gave EW a few clues, saying, “He’s an Imperial remnant of a very fine officer
who then switches to become sort of the guardian of the people. But what does he really want? This guy is going to be a big player because
he has an idea of how to keep order.” That’s an interesting statement, because so
far, the hunt for Mando has been pure chaos. The logline for an upcoming episode, though,
indicates that Gideon may have more on his mind than simply bringing Baby Yoda in to
collect a bundle of cash. We recently got a pretty strong indication
that The Mandalorian’s seventh episode, which drops Wednesday, December 18th, will bring
Gideon and Mando face-to-helmet. The logline reads: “An old rival extends an invitation for the
Mandalorian to make peace.” Sure, this could be referring to someone else
The Mandalorian is a show that loves to keep us guessing. Nevertheless, we’re going to go ahead and
register our guess that the black-booted figure seen crouching over Fennec Shand is indeed
Moff Gideon. We can’t wait to see Esposito make his Mandalorian
debut and to see what duplicitous schemes his character might be cooking up. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about The Mandolorian
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