Welfare & Healthcare: Rush Limbaugh’s Crazy Analogy

Welfare & Healthcare: Rush Limbaugh’s Crazy Analogy

survival for a full of accuses the media silent hell for fighting amongst other warm uh… partisanship and resist ages i love that israel’s idaho your lessons in the new laws
are not as uh… one vote networker novell param outright but uh… that would have been hearing
this people want to keep on parts of it does quality which made me right now is which is behind the president has a thief
on the weekends but they also might try to repeal to make
a statement in this of course uh… block of onto veto it the connecting the better approach would be
the republicans report proposed leave replacement bill say no hear her idea if you look at the debate we
should have had you know the spine the common ground that he put a
bill together put her down stairs and something that uh… you would not have
a compromise about no common ground here uh… something that they had water damage
might be able to embrace a level of and it we got the democrat after bill right we know what it is would you tell me what unit you want to compromise with what my dart a remote part of a do you wanna
keep what if i would like to know what what you
have your insurance distributed to temple are not they wipe out their there are some
things but not necessary within that building what can you provide uh… we do know that there can be improvements
to help their so but i’ll bet but did not accept your premise
n and deploy that that is the fastest way to republicans to squander everything they want us to start
talking about well let’s repealing replace let’s just less tinker around the montana
say we we had a pretty good framework here we know that health care needs to be reformed
lets find some things in his wound are but what we like like premiums going down the
are kids getting covered over twenty six although that’s a bunch of the ass no premiums are going down definitely the
idea of the pre-existing condition stuff marie cocco on patient pre-existing condition coverage is not possible
it’s not insurance its welfare the idea of requiring insurance companies
to cover people pre-existing conditions is a recipe for driving them out business the
whole point of the democrat health care bill used to drive the private sector insurance and as much a private sector health care out
of business as possible so that it has no place to go over them the
federal government wireless services and principled bears president alan keyes is very japanese people doesn’t look like a they removed for car loans clothes you hear anything about it no more of this the unites so the saturday people have a star of the implicit
in the car nomura securities ira uh… shown pre-existing conditions are well
you don’t use those issues that that is a usually or two that were little that’s a little resisting division and deny copyright so i guess blessings on welfare and poverty with four hundred anymore in our lives etc our own which is a their raises a condition
it we human health insurance that welter are solicita process so do you have a race is a condition where
everybody reston ensures you can get force them to give you a private insurance
order well that is working very well have fun holds no yet so you know you interview managers insurance so he unseemly wellington who really
cares i guess exhausted all its past but if you have division well and that sort of saying is that a lot
of through behind has approved the use of the sport and what he did not right los angeles and you know how does a dollar figure out
how much is your job did dot the schools internet salado division rebar now the whole insurance insane who altogether your your boss engaged some late yesterday as you know and i have been you know i mean
this is your heart you’re doing is you’re who throws works in this yesterday in case you want a division we sell a dance
hall every uses the division if we’ll have more whatsoever anyone knows that and as you need to know what your words don’t
mean that you don’t need the jurors westinghouse over the last word mediations when i was in the host he he was denied killer past congresses and solo regard that as of now kazan realism is dissing can harm you although it’s very sad comments but the system will use

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  1. @czwrestler Well my mom lost my civilian insurance when they found out I had a genetic disorder almost all my life, but had not been discovered until I was 16. This condition takes no medication, and really no doctor visits. All it takes is a doctor visit every 2 years to see how it is progressing. Explain to me why it was impossible for them to still cover me.

  2. Jesus. I still can't believe Americans have allowed themselves to be so utterly shafted by the health insurance mafia and its mouthpieces.

    And another thought: considering Limbaugh's fat arse…isn't obesity a pre-exisiting condition?

  3. Disgusting.You would think that his audience was a bunch of millionaires like himself,instead of the senior citizens on social security and medicare that make up his core audience.
    And these are the so called Christians.I am not a Christian,but i DO believe these are the kind of people Christ warned humanity about.

