UCF Housing – Libra Community (On Campus)

UCF Housing – Libra Community (On Campus)

Hello everyone and welcome to the University
of Central Florida My name is Samario and I’ll be your housing
ambassador Today we’re gonna be taking a look at our
Libra community Libra is our largest freshman community It’s home to around 2,000 residents The only residents who are not freshmen are
the residents assistants We do have RA’s on every floor that are available
to assist residents throughout the year with any problems that may come up with roommate
disagreements or anything else that could happen during the year So if you guys wanna follow me we’re going
take a look at the Libra Breezeway Libra Breezeway is gonna be a community center
where you’ll find a lot of the things you might need throughout the year So again this is the Community Center. Now
the Community Center has the activity room behind us. The activity room is where your RA will put
on events about once a month Sometimes they’re professional, sometimes
they’re social. They almost always come with free food Go! Free food is an amazing gift On this side over here, we have our mailboxes Every resident will be assigned a PO Box and
you’ll get an individual key for that Whenever you have any small mails, letters,
envelopes, or magazines, you can come over here and pick that up whenever you like Any large mail will be delivered to the community
mail center, and again you just go over there, show them your ID, and you’ll be able to pick
up your package On either side of us we have the laundry machines Now the laundry facilities are going to be
a dollar to wash and 75 cents to dry And you can either use quarters or we actually
have it setup so you can use your student ID and load money on that under Knight’s Cash
and use that to pay for your laundry instead Another cool feature we have for our laundry
is we have an app that you can use on your phone that lets you see which laundry machines
are available and which ones are taken. That way you don’t come all the way down here for
laundry only for it to be full and have to walk back You can check in before you leave Now the final thing I wanna point out while
we’re in the Breezeway is that we have the area office The area office is staff 24/7 with residents
life staff including an area coordinator who is a professional who oversees the community
as a whole If you’re ever locked out of your room, or
you want to talk to an RA and can’t find yours, feel free to come down to the area office. Again it is staff 24/7 and they’ll be somebody
who can help you out with whatever situation you’re having Okay everyone this is one of our Libra courtyards As you can see there is a variety of amenities
for residents to use out here. We have the lovely grills out here that residents
are free to use whenever they like They can just come out here and go ahead and
use those Over here there are tables. The tables are
for the residents to use to either eat at, to study, to talk to friends. Again any purpose
they like, this area is always open Behind us over here are benches. They’re gonna
be for the same purpose. This area really allows residents to have
an area to come together themselves to enjoy some fresh air So if you’re in your classes all day, you’re
not in your room all day, you have other options And again this is conveniently located next
to the beautiful residence halls and the Community Center as well So while you’re waiting out here for your
laundry to be done, you can come out here and enjoy some fresh air So this is our Libra L shape. This is the
first of the two styles that we’re gonna take a look at today So as you can see there are these huge closets.
There are going to be two of them And there’s also some extra storage above
the closets. And there are some extra pantry space as well Now this space can be used for food, can be
used for recycling. There’s a hang bar here if you wanna hang some additional clothes,
whatever you like Now all the light wooded furniture you see
in the room is included. That’s going to be the bed and the bed frame, the desk, desk
chair, the dresser, and the bookcase. Now all of that can be store under the bed.
The beds can be raised and lowered. If you store under the bed it will save some
extra floor space for you. Now again there are two closets so you’re
not sharing closet. You will have your own space. And each closet does have the extra overhead
storage space as well Now the bathroom for this unit is going to
be located between with the unit next door. So it’s going to be a Jack and Jill bathroom. What that means is you’ll just have to remember
to lock and unlock both doors Now the vanity area is going to be located
outside the bathroom so if your roommate is taking a long time to shower or get ready
in the morning, you can still get ready You don’t have to wait on them. So now we’re gonna take a look at the next
style and that’s going to be the pod or square shape style So this is the second style of room we offer
in Libra. This is the square or pod shape. As you can see the room is shaped like a square The reason it’s called pod shape is that a
bunch of these rooms surround a common living area That area can be used by residents to either
study, to play games, to hang out, for all kinds of different purposes Now similar to the last room, all the light
wooded furniture is going to be included. Again there are two closets, a Jack and Jill
bathroom. And the vanity area is going to be outside
of the bathroom so you can still get ready in the morning even if your roommate is taking
forever Now there are a couple of extra amenities
to Libra that I wanna mention before we close today The first is that it’s very close to 63 South.
63 South is one of the dinning halls on campus and from Libra it is only a couple of minutes
walk It is the closest on campus you can get to
the 63 South Dinning Hall. Along with that there’s also All Knight Study. All Knight
Study are open 24 hours. You can go there to study if you can’t study
well in your room or let’s say your roommate is watching TV or something and you can’t
concentrate, you’re free to go there, you can study, you can print things. They have a lot of different resources for
you to use So in closing, I’d like to direct you to our
website You can also give us a phone call at 407-823-4663 Or of course come visit us in person and we’ll
be glad to show you around or answer any questions you have about Housing Thank you for joining us and hope you have
a great day

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