Vladimir Zhirinovsky about International Coffee Organization (English subs)

-If we summarize all speeches of left deputies in 100 years,
then our people should have died long ago, since they are
allegedly addling from hunger for those 100 years. -I think we should abstain from saying things like these.
Nobody is addling from hunger, anywhere. -The population is suffering from obesity. Almost all TV shows
and doctors are advising on how to reduce weight. -And, I don’t agree with ratification of agreement about
coffee. But the fact, that people are drinking coffee, shows,
that there is no crisis, Nikolai Vasilievich. (*1) -If people are hungry, everything is halted, and everyone
is unemployed, then they wouldn’t have time for coffee. -And people are drinking coffee. More and more. -That’s why, we should look at this from all directions. -And you have said here, that it is anti-cancer. But as far
as I now it is the other way around. -Coffee, like tea, appears to be a carcinogenic substance.
And it’s close to narcotic. -Because, Peter 1st The Great brought it to us. We didn’t
have it. It is a foreign drink. We didn’t need it at all. -Those, who captured colonies in Africa and in Latin America
were drinking it. -They saw how local citizens were walking around kinda
strange. -But there is no alcohol, no nothing. They were chewing
these coffee beans. -And shepards noticed tea. They saw their cows chewing
some leaves, and after that running around more joyful. -That is, this is mostly stimulant substances.
And we don’t need them at all. -It was brought to us by Peter 1st The Great, a young man.
He liked everything. He liked Amsterdam, and coffee,
and ships, and fight, and with Swedes… -That is, he was an exalted personality. -He did many good things, but he shouldn’t have cut the
beards, and he shouldn’t have brought coffee and tea here.
(*2) -Potatoes too. There is no much use of it. (*3)
This is also not our food. -It is from Latin America. We have bread. This is our
main food product. -So, about this agreement ratification. We are observers.
This is the best status. -We can go to their coferences, or we won’t. -But now, when we will become members of this organization,
then we must go obligatory. -This means increase of travelling expenses. Our fee is
increasing. Our obligations are increasing! -They can make a decision, that this year, all members of this
ICO to make a purchase of a certain coffee brand. -They will say: ‘Show some solidarity, since you are members
of this organization’. -And we are going to import not the brands of coffee we need.
That is, this agreement ties our hands. -When we ratified agreement to enter Council of Europe, I
warned you, that you shouldn’t do this. -At least here, we are going to pay some pennies, but in
Council of Europe – more than 20 million euro, every year. -How much money we gave them already, so they would
prevent us from working there? -It seems, that this organization has no right to prevent
someone from speaking. It is purely economic. -I still don’t understand why our international committee
is engaged in this matter. -Because in UN it is done by Conference on Trade and
Development. And here? -Maybe an agriculture committee should?
Since this is a food product. -Let our international committee be engaged in matters
of war and peace, and interstate relations. -And let the appropriate committee be engaged in foodstuffs. -We have already suggested to create Foodstuffs Committee. -Since you don’t want it, then everything related to food
consumption must be controlled by the appropriate
committee. And not the international. -That’s why, you are blaming ministers that they are not
taking any necessary measures against crisis, -But this must be done by certain departments of all
ministries. -And then again, who said, that there is a crisis?
How is it expressed? When our number of vacancies
is higher, than the number of unemployed. -Where is crisis? Well? -And I have already said about coffee. We are drinking
more and more of it. And there is no benefit of it. -Same goes for sugar consumption. Same goes for
cocoa beans. -All of them are causing illnesses, which are difficult
to struggle against. -There is no benefits from them, at all. Not coffee,
nor cocoa, nor chocolate, nor candies, nor all kind
of sweetnesses. Confectionery… -There is no benefit. Sugar for the brain, your body will
receive from all fruits and vegetables, from nature. -And this is all artificial. All this is a path to narcotics.
Although a very light, it’s still narcotics. -There is even a term invented – ‘coffeeman’. They are
drinking 10 cups of coffee a day, comparing who’s gonna
drink more. -Some people specialize on beer, others – on vodka,
others – on coffee, etcetera. -It is not the best index of culture. I am not sure about it.
There are 25% are not drinking coffee. (*4) Who are they? -They are healthy citizens of village regions.
And small towns. And big cities are partying. -Partying, because there is too much entertainment,
and good life. -People are drinking coffee because of good life. -This means, that life is getting better. And since it’s
getting better, then why would we talk about some kind of
anti-crisis measures? -But, on the other hand, of course, this is not the
most important document. -We are missing ratification of agreement on family
affairs. -Sometimes we can not protect of citizens abroad in
divorcing, children upbringing. -Why don’t we have time for this? On criminal business,
in some areas. -On extradition of criminals. Countries are not giving us
criminals that we demand. -Agreement on extradition is missing. Agreement
on mutuality is this kind of things. -Why these agencies are so late on this?
Maybe our committees should bother a little the appropriate
departments about this? -Because we are talking about protecting our citizens’ rights,
who found themselves one-on-one with justice system
of a foreign country. -And they are convicting them, because they are Russians!
To punish us! -Like yesterday, with a movie, when they didn’t give an
Oscar to our man, but to Polish. -It was a weak little movie. But in spite of us! -Thinking: ‘How could we possibly give an Oscar to a
Russian producer, for Russian movie?’ -They would still give it to someone else, even if we
evaluated it negatively. But it was a Polish in particular!
To strike us again! -And a Polish is heading European Union, and The Pope
was Polish. And today – a Polish movie. -And they are provoking Poland everywhere! Rising
Poland! To hopple us! But we don’t need no Oscars!

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