What are the universal human rights? – Benedetta Berti

What are the universal human rights? – Benedetta Berti

The idea of human rights
is that each one of us, no matter who we are
or where we are born, is entitled to the same
basic rights and freedoms. Human rights are not privileges, and they cannot be granted or revoked. They are inalienable and universal. That may sound straighforward enough, but it gets incredibly complicated as soon as anyone tries
to put the idea into practice. What exactly are the basic human rights? Who gets to pick them? Who enforces them, and how? The history behind
the concept of human rights is a long one. Throughout the centuries and across
societies, religions, and cultures we have struggled with defining notions
of rightfulness, justice, and rights. But one of the most modern affirmations
of universal human rights emerged from the ruins of World War II
with the creation of the United Nations. The treaty that established the UN
gives as one of its purposes to reaffirm faith in
fundamental human rights. And with the same spirit, in 1948, the UN General Assembly adopted
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document, written by an international
committee chaired by Eleanor Roosevelt, lays the basis for modern
international human rights law. The declaration is based on the principle that all human beings are born
free and equal in dignity and rights. It lists 30 articles recognizing,
among other things, the principle of nondiscrimination
and the right to life and liberty. It refers to negative freedoms,
like the freedom from torture or slavery, as well as positive freedoms, such as the freedom
of movement and residence. It encompasses basic civil
and political rights, such as freedom of expression, religion,
or peaceful assembly, as well as social, economic,
and cultural rights, such as the right to education and the right to freely
choose one’s occupation and be paid and treated fairly. The declaration takes no sides
as to which rights are more important, insisting on their universality, indivisibility, and interdependence. And in the past decades,
international human rights law has grown, deepening and expanding our understanding
of what human rights are, and how to better protect them. So if these principles
are so well-developed, then why are human rights abused
and ignored time and time again all over the world? The problem in general
is that it is not at all easy to universally enforce these rights
or to punish transgressors. The UDHR itself, despite being
highly authoritative and respected, is a declaration, not a hard law. So when individual countries violate it, the mechanisms to address
those violations are weak. For example, the main bodies within the UN
in charge of protecting human rights mostly monitor and investigate violations, but they cannot force states to, say,
change a policy or compensate a victim. That’s why some critics say it’s naive
to consider human rights a given in a world where state interests
wield so much power. Critics also question the universality
of human rights and emphasize that their development has been heavily guided by a small number
of mostly Western nations to the detriment of inclusiveness. The result? A general bias in favor
of civil policital liberties over sociopolitical rights and of individual
over collective or groups rights. Others defend universal human rights laws and point at the positive role they have
on setting international standards and helping activists in their campaigns. They also point out that not all international
human rights instruments are powerless. For example, the European Convention
on Human Rights establishes a court where the 47 member countries
and their citizens can bring cases. The court issues binding decisions
that each member state must comply with. Human rights law is constantly evolving as are our views and definitions of what
the basic human rights should be. For example, how basic or important
is the right to democracy or to development? And as our lives are increasingly digital, should there be a right
to access the Internet? A right to digital privacy? What do you think?

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  1. the importance of the standardization of democracy in the relation of the freedoms and the equities of the people, so as not to commit the mistakes of the past. It is the need of the UN, but of the freedom of nations.

  2. human rights have been created for everyone no matter where we are from, there are organizations that support and control human rights but they are not a law so it is difficult to control that in all countries so that these rights are fulfilled

  3. Rights are what make people's lives so essential as freedom, life, justice among many others and that around the world has become vulnerable because of selfishness and power.

  4. The universal human rights they are the union of several contries to defre human right and apply laws for their protection, preventing them from being violated.

  5. human rights exist by the mere fact of being human, are the necessary conditions to have quality of life, all countries in the world should have them in their political constitution

  6. Human rights are not respected in countries with war. the reality is that they do not exist and are above political interests

  7. The concept of human right is needed by earth when started the World War II, because in fought between countries had most crimen and died.

  8. In Colombia, in spite of the war, the human rights they are a yearning for peace, freedom and social progress. We are all called to it's construction.

  9. Thanks to the creation of human rights we can have freedom to act as independent beings, and we can have a world control entity O.N.U for protecting human rights, so that countries can not take advantage of people.

  10. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed in Paris on December 10, 1948, establishes, for the first time, fundamental human rights, enshrined in 30 articles, where they acquire the importance of universal by promoting social progress, equality, justice and the freedom of friendly relations between nations.

  11. The universal human right are conditions, norms or actions supported since the person born, its a free development.

  12. Human rights should not be required by law or regulation; All human beings deserve to be treated with dignity.

  13. Like a result of the 2 word war, , differents countrys, created the un, in orden to avoid other war , and created the letter of the universal human rights like the objetive, for every human person

  14. Is an international document that states basic rights and fundamental freedoms to which all human beings are entitledand fundamental freedoms to which all human beings are entitled.

  15. It is a organization worldwide defend of Human Rights since 1948. Emerger after the second word war wich the creation of the ONU.
    Is responsible of protect and investigate violations of Human Right.

