Who Is Curt Schilling? Narrated by Joyelle Nicole Johnson | NowThis

Who Is Curt Schilling? Narrated by Joyelle Nicole Johnson | NowThis

– How many times have you
looked at a young man, and said, “Wow, he’s a beautiful young man. “Wow, he’s a gorgeous young man.” And that man was 12, 13, 14, 15. – I’ll be honest-
– Or he’s a beautiful- – Kurt. Zero. – [Narrator] That’s Curt Schilling. The only Congressional hopeful with both a 95 mph fastball and questionable takes
on children, probably. The middle child of
Cliff and Mary Schilling, Curtis Montague Schilling was born in 1966 in Anchorage, Alaska. When Curt was brought
home from the hospital there was a baseball glove in his crib. The two would be inseparable
for years to come. The family moved from state
to state before winding up in the sweltering city
of Phoenix, Arizona. At Shadow Mountain High School, Curt, in Michael Jordan-like fashion, didn’t make his varsity
team until he was a senior. Things quickly turned around
for the young Schilling though. At Yavapei Junior
College, his team made it to the JUCO World Series
during his first season. And in 1986, he was
selected in the second round of the MLB draft by the Boston Red Sox. He spent two years in the minor leagues before being traded to the
Baltimore Orioles in 1988, where his major league career started. Throughout the early 90s, Schilling was finding his
footing in the league. He bounced around from
Baltimore to Houston to Philadelphia, and then, eventually, back to where he spent
his formative years, Phoenix, Arizona, playing
for the Diamondbacks. In Arizona, Schilling
became a household name. He was good at baseball. He led the Diamondbacks to
their first World Series win in 2001, and three years later, after relocating to Massachusetts, led the Red Sox to their
first title win in 86 years. Schilling retired a member
of the 3,000-strikeout club, and with three World Series
championships under his belt. But, before he officially
retired from pitching baseballs, he started pitching video games. Schilling founded a video game company called 38 Studios in 2006. He seemingly got into video games as an alternative to a life of excess? – I had a lot of free time and if I wasn’t gonna be Charlie Sheen, I was gonna stay married
to my wife and do my thing, it was gonna be in my room,
and that’s what I did; I played games. – [Narrator] While holding a fundraiser at his 25-acre estate in Massachusetts, Schilling met Rhode Island
Governor, Donald Carcieri. Schilling bemoaned to the governor that Massachusetts wasn’t
giving him much help to expand his video game company. At the time, Rhode Island
was feeling the effects of the recession long before
the rest of the country. So, after meeting other
Rhode Island politicians, the state of Rhode Island issued
75 million dollars in bonds for 38 Studios to relocate to Providence, and bringing with it hundreds of jobs, giving The Ocean State some hope. But, just two years after
38 Studios kicked things off with an amateur gamer and Schilling as the chairman and founder, the company filed for bankruptcy. – [News Broadcaster] Eyewitness News has confirmed that 38 Studios
has laid off its entire staff. – [Narrator] Employees didn’t find out they lost their health insurance until a pregnant woman, whose
husband worked for 38 Studios, went to the doctor where she was told she didn’t have insurance anymore. Jason Schwartz, a Boston
Magazines reporter, said, “The demise of 38 Studios
left several employees “to shoulder the responsibilities
of their unpaid mortgages; “mortgages that 38 Studios
had agreed to take care of.” In 2012, Rhode Island filed
suit against Schilling alleging fraud,
racketeering, and conspiracy. Yo, that’s three strikes! 38 Studios would be
the first of many “L’s” to come for Schillings
post-baseball career. After leaving employees high and dry, Schilling was able to recover
thanks to his baseball chops. He landed a job at ESPN, but
that was short-lived too, after posting, and
quickly deleting, a meme comparing Muslims to Nazis. ESPN suspended the three-time
World Series champion and newly minted xenophobe. – There is a very long-standing connection between Islam and the Nazi party. – [Narrator] ESPN finally
ended their relationship with Schilling for good
after he posted a picture of an overweight man wearing
a wig and woman’s clothing. It said, “LET HIM IN! “To the restroom with your daughter “or else you’re a narrow
minded, judgemental, “unloving racist bigot who needs to die.” Schilling added, “A man is a man “no matter what they call themselves. “I don’t care what they
are, who they sleep with, “men’s room was designed for the penis, “women’s not so much. “Now you need laws telling us differently? “Pathetic.” – Well, first off, I don’t know how comparing Islamic extremists to Nazis or saying that men should
use the men’s rooms is controversial, I just assume
those things are logical. – [Narrator] But he wasn’t
totally out of work, of course. The far-right website,
Breitbart, liked what they saw so they hired Schilling to host a podcast. – [Curt Voiceover] You’re listening to the Curt Schilling Podcast. – [Narrator] At Breitbart,
Schilling could now tweet whatever he wanted
without reprecussion, so you know he did. One month into his hiring,
Schilling endorsed a shirt urging people to lynch journalists. He also re-tweeted a conspiracy theory that alleges David Hogg, one of the survivors from the
school shooting on Parkland, is a paid crisis actor. Schilling also posted on Facebook a video about the conspiracy, Qanon. The video claimed that behind
the Sandy Hook massacre, which killed 20 children
and 6 adult staff members, was a cabal. At this rate, you’re probably wondering if Schilling owns tons
of Nazi memorabilia. The answer is of course, yes, and duh! Evidence by a trove of what
appears to be Nazi uniforms and other paraphernalia
that he posted on Facebook with the accompanying message, “I am starting to sell
stuff due to space issues!” Wow, very edgy. In 2016, Schilling
announced he was running for Elizabeth Warren’s seat
in the senate. (giggles) But he didn’t end up running. Three years later he said he is absolutely considering running for
Congress in Arizona. He received the endorsement of someone who saw himself in Schilling after Schilling promoted
violence against journalists, xenophobic, racist, and transphobic ideas, and long after his company
filed for bankruptcy. Former stake salesman, Donald Trump, endorsed Schilling’s
political aspirations. Trump tweeted, “Curt Schilling,
a great pitcher and patriot, “is considering a run
for Congress in Arizona. “Terrific!” It’s unclear which, if
any, congressional district Schilling will compete for. And recently, it looks like he may end up taking his talents back
to the major leagues. Perhaps journalist, Matt
Taibbi, said it best. “The Schilling/Trump principle
is never shutting up, “particularly on topics about
which they are ignorant, “which is pretty much all of them. “This is a movement, not limited to Trump, “and it’s not going to end anytime soon. “God help us.” God help us, indeed. (playful ballpark music)

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