What is the role of Cafcass in Family Courts? (2019)(England)

What is the role of Cafcass in Family Courts? (2019)(England)

hi , my name’s Graham Fletcher and I’m a
McKenzie friend who works in the family courts supporting parents who cannot
afford solicitor fees and who are going to represent their own case at court but have decided that they would like somebody to attend with them to give
them emotional support support with paperwork and out-of-court negotiations
etc. so in this video I’m going to talk a little bit about the role of calcass
and their role in family court hearings. they’re fairly influential in guiding the sort of path that the court hearings
will go into and you’re likely as somebody prior to a court hearing to
helps had a telephone interview with them, whereby they will speak to both
parents and they’ll be trying to identify, based on social work criteria
does this situation involving your children bring up any safeguarding
concerns for the child safety, well-being, issues of neglect, issues of alcohol
or drug abuse or domestic violence. so there’s a number of things which they’ve
got to assess, hopefully by the time you get to court then therefore there should
be a safeguarding report received by both parents and the court prior to that
and that should make clear really what their initial assessment is, whether or
not they feel there’s any need for any further involvement as a social worker
or whether they feel that there may be a more detailed report required to look
into allegations in more depth sometimes called a section 7 and so that
sometimes happens. the words of advice I would give is when
you’re having interviews with them initially you have to try and view these
people as being people who can be on your side and can effect positive change
for your children. you need to be very wary of getting into mudslinging
and counter arguing about the other parent because certain things may be drawn from that and if you want a positive solution
you know you need to be presenting yourself as somebody who’s very child
focussed and whoever has the children’s needs very much in your mind in all your
actions. so that would be my summary of cafcass and your initial
interactions with them and I’ve seen them effect very positive change in a
number of situations at family courts so that’s my explanation for you. if you
live in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire or Hampshire and you need McKenzie friend
support my number is 07906 956035 my website is www.mckenziefrienduk .com. look forward to speaking to you and have a
lovely day

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  1. Thank you for the upload – I shall have a look at your other videos as it would be good to have more information on this. My son has thankfully come out of a 9-year abusive relationship & has had custody of his 2 children (age 8 & 5) for the past year. Now, because the divorce is final & he has been advised to stop all payments to his wife she's suddenly remembered she has children & decided she wants them… Neither child wants to go near her, they are frightened of her (due to abuse from her & severe neglect) & have said so to teachers, including the SENCO at their school. My son is now taking this through the courts to make the arrangements made in mediation a year ago formal & to stop her from damaging the children any further. He has been extremely careful not to bad mouth his wife & even encouraged the children to see her when he can. All we can do is hope that & the support he has from doctors, dentists, school teachers & even the woman's own parents will help this go through without any issues. Again, thank you for taking the time to upload this information.

  2. Cafcass is very Kafkaesque.

    Cafcass….. Kafka…..? Probably an ironic coincidence.

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