Where to store files in Office 365 for business

Where to store files in Office 365 for business

– [Narrator] One of the
benefits of Office365 is having access to your work files from anywhere on any device. Office365 gives you two ways to store your work in the cloud: OneDrive for Business
and SharePoint sites. Let’s take a look at OneDrive first. When you work in an Office app, save files to the OneDrive folder much like you save files to
a folder on your computer. When you save files here,
they sync to the cloud, and you can get to them from anywhere, including a web browser or a phone. You can get to OneDrive
by opening File Explorer, or get to the same files
online in Office365 by choosing OneDrive. With OneDrive, no one
else can see your files unless you share them. You can share individual files or a folder with multiple files. Another way to store
work files in the cloud is to put them on a SharePoint site. In Office365, choose SharePoint, then your site. When you store files in SharePoint, your team or even the entire office can see or update the files. Like OneDrive, you can get
to your work files from here or a phone with the SharePoint mobile app or your computer if
you synced files there. Unlike OneDrive, you can
customize a SharePoint site by adding pages, apps, and a company logo, and turn it into your own internet. If you create a group
or a team in Office365, a SharePoint site is included. Use this site for short-term projects or when working with clients to share and collaborate on files. Learn what else you can do with OneDrive and SharePoint in Office365.

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  1. Why do you show videos with the ancient Office portal and apps?

  2. Ah! SharePoint 2017. Those were the good old days. You can relive them here watching this video!

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