  4. I can't believe rush said that. Republicans are going over the cliff.

  5. @20thcentfox

    just how fucked up are you??

    you attack Rush, Palin and Beck for having no compassion for the world's billions but you don't mention the fact that Obowma, a far-left liberal at best, bows to dictators and tyrants, is keeping the military in Iraq and is in Afghanistan killing civilians and using drones to kill extremists, together with their women and children

    BTW, I live in CR at times because I have a home there as well as in America. I pay taxes in US not like geo Soros, fu

  6. Rush is really detached from human suffering and has too many servants at his homes. It is great to have people to represent you and they have no real idea how the average person lives. They drive around in limo`s go for a trip on million dollar yachts and private jets that consume copious amounts of fuel and resources, and turns around and tells you you've got to drive smaller cars and pay higher prices and tax on your fuel, which they invest in. The more they detach the less they care.

  7. God, will he just die already

  8. @geoff2204 Smoking cigars and prescription pill addiction are also pre-existing conditions 🙂

  9. @flake452 -I totally agree.

  10. Cenk,
    Now we are pooling all the Non-paying bums into the systems the result is you will pay more, it's simple math. Bet the down-and-out bums won't even thank you.

  11. Hurry up and die poor people. Get out of the way!

  12. do you have a pre-existing condition? can't get medical coverage? are you dying because your insurance dropped you because it isn't profitable to help you? there's a solution! find out how much marijuana you need to be in possession of to become incarcerated by your local authorities. purchase that amount go to your local court and light a joint with it in your pocket! you will be arrested you will go to jail and you will get medical coverage!

  13. Ok allow them to discriminate on pre existing conditions. So then the insurers can call ACNE a pre existing condition and deny you cancer treatment 20 years later? That's what has been going on for years and its disgusting.

    Insurance companies fears can be abated by making pre existing conditions have a claim wait period of 6 months unless you are under 18 years of age. That is usually what happens in other countries with private coverage.

  14. this will save your life! sucks but that's the united states we live in!


  16. @20thcentfox you forgot to mention their also dillusional, irrational, stubborn and in palins case mentally challenged aswell

  17. @ad2181 oh those non-paying bums, they're real assholes aren't they? what fucking losers. it's not like they'll all have to pay once they're in the pool, making it more affordable for everyone

  18. @godnothing666 sadly that's a great idea…. not the smartest decision a person can make but it's a solid last hope lol.

  19. @flake452 I don't want to argue with if one country should have social healthcare or not. But what I'm against is that we shouldn't call it "free" healthcare. It's not free, so why are we calling it "free" healthcare. It misleads to less educated people that they really are getting "free" healthcare. we know it's coming from tax if we do go for social healthcare or w/e we should call it; let's call it national GOV healthcare or something so it reminds them it's not "free" it's from tax

  20. Here's the problem with Rush's ideas – he gets a cold that's knocks people on their butts for 2 weeks and that's that = no biggie. I have two auto immune disease and get the same cold = my screwed up immune system = I may be fine a day later or I may end up in the ER all but dying. It's not my disease. It's because someone like him with that cold spread it to me and decided I don't deserve insurance to go a doctor for the medicine to fight it.

  21. The healthcare is sad. Personally, my healthcare went up about $25 a month to just over 2k a year. This is insurance through Blue Cross and it's pretty damn good (I've had better, but I'm not complaining). And the price is great. So in short, I shouldn't give a crap because "I've got mine".
    But I wanted to see single payer healthcare. Because everyone should have as good or better care then me. But lots of others don't. So fuck'em. I don't care any more.

  22. @Pledius go fuck yourself you dumbass douche – this is why we live in communities instead as hermits – bet you are a christian tell me this when did Jesus demand proof of insurance or payment? Didn't see that in the bible – course dumbass can't believe all that shit you read.

  23. My child was born 3 1/2 months early. He has a preexisting condition of prematurity. Because he was born so early, he's considered disabled. However, SSI insurance won't last forever. Once SSI expires for him, he won't be eligible for private insurance because he had a pre-existing condition from birth. Yet, the Republicans could give a flying fuck about him. What ever happened to people in this country being guaranteed the right to life?

  24. fuck you Rush, I like that I have healthcare til I am 26. If you take it away, I will go apeshit

  25. That's called social darwinism.

  26. @tyu3456 Using the F-words shows who you have a limited mind. Your are assuming the bums will pay when they are in the insurace system. The government will give them money to pay for insurance and health cost, that mean you will pay with your taxes for this service. Stay in your dream world, cause it's going to crash down on you, very soon.

