WHO chief urges countries not to suspend int’l travel, trade despite rapid spread of new coronavirus

WHO chief urges countries not to suspend int’l travel, trade despite rapid spread of new coronavirus

the head of the World Health
Organization has reiterated that countries should not suspend
international travel and trade despite the fact that the new corona virus is
spreading at rather a fast pace around the world he also expressed confidence
that countries if they come together can successfully manage the outbreak kim
hyusun reports despite the rapid spread of the new corona virus the
director-general of whu-oh has once again urged countries not to close their
borders to foreigners traveling from China or to suspend trade the remark is
in line with what he explained last week as the agency declared a public health
emergency of international concern but did not recommend restricting travel and
trade to China there is no reason for measures that unnecessarily interfere
with international travel and trade we call on all countries to implement
decisions that are evidence-based and consistent wh-wha stands ready to
provide advice to any country that’s considering which measures to take
speaking at the opening of the agency’s executive board meeting on Monday the
w-h-o chief said that small number of cases outside China can be managed
without countries resorting to extreme measures he also explained that the
disease was mainly declared a global health threats out of concern that
countries with weaker health systems would have difficulty in containing the
virus which can spread from person to person against his backdrop an
international team of experts that by the w-h-o could go to China as early as
next week to investigate the new current a virus outbreak according to Reuters
the team could include American medical experts who will be cooperating closely
with Chinese experts upon the agreement with China and the whu-oh kim eun-sun
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  1. China cant even contain this shit what makes them think anyone else can ! This is stupid!

  2. How much money the WHO director received from China?

  3. WHO chief needs his head examined! Is he working for China? Sheesh.

  4. Stfu WHO, you have not been elected by the people and you do not have the authority or credibility to be telling countries what to do. You are a joke of an organization more preoccupied by trade with China than world health.

    WHO needs to be disbanded and declared a terrorist organization.

  5. How much? 😏
    di he recieve? 😏
    from his masters? 😏

  6. This is the same guy who said everything is under control and China is doing great job, a week later he changed the tune. Who made in WHO chief? Now he is saying not to ban travel. I am sure in couple of weeks after spreading to many counties, he will say my words are twisted.
    Why don't you conduct news conference in China?

  7. Seems like WHO head has lost his sense.

  8. Maybe your not contented with the number of deaths?

  9. Is WHO a political/monetary funding body or one that control deseases?

  10. This guy is the biggest piece of shit imaginable. People are going to remember WHO, the same way FEMA was looked at after Katrina, except much much worse.

  11. They care so much about us! 🙄🤣

  12. He is working for CHO while digging money from WHO. China themselves are locking down access from city to city

  13. This guy is just plain stupid I don’t think he knows what he’s talking about. He wants us all to die well Trump has our best interest.

  14. WHO is now called CHO! (C; China)

  15. Does not make epidemiological sense. So what would be the point of quarantining returning nationals if flights from all over China are free to land?

  16. Depopulation Agenda

  17. They’re really trying to depopulate the world. If people start dying in mass, what good is trade and money.

  18. Is it really World Health Organization or World Economics Org? Or Maybe World Trade Organization??? Come on tell me!!!!! Because, what the fuck!

  19. You didn't even visit Wuhan ? How can you know how serious it is ? Shame on you Mr. WHO director !

  20. This man and WHO have lost all credibility.

  21. They push for a global government without boarders, this is the reality 😷🤧🤮🤢

  22. They care more about money that life

  23. Who has he been talking to say such a ridiculous statement, what scientists/ doctors specializing in infectious diseases tell this man or did he not ask?

  24. You dont care with the people who can have contact with the infected in airport?? You know that its highly contagious right??

  25. What about sending a bunch of Chinese tourists to WHO director's house then


  27. join petition For the resignation of who director currently 200k .WHO china puppets this video gives detailed explanation

  28. Ask President Trump ?

  29. WHO means Wuhan Health Organization.

  30. the who is loosing its credibility because of cause the spread in other nation,that is factual..he should resign..

  31. Small number of cases outside China can be managed without countries resulting to extreme measures….Countries with weak health care will have difficulties containing the virus. Did I hear that right?!?!

    (Doublethink is the ability to hold two completely contradictory thoughts simultaneously while believing both of them to be true)

  32. WHO cheif is Ethiopian.
    Ethiopia has numerous debt to China now.
    You need to work for people all around world.
    Not for your country's benefit!!!!!!!!

  33. International trade is actually not supposed to be his concern

  34. I think im gonna let my family to be registered for the residency to MARS..

    WHO Chief lost his mind 😂

  35. WHO chief got paid China

  36. i m confused this is so messed up i don' t think the countries should even listen to him they should still close the borders

  37. WHO is very guilty!! Guilty because now one month ago they must said emergency in all world, but no, always still noo, that mean is very corrupt and incompetence, now all people who suffer and will be died it’s your guilty!! Just you ! All cry, all tears , all fear , all chaos, all panic, all stress, all future and all things and time wich must be wonderful and will be horror, for all you are guilty!!
    You will suffer and God judge you ! Yes , you can’t escape , you will feel all terrible things in hell, !!
    Now cry and call the Name Jesus , only Savior ! Believe , and beg for mercy, maybe God forgive you maybe not, but this is salvation, cry and pled, cry and feel your shame because it’s very very heavy,, when people cry remember it’s your guilty, and will people dying remember it’s your guilty

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