  16. The universal human rights are those that allow us to express freely regardless of religion, status or skin color.

  17. For me, the universal human rights are quite important because these are a means to give dignity to people, in addition these work to give freedom of thought to a society, although it's complicated to work in the same way in all countries.

  18. The universal human rights the support the rights of humanity,forcing the nacions, through the courts, to meet them the cover civil and basic rights and political rights.
    As freedom of expression of religión,in order to guarantee that all human beings.

  19. Universal human rights are those that can't be removed and are stipulated in 30 articles.

  20. the fundamental rights of man, mainly are free expression, the expression of religion, the right to education, to be treated in the same way regardless of the conditions, that is, we are all free to express ourselves and to act without fear.

  21. Hi
    Universal rights is a treaty established by the ONU after the Second World War, it is a declaration where it addresses violations and other aspects that welcome vulnerable people and govern all their needs

  22. Fundamental rights such as life and education, put all human beings on an equal footing in the wold.

  23. The universal rights, they are fundamental for humanyty, global standars must be created. Ensure the rights to life and freeddom. Protect the most vulnerable people equally democracy and development must be token into account.

  24. the human rights are very important for the world but these rights not apply for all the persons, because the individualism, economic and political interests do not allow the creation of a worldwide legislation of obligatory compliance for all countries. Therefore, we must create a society based on co-mountaineering and common well-being.

  25. The universal human rights is important because it makes us free and guarantess pues rights. But in different cases these rights are violated. The united nations find solution to this problem with assistance of countries members to this organization.

  26. Human-rights; are rights given to humans that do not interfere with others individual rights, such as freedom to speak or the right protect oneself. These allow and individual to be themselves without infringing upon others rights. So called "Human-rights" such as housing or food will invariably lead to someone's rights being infringed upon or simply taken away under the false notion of "compassion".

  27. 1. The protest in Hong Kong generate for amendment by Extradition.
    2. The people have right to protest.
    3.The people claiming a gaingt Extradition.
    4. The similarities consist in right to manifestation the people.

  28. Universal rights, are to be free without any condition, enjoy and be free in our environment country or non- native city to ours, is to be without any condition engoyin free expression and free development .

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    In total, Josh needs £16,000 + £16,750 = £29,400. this is human Right

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  34. Boi rai cho is a violation of human rights

  35. In my country, China,the communist Party will punish you if you say you like USA or US army.And nowadays,we cannot convert to Christianity.The government forbid us to buy the Bible. I express to my friends that I wanted to listen to the priest’s lecture.A few days ago, I told to my friends that I like the freedom in America,but they betrayed me.They informed the urban Party the government force me to be an atheist. I am afriad.l am so scared.

  36. Democracy is not a human right. It is a privilege earned by the willingness to shed blood to protect it

  37. More people are slaves right now than there was at any other point in history

  38. The declaration of human rights by UN are not enforceable. This is why still violation of fundamental human rights are prevailed

  39. So far, since humans appeared on Earth, humans are just so that the abuses of human rights are an animal that was built just to prove.

  40. Water is a human right

    Nestle: Heavy breathing

  41. The proof we live in a monkey system….

    Everyone respects ty he laws of the game ….
    Nobody respects human rights laws …..

    Only animal social rules that apply…. humans are non-existent anymore….

    Welcome to the digital age…

  42. Man basic human rights are so complicated

  43. Do these count for children? Because I feel like my parents are taking away some of my human rights

  44. India always gets away with violating the basic human rights of residents of occupied Kashmir. As they are getting away now. Who will make them answerable to all their atrocities? When will the voice of kashmiris be heard


    Here is Hong Kong where calling for help about police violence.

  46. Now-a-days, that UN declaration of rights is being weaponized by elite groups in the world, and it is being used to attack non-compliant nations to submission to their agendas; hence, I believe and suggest that we reanalyze it's purposes and sanctions. No nation should be above and beyond it – regardless of its economic and military capability in this world.

  47. Apparently you can't learn your own friggin human rights in school

  48. 2019(G) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore:

  49. Ajit shai akola porogram

  50. 2019(Gregorian) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore:

  51. What about rights to self preservation?

  52. 3:20 why's there no greenland?

  53. Imagine how for we would have come without Islam, Christianity and Judaism

  54. This video is a joke. People in Kashmir facing a curfew for more than 1 and a half month. Nobody is doing anything including UN and other Human rights Organization

  55. It is really disappointing to find out how so many people find themselves in positions of influence and use their power in an unfair and abusive way. Personally I don't think anyone should be in any position where they can get away with ignoring or blocking someone else's basic rights- whether it be a parent, a teacher, a local politician, a top-ranking government employee, etc. There are plenty of dysfunctions that are propagated by such forms of undue discrimination.

  56. Apparently the Jewish Americans treated the Native Indians and the Africans as livestock, still happening today.

  57. Rights are NOT given by Man, they are Inalienable from Man. This means you and everyone else is born with them and they should never be made alien (taken) from you. The definition of a Human Right is simple: ANY action that does not harm another. Governments are only there to take (alienate) Natural Law Rights from the people. Understanding and upholding Natural Law and Objective Morality is the ONLY solution to Man's enslavement. Unfortunately, the human population has been deceived into believing that Man's Law supersedes Natural Law and that Morality is Relative. This is why humanity will continue to be Enslaved by it's Masters.