  27. @urasmore Same here. I attend college part-time, and I have no health insurance from my job. This bill will allow me to stay on my parent's plan as I further my education.

  28. @BlueFireWitch thanks you for sharing that as proof of why we truly need change in this country for healthcare. insurance should not be something that should place the company profits above human life.

  29. omfg… "requiring insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions is a recipe for driving them out of business."


    I'll be damned, I never knew health insurance was actually for paying for healthcare.

    what a fucking oblivious douchebag

  30. Rush Limbaugh has a mental illness, he's crazy!!! Listen to him!

  31. @calimar28 Well what about those that cannot afford it? Lets say I was born with cystic fibrosis. If was born with it, I would not really be able to work, I'd be too sick. If I could get treatment I'd be able to work but how can I get to work if I'm too sick? As you said we have the best healthcare system in the world, and I agree but how can we in good conscience deny sick people healthcare because they were born with a condition? Are those people just supposed to go starve and die??

  32. @flake452 We should work out a system to make it cheaper and more availalbe. not having FREE healthcare for all is obscene??? lets not go too far…

  33. the banner of the conservative: "i've got mine, fuck you"

  34. @calimar28 It's a deal for me. Also decrease the cost of medical education. If you pay us less fine, but don't screw us with $300,000+ in educational loans.

  35. @flake452 Its more obscene that the population of the US apparently doesn't want it.

  36. @flake452 There is no such thing as "free" healthcare. Some pays for it. As a higher-earner, I would rather healthcare coverage for all/most than having people get sick and die or wait until they are so sick, that it costs even more money.

  37. @20thcentfox Rush and Beck, sure.

    Palin though, she's just too stupid to know any better. Had progressives gotten to her first, she'd still be dumb, but she'd be on our side. Dubya is sweeping the nobels before Palin wins a 1st grade science fair, and that assumes Palin suddenly embraces science and Bush rejects it even further.

  38. Hey Rush, try living without all your money for a year and see how you feel afterward, jackass!

  39. That sack of rotten potatoes and old farts,He clearly is using the Tea Party folks,They look so retarded standing outside of Washington I LMAO when their even protesting looking stupid

  40. am i the only one who laughed their ass off thru 1:00 – 1:10 ??

  41. Thats what this is all about… People say its not about race BUT IT IS!. Not all Republicans are racist butttttt when they speak of socialism or class warfare or redistributing the wealth…ALLLLLL THEIR saying is taking money from white people and giving it to poor blacks and minorities. THAS WHAT 85% OF people who consider the self republican think and really are saying. Even when they say bigger government. They wanna say the government is wasting money on poor people. Its racist.

  42. So if you have a health condition you cant get healthcare?

  43. If they made a modern day version of the movie, "It's A Wonderful Life", Rush Limbaugh would make a great Mr. Potter.

  44. @Huboons or better said, i will get mine and and you wil get yours and if we still dont have enough wedo what we can so that we get enough because life is so unpredictable not everybody can prepare for everything no matter how hard they work.
    And empathy, some have it, some dont.

    Not that I do, i am all practical, you never know, so safety nets allow us all to be prepared.

    The mentality that it will never happen to me is a conservative failing. Sociopaths, too many of them.

  45. @ad2181 yes they will get subsidies if they can't afford it, but they still have to pay a part of the cost. The only people who get great, free health care are gov't employees, including all congressmen.

  46. @20thcentfox I hate to call you out on this, but they're not evil. They're our neighbors, for better or for worse. Our job is to talk to them listen to them, civilly. If we want them to listen to our views they're more likely to do so after we show them respect and listen to theirs, no matter how loopy we think those views are. That's why Rush, et al. are so popular–even though they mislead people, they give their listeners validation. That's how we can at least have a discussion.

  47. @calimar28 Let me ask you, since you call yourself a Conservative. Do you believe that my child should be denied health insurance because of his pre-existing condition? Do you think that's the kind of country you want to live in? A country that doesn't give a shit if babies die?

  48. Limbaugh is the lowest form of life. He's barely even a bacterium. But like bacteria he spreads his vile disease into the minds of the weak.

