Urdu in Three Minutes – Do You Speak English?

Urdu in Three Minutes – Do You Speak English?

mira la otra hi hi my name is Afra welcome to autobot 101 comms team minute
we all do the fastest easiest and most fun way to learn or do in the last
lesson you learn the most common forms of greetings in urdu do you remember
them in this lesson you are going to learn a very useful phrase do you speak
English if you find yourself in a situation
where you need assistance in English this phrase can be a lifesaver and
because you’re asking it in or do you can be sure that everyone will
understand what you are saying even if their answer is no let’s start with the
formal expression first though take note that in order verbs change depending on
the number and gender of the noun so when asking a man if he speaks
English you would say kalpen Gracie bulton ha ha and grazie
Volpe hen but to ask a woman if she speaks English you would say come on
Gracie bolte hain kya up a Gracie vaulty hair
let’s have a closer look first we have cow a question marker which comes at the
beginning of the sentence next is up this is the respectful word for you and
is used in formal situations you should always use it with people you don’t know
or with elders next we have uncrazy which means English next is the verb
won’t be meaning to speak it is used when the subject is masculine we use
bolte when the subject is feminine and finally we have hair
hay is a sentence ending particle used with up once more when asking a man its
jaw up and Gracie bolt ahead and when asking a woman cow up angry
both peahen now let’s make the sentence informal first we need to use the
informal version of you which is boom if we change the word for you we will also
change the sentence ending particle to hope everything else stays the same when
speaking to younger people it’s acceptable to use this informal form in
which case you will say yattaman Gracie Volta who to ask a young man or a boy
yeah boom and Gracie Volta who and when
you’re asking a young woman or a girl you will say Gotham and Gracie bolte ho
yeah boom and Gracie volte ho the responses you will receive could be one
of these three huh yes ha Tony bought a little Tony what nahi no I don’t nee hee
now let’s review one more time to ask a man in a formal situation if he speaks
English we would say yah and Gracie bolt a hair and to ask a woman in a formal
situation we would say cow up on Gracie bolte hain to ask a man in an informal
situation we would say Giotto and Gracie bolt a ho and to ask a woman in an
informal situation we would say Giotto and Gracie bull taeho now it’s time for
a fresh advice Pakistan was once for a long time part of the British Empire and
so today English is one of the official languages of Pakistan when visiting
tourist areas you are sure to meet many people who can communicate with you in
English still a large part of the population cannot understand English and
you can never go wrong knowing the local language how do you say I’m sorry in or
do in the next lesson we will learn ways to apologize it
is never too late to show you good manners with Pakistani people I’ll see
you in our next lesson hey Millie

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