  58. Snowden’s human rights

  59. There’s no such thing has human rights just the right to be born that’s it we should end have these deluded ideas of rights that everyone has. The strong are strong for a reason they got to the top of the food chain and deserve it. Messing with nature is the worst thing you can do.

  60. also the right to use modern technology and internet without propaganda and censorship

  61. in Finland the human rights situation is bad and should be addressed

  62. i don't think human rights should only be an idea. maybe a law? nobody should be treated like they aren't the same species as everybody else.

  63. My name is Rasaki Siboston Wallace born August 24,1976 I was illegal and unknowingly placed into a religious program on the island of Jamaica from July 2015 February. While in the program a test was perform on me that nearly killed me December 2014. I have been asking for help from the United Nations there are many things I need to discuss. Please send someone to talk with me. My right of freedom, right to work and earn, right of religion, right to a family, all have been in opposition against my rights as a human being because of this program. Is it the Vatican Catholic Church, CIA remote program, Federal psychics, religious groups outside of Christianity that has violated my rights? I am a Protestant Christian I need help.

  64. Yes right to the internet


  66. not have anymore HUMAN RIGTH YOU HUMAN RIGHT IS MONEY ..

  67. I honestly don’t believe in Human rights cause they are so easily changed not to mention they are linked to certain cultures more than universal

  68. Human rights are simple when viewed in the classically liberal context in which they were first recognized. It's only governments who secretly oppose them and try to subvert them that it gets complicated. Rights become applied to groups, even though by definition they must apply only to individuals (and any other way is tyrannical and oppressive). In the 1930s the progressive/fascist movement via FDR championed freedoms "from" things, which were just excuses for immoral and tyrannical control over individuals. Freedom cannot ever be "from" something; freedom can only be "to do" something. Freedom to speak. Freedom to think. Freedom to defend oneself. It's sick and perverse to create false freedoms from hunger, war, etc merely as a flimsy pretext to enslave people in big government tyranny. This is probably the single most hateful thing one human being can ever do to another, in fact.

  69. Animal rights are greater 2019

  70. You cant govern human rights. Human rights exist with out government. Once existing governments understand this everything will much easier.

  71. Man that TED theme song makes me want to cry for some reason. It plays with my emotions

  72. loved this comment section

  73. I am here to know my rights so that I can fight against a group of boys who can't argue without insulting for being women. They believe women shouldn't have a voice because we are weak, we should beat children as a sign of discipline and treated animals hurshly coz they are just animals. I am being told am not Western and why should I be talking about rights when we have our own culture and tradition… I came here to know more about human rights coz I have been discriminated of raising my voice

  74. Universal Human Rights

  75. Where are human rights? Why not save Iraq fr Humanity is dying om repression? humintly is ding

  76. Where are human rights? Why not save Iraq fr Humanity is dying om repression? humintly is ding

  77. Human rights is freedom from organized harassment, from governments, corporations, and other society organizations and people, or their proxy agent contractors.

  78. Difference between human and animals are human right

  79. Janardan stop this planned conspiracy against HDH Swamiji using your cunning devious mind and strength of your political power.
    Ma Nithyananditha we are very proud of you. At this time of crisis you have stood up to support the cause of Truth and Sanatana Hindu Dharma ma

    Please watch the video and know the truth

  80. In theory but in reality there’s only WILL TO POWER ✊

  81. In theory but in reality there’s only WILL TO POWER ✊

  82. Can anyone here list all 30 UN basic human rights? And who follows all of them?

  83. Sorry. I believe in survival of the fittest.

  84. universal human rights is an instrument to interference, manipulation and introducing sanctions against countries still independent from US oligarchic corporatocracy (ie Fascism): Venezuela, China, Nicaragua, Bolivia, etc. They are never used against terrorist or fascist regimes if they are friendly to US and European "Democratic" countries: Saudi Arabia, Chile of Pinochet, etc.


    human rights violations
    hate crime
    Obstruction of justice

  86. Digital privacy….upvote!

  87. This all sounds like legal mumbo jumbo. The UN made this complicated on purpose.

    The path forward is simplicity: 1. Clean water 2. Food 3. Shelter 4. Education 5. Freedom of choice

    There ya go

  88. It is right to protect and develop human rights.But I think the basic method is to improve the productivity of the society through development. The process of a system is not the key factiin. It is so sad that the huam rights are often being misused as an excuse to interve other countries internal affairs by United States.

  89. I am not much to got the Human right in my life but I Hoping that became to the next generation in the future. Thank you for this information to shared with people around the world to read and know this, this is so ” Important for basic of lives. ”

  90. Internet access should not be a human right but internet privacy should be. (as of 2020)

  91. I have to do a human rights educational flyer if anybody has done this before send me yours 😂😂💯💯

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