    The guy he was talking to on the phone actually sounded fairly reasonable. Why someone like him would be on the phone to Limbaugh, I cannot fathom.

  49. Charles Dickens must have known a man like Rush Limbaugh, that influenced him to create the character, Ebenezer Scrooge.

  50. The only reason he does not have insurance is because he is an addict, and as an addict he knows he could not put his many office calls to his many Dr.s on his Ins., he also could not run his many scripts from his many Drs. on his insurance Who does he think he is shitting. Rehab and detox and scripts, oh my! What a Phoney.

  51. @calimar28 Hospital safety net? That only covers big things, but it doesn't cover preventative maintenance. So basically, all the things that he's getting now he won't get.

  52. @calimar28 There used to be a 90% tax rate for the wealthiest among us, and what do you know? We had a productive economy for it.

  53. @calimar28 My job doesn't offer health insurance, so my child wasn't automatically covered by my insurance policy that I pay for out of my own pocket. Thankfully, disability insurance covers him now, but after that, he's fucked. And I DO have money saved, but NO ONE except the filthy rich could pay my son's bills. When he was in the NICU it was $10,000 for one days care.

  54. Very christian talk. The rich, who do steal from the poor… Thats what all the bailouts did, alot of people on wallstreet got filthy rich… The rich should pay a MUCH higher tax rate. Go back to pre-Reagan tax brackets, when the economy was BOOMING, and the middle class was strong. Then maybe talk to me about health care, cause most people will be able to afford it, Until then, the government needs to step up to the plate for real Americans.

  55. @calimar28 Thats because the Dems. never used fear mongering and threats of death panels and most of all ' WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK' bullshit from the people scared of the black muslim racist president. Why didnt you want your country back from that president who didnt veto one bill that his repubs pushed through. Ran two wars off the books, Haliburtons profits could probably balance the budget,and the medicare prescription plan off the books. Tarp, 3 trillion dollars tax break.good luck Obama

  56. @Huboons no, no one's out to take what's yours, we just want a chance for everyone to try to get theirs without running shod over everyone else, so that even someone like you can get a hand when they need it even if we know you'll never repay the favor.

  57. @calimar28 Thats why premiums are so high for everybody. The hospitals have to cover the emergency, who do you think it falls on? Insured people, by increase in premiums. They have to cover the emergency, who do you go to for aftercare? Use the ER room? thats efficient. You dont know what the hell YOU are talking about. What a racket. Only cover healthy people. Then If you get sick and want to make a claim, you get kicked off, or they cap it, or what ever saves them from paying out.

  58. @calimar28 Wouldnt it be a wonderful world if all babies were born healthy, or that you could save hundreds of thousands of dollars just in case?. the last 3 quarters they reported a 43 BILLION dollar profit. If everyone had ins., there would be a much bigger pool, the ins. company would clean up while doing what ins. companies are supposed to do. Collect money from many people and have it when someone needs care.

  59. @BlueFireWitch Thats only before they are born.

  60. @calimar28 No, I think you should be denied car ins. on the basis that we now know you have a pre-existing condition of getting into car wrecks, and no, its doesnt matter if it wasnt your fault,it is what it is, NOW since you ran me over(which wasnt your fault), I have all kinds of medical problems, and i cannot get health ins. because of my pre-exisiting condition Now what do I do for ins? you cant get it so I cant claim on yours, AND YOU MAIMED ME, SO I CANT GET IT EITHER. aint that a bitch?

  61. @Huboons you already were replied to effectively, but i want to emphasize, we pay taxes like anybody else and many of the top 10 donor states are liberal and most of the top 10 takers are conservative.

    Lets stop with the lies like libs dont act responsibly.
    We pay into a system that has safety nets and umbrellas in place because life is unpredictable, knowing we may never use it, but you just might and since we are all in this together, its a practical and humane thing to help each other.

  62. @Huboons Excuse me but how is PAYING FOR HEALTHCARE a fucking handout??? I want to take care of my child, that's why I'm fighting for his right to life you ignorant fuckhead. I work for a fucking living, so how am I looking for a handout by wanting to purchase health insurance you ignorant ass.

  63. @BlueFireWitch As a Conservetive Right to Lifer I beileve that a Baby should be born no matter what. But once you are born You're on your own.

