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Uber Community Guidelines | Uber Support | Uber

Uber community guidelines. Most riders and delivery customers
are friendly and respectable. But some may need a reminder
of what’s okay behavior. That’s why we created
a set of community guidelines. As part of these guidelines,
we ask that riders, drivers, and delivery customers
treat each other with respect. That they value safety
and respect your personal property. That they avoid any kind of discrimination
or harassment, including unwanted contact. You can find a full list of the guidelines
in the help section of the app. If you ever feel someone’s not following
the guidelines, contact us. There’s a support team
that’s always ready to respond. In serious cases,
their account will be deactivated. And you always have the right to end a trip
if you feel uncomfortable or disrespected. Thanks for making Uber a safe
and positive experience for everyone.

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  1. Have you seen this Uber

  2. What guidelines do you have for customers THAT YOU ACTUALLY ENFORCE? I know a driver that was improperly touched and you didn't deactivate the customer

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