Warren On Bloomberg & The Practice Of Banks ‘Redlining’ Minority Communities | The Last Word | MSNBC

Warren On Bloomberg & The Practice Of Banks ‘Redlining’ Minority Communities | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. MSDNC here is your headline. Frank Biden awarded $900M contracts with no experience in Costa Rica as Obama tries to improve relations in Costa Rica.

  2. This is complete BULLSH*T!!!
    The main cause of the great Recession in 2008 was pressure from Democrats in Congress to make banks lend to poor people in inner cities!!!
    People who realistically could not afford to pay back the loans!!!
    This was a totally unsound practice and led to the meltdown of the economy!!!

  3. I though that the circumcision hair cut would put her over the top.

  4. So you shouldn’t take the billionaires money for a campaign but they are the first she wants to tax? Seems a little selective, having it both ways??

  5. Banks were not forced to lend to risky customers or give away loans to anyone. But they did it because they bundled the loans into securities and sold it to investors. Transferring big chunk of the risk from their balance sheet.

  6. Bloomberg is blaming the victims of Bankster financing scams against minorities and investors. The Banksters were the criminals. "Redlining" comes from the practice of drawing red lines around black neighborhoods and making no real estate loans there. Bloomberg expressed strong support for this racist practice. RESIST!! Vote Blue!!

  7. ❤️❤️ Majority of Americans in "new Gallup poll" say they are better off now than they were 3 yrs ago.  Just more than (6 in 10 Americans), 61%, told pollsters that they are decidedly in better shape than they were shortly after #TRUMP2020 took office in 2017, a sign of a recovering U.S. economy. The same poll was conducted in 2012 when obama was in office. In the 2012 poll, only 45% of people were better off than three years previous.

  8. He didn't say that omg

  9. I lost all respect for Lawrence O'Donnell as an actual reporter the other night when he insisted in a sweeping generalization that Bernie "could not win big" supported by no evidence whatsoever. Go back to writing fantasy fiction!

  10. Warren destroyed her own campaign with repeat and continuing prevarication. She has lost nearly all credibility. Stop trying to foist her on us MSNBC.

  11. Warren should be president! She has ideas and plans that nobody else seems to have. She is realistic.

  12. I don’t know who would support Bloomberg however him describing the proliferation of sub prime lending that lead to the toppling of the world economy is nothing more than a poor attempt of straw manning. Infotainment at its best.

  13. She was caught doing the same thing during housing crisis.
    Look it up.
    Google Oklahoma real estate Warren.
    Warren is a multi millionaire.
    Made her fortune off US.
    ….Her government position.

  14. Speaking of rigging the election MSNBC is using their media clout to rig the election and deny millions of Americans (adults and children) basic health care by turning people against Bernie Sanders and getting them to vote for someone, anyone, else. Between MSNBC, the DNC, and the Russians they are trying to rob you of a free and fair election.
    Vote Bernie >>>

  15. Talking about grassroots??? Bernie is your guy!!!

  16. Ask a Democratic candidate to define, "woman." Watch them have a stroke.

    All they ever talk about are immigrants and minorities like they're flightless birds.

  17. If both MSNBS & Elizabeth Warren are saying it you can be 100 and 10% sure it's BS.

  18. Elisabeth Warren is friendbackstabber.

  19. Only way you get my 5$ is if it gets you to leave office

  20. I still cant believe shes a senator, much less presidential candidate

  21. She blames it on race? How blame it on the truth. If you can't qualify for a loan, you can't get one.

  22. Squaw speak with forked tongue.

  23. Barr-Durham will soon be heard from and Clapper-Brennan-Comey-McCabe are going down clown…..all of them lied

  24. Not giving loans to people with bad or no credit isn't racist. The spin on this is hilarious.

    Time to call it a day Liz. You couldn't smear Bernie and you have no chance with Bloomberg.

  25. Redlining was long over in this country by the time Michael Bloomberg was mayor.

  26. Warren is out and she knows it.

  27. Instead of wasting everyones time and money because she has no chance of winning, how about get back to the job that you are being paid to do but are not doing. #stopyourvacationonourdime

  28. Lol….all you dems have made your beds….now sleep in it you losers!

  29. Dream big, fight hard and lie continuously!

  30. Fake Indian complaining again

  31. When is Pocahontas dropping the race?

  32. Elizabeth Warren can earn my trust back by making a difference where it matters, Congess. Go back to fighting for us Warren. We all wanted you in 2016 but you ignored the call. #Bernie2020 He stood for us in the 80's, he stood for us in 2016. Time for US to stand with him.

  33. Hahahaha.. Oh jeez.. What a good laugh.. MSNBC and CNN.. There are many more Networks are just the Propaganda Machine for the Democrats.. What a joke..Hilarious..

  34. She’s been crying her eyes out.

  35. Good ol Pocahontas, she's the embodiment of the liberal left.

  36. We've got to get big money out of the mix. Billionaires won't change.
    How about a president who thinks it's a basic human right for US citizens to have a decent home, healthy food and water. Citizens should have glasses, dental and medical care without having to sign up for the "as cold as charity" social service agencies. The well-being of human beings/workers needs to be a top priority. I'm 65 and I rarely ever met a loafer. People like to be productive and useful, interesting and interested, so this so-called great country should assist in creating well-being for it's people.

  37. Leader of our ( party ). That is the wrong way to think. We cannot play into the furthered division. Yang didn't talk about party.

  38. Do be fooled folks!!! Dont let bloomberg buy your vote!!!!

  39. Yes, poor people have trouble paying mortgage loans. That's an objective truth. Redlining is racial. Loan qualification is economic. Warren knows better than to conflate the two. Warren, you're wasting our time. Lawrence, shame on you for giving air to stale stump speeches wrapped in righteous indignation- made by a wealthy lawyer, no less.

  40. Bloomberg was the Republican mayor of New York and a staunch conservative billionaire. What do you buy a billionaire who has everything? Power in politics, so Mike is buying his way into the White House and switching to become a Democrat because the party doesn't matter to people like him, it's all about ultimate power and control. Just like Trump switched from Democrat to Republican. Switching parties for them is like switching suits what ever fits the situation. This is Trump 2.O and the wealthy staying in control and in power.

  41. Boycott MSNBC #trash corporate news

  42. Warren better get off the Reservation and catch up to the Butt-Bern train, cause they are leaving her behind with Crying Joe… LMAO!

  43. Warren " war chief "
    Says alot of bs

  44. Elizabeth Warren: when you're trying so hard to be woke that you're actually unconscious.

  45. Bloomberg is such a liar, but that is typical of Republicans. The banks exploited people's wish to have a home by offering "no money down" and those balloon mortgages that made people default after a few years. The banks packaged the loans into collateralized debt obligations that made billions of dollars for the banks and caused the world-wide financial crisis.

  46. 1. Never voting for Bloomberg
    2. Never voting for Warren
    3. I hate valentine's day

  47. So you charge minorities a higher APR then wonder why they can't pay it back? Yeah it is their fault.

  48. Throw in the towel Pocahontas you’re not doing your party any favors.

  49. Pinocchio Warren still going.

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