  64. @Huboons Our constitution guaratees us a right to life. There is no reason that life should be held ransom by the private sector. If you don't agree with the constituion. Move.

  65. @Huboons Thats the problem with using private companies who's goal is to make money. In charge of our health.

    They shouldn't need to have the money to pay for the insurance for something that should be a right.

    The question is are we a civilized society. A society that takes care of one another.

    Or are we a Neanderthal society where its every man for himself.

  66. @BlueFireWitch "Our constitution guaratees us a right to life."

    No, the Constitution guarantees that the GOVERNMENT cannot deprive you of life, without due process. You are allowed to live, by the simple fact of you being alive. There is nothing in the Constitution that says the government is obligated to keep you alive.

  67. @GhostInTheShell29 "The question is are we a civilized society. A society that takes care of one another."

    A better question would be, "Can we afford it?" Federal deficit is already running at over a trillion dollars. How is managing the healthcare of 300 million+ Americans going to balance the budget?

  68. @dgonz26868 It really wouldn't be that hard. If we ended prohibition that gives us more then 50 billion a year in saving prison costs alone. Let alone if we tax marijuana thats savings then, plus revenue. We could stop giving out interest free loans to international banks who don't pay taxes here and then re-loan the money at interest to our government. We could stop giving billions of dollars to the wealthiest people in america.

    It would take sacrifices, but only good sacrifices.

  69. @GhostInTheShell29 " If we ended prohibition that gives us more then 50 billion a year"

    I agree. Unfortunately, as the recent California elections indicate, it's not a popular idea.

    "…and then re-loan the money at interest to our government"

    Adding to the debt isn't going to solve the problem. It just shoves it off to future generations.

    "We could stop giving billions of dollars to the wealthiest people in america"

    We don't. Corporate bailouts, though stupid, go to companies.

  70. @GhostInTheShell29 " If we ended prohibition that gives us more then 50 billion a year"

    I agree. Unfortunately, as the recent California elections indicate, it's not a popular idea.

    "and then re-loan the money at interest to our government"

    Adding to the debt isn't going to solve the problem. It just shoves it off to future generations.

    "We could stop giving billions of dollars to the wealthiest people in america"

    We don't. Corporate bailouts, though stupid, go to companies.

  71. @dgonz26868

    I think you missunderstood the loaning thing. We loan money to banks. Who loan that money back to us at interest. So we pay interest on loans we give out.. It be like opening a savings account that charges you interest. rather then gives it to you.

    But then the companies use those billions to pay off their shareholders and in big bonuses to their top people.
    .Guess its not totally fair wording though, better put corporate bailouts.

  72. @Huboons Isn't every idea that way? You say you believe it should be a commodity. For the most part it is these days. Now that means people who can't afford it are denied it. So your view point forced an undersirable outcome onto them.

    Where my idea would give them a favorable outcome but other people would get a negative outcomes.

    You can call it immoral but then the whole concept of government is immoral. For some reason i don't believe your an anarchist.

  73. @Huboons The free market doesn't work for the broke though. Aren't they currently living in a zero sum game as they can't buy what they need?

    Plus your analogy doesn't always work does it? In order for the government to take away our liberty it has to take money from us. So sometimes the government creates lose lose situations.

    Building a levee along a river to prevent a disaster creates a win win situation.

  74. @Huboons wow. Well i really cant argue with you if you really that way about free will.

    To explain better on my other point. Was demonstrating that the government can take away something from some people and give nothing to another.
    Like your personal freedom to smoke pot. They take that away from you, and they take money from other people to pay the companies to house the prisoners.

    Conversely the opposite is also true. They can save lives, which helps business which benefits everyone.

  75. @TAz69x that's funny. two people in different places of the world were thinking the same exact thing only seconds apart!

    peace brother!

  76. @Huboons Theres always going to be someone opposed to an idea.. No matter how good the idea is for the public good. For example unemployment, welfare, food stamps, hospitals being required to treat ER patients even if they can't afford it. If you are wealthy none of these programs will directly personally benefit you. Or even if you have a decent job at the time. Why would you pay for these things if it was optional?

    So the only ones who would pay for these services would be the poor.

  77. @Huboons I was making the point that there is no zero sum game in government. Some things are negative, some are positive. Another example putting murders behind bars. We pay the government (thats a negative) and receive better safety (a positive) But if we let people commit muder the negative would be most of us would be dead. (A much bigger negative) while having to hire personal security (another negative).

  78. @Huboons Hoover dam cost tax payers a lot of money in the 1930's Since then the profits from Hoover dam have repaid itself many many times over.

    How is that a zero sum game? The government took, then the government gave back more.

  79. @Huboons A bank takes money from some people and gives it to other people… Yet its not a zero sum game.

    Because a bank gets interest.

    In the same respect building a bridge, a dam, a school is an investment. How big of an ecomonic power would New York City be without bridges? and tunnels?

    If a bridge costs 50 million, and creates over a 150 years many billion dollars in GDP thats not zero sum, thats a good idea. plus with tolls government can get its initial investment back.

  80. I wish I could blow Rush out my ass and flush him!

  81. @imroy264 HELL YES imroy264. That caller talking shit about common ground. Obama did find common ground putting their ideas in the bill and once he did that, they go and say it's a bad idea or they need to debate about it. Shit like that, no wonder nothing gets done. So fucking sick of it and I am so fucking sick of hearing the word compromise.

  82. @Huboons :p And you have to attack my semantics because i disproved your zero sum game.

    Apparently the concept of defeat is simply above your head.

  83. @danmarg83 American capitalism = no empathy or compassion for anybody

  84. to me private health care insurances only care about making a buck, this why education and health care for business profit is a sin and inmoral practice. FREE HEALTHCARE AND EDUCATION FOR ALL NO BUTS NO IF, FREE. PERIOD!!!

  85. what person doesn't have a single pre-existing condition?

  86. i like how he tries to make the guy sound stupid, by talking to himself, but all he is doing is trying to buy time to form his radical crazy sentenses fueled by drugs, greed and stupidity. i hope the guy on the phone didnt listen to his fear monger bullshit.

  87. Those who deserve to live will do so,

    Wealth is a measure of a mans ability to think – Ayn Rand

  88. The whole argument for passing this bill is a fraud, Rush has it exactly right and there are videos of Democrats saying as much, when they say the bill will drive the private insurers out of business. It destroys the business model of private insurers and guarantees they will be absolutely unable to turn a profit.
    Now maybe a lot of you lefties think this is a great thing even though you don't want to admit that's what the bill does. But single payer will be the only thing left.

  89. @leonidas512

    I think he's referring to completely unregulated laizze-faire capitalism, which can be pretty bad. In the 19th century Industrial Revolutions, working conditions in factories were often inhuman because of a prevailing laizze-faire philosophy. Likewise, in the 20th & 21st centuries, lack of regulations on the financial sector lead to the speculations that caused the Great Depression & Recession, respectively.

    Don't have to be a Marxist to think some checks on business power are ok

  90. @CedricRussowEsquire
    Ayn Rand is a piece of shit, wealth is a measure of a persons ability to fuck other people over

  91. Is Ole Rusty back on the Oxicontin again?

  92. @geffel Here's why Rush Limbaugh is such a threat to people like you. Here's an old African proverb. In the morning a lion wakes up knowing it must be able to outrun the slowest wildebeast or it will starve. At the same time a wldebeast wakes up knowing that it must be able to outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed and eaten. The moral- In the morning be up and running! You hate the rich- I hate the lazy! We're even! You should actually try listening to Rush just once!

  93. Elaborate Welfare Housing Project for ALIENS? youtube watch?v=rJmKGZ2yX88

  94. No kidding. My daughter has a pre-existing condition. It is called MS and it is devastating. She can not get health insurance in America and lives in Japan. I haven't seen her for many years and Skype her often. She can't live here because she has the pre-existing condition of MS. If any of you think that this is fair then you are a complete A!hole in my opinion.

  95. I didn't say only the lazy. And you call me ignorant.

  96. You must be one of the lazy.

  97. I was watching the video of the woman with the Obamaphone. I rest my case.

  98. If you listen to people who hate Rush, it's usually those who have never listened to him. They hang with their liberals friends and feel they can only fit in if they say they hate him. You know the type-right?

  99. Rush is a shitpile tub of guts

  100. What ever happened to compassionate conservatism you asshole

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