Two Millennials Defend Themselves Against Criticism

Two Millennials Defend Themselves Against Criticism

-These days, the media loves
to accuse millennials of ruining things, like manners,
the beer industry, marmalade. [ Laughter ] And the latest thing they’ve
been accused of ruining is the housing market. Reports suggest that millennials
prefer to rent rather than buy, causing home values to decrease. Here to comment
are two millennials. [ Cheers and applause ] -Thanks for letting us
come out here and set the record straight,
Seth. We millennials are sick
and tired of being blamed for everything that’s gone wrong
in the world today. -I can’t even. [ Laughter ] -So wait.
You two are millennials? -Yas, Queen. [ Laughter and applause ]
I mean, look at us, okay? These Gen-X’ers are saying that we’re keeping
their property values down. And we’re not gonna stand by
and let them do that. You know, I don’t want to buy
a stuffy old house. We’re not the bad guys here just because
we’d rather rent an apartment in WeHo or SoHo or FloJo. [ Laughter ] #ThrowbackThursday. -I can’t even.
-Damn. [ Laughter ]
Damn, Daniel. [ Laughter ] -You know, I kind of understand
the point you’re trying to make, but there’s one major flaw
in your argument. -And what’s that? -You are both definitely
not millennials. -Wow! Wow! Oh, Seth, you’re being
totally basic. -I can’t even.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] Yeah. Sorry not sorry. -And I feel like you just
googled words millennials say. -No, we didn’t, Seth. You are so ratcheted. [ Laughter ] We are totally on fleeks. -I can’t even. -Clap back emoji. -You are both in your 40s. If not your 50s. -Okay.
[ Laughter ] That’s not true. Boy, bye. Congratulations.
You played yourself. [ Laughter ] -Like, the words you’re saying aren’t even connecting
in the sentence. [ Laughter ] -Whatevs. -You guys are embar–
You’re embarrassing — You’re embarrassing yourselves. -Alright. Fine. We’re not millennials. -Yeah. We know. Why are you two out here
acting like this? -Because, Seth, we’re tired. We’re tired of having
so many responsibilities — our mortgages, our car payments,
our kids, our retirement funds. Plus, I’m trying to
sell my house and I can’t because these
stupid millennials keep renting! [ Laughter ] -I can’t even.
[ Laughter ] -No one can! No one can even, Seth! -Guys, millennials are like 35. They have responsibilities, too. -You didn’t even think
we could pass for 35? [ Laughter ] Oh, forget it. Come on. Come on, Bryan, let’s go to the
Home Depot and look at grills. -I can’t even.
-Why not? -I have to go pick up
my daughter from soccer. -Oh, alright. Okay. Well, let’s go.
-Alright. Give it up —
-[ Grunting ] -Give it up for two guys who are
definitely not millennials.

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  1. I need their gifs. lol

  2. If you think millennials are the ones with no manners you should try working in any customer service job. Millennials are the most polite, boomers are the nightmares.

  3. Mayor Pete is just barely a millennial so that shows you how old we can get nowadays.

  4. Leave that Millennial alone!

  5. I…..I….I can't even sigh

    The cring factor is too damm high

  6. Thanks for at least acknowledging millennials are like 35 🙂
    Bc as an older millennial it's so frustrating to be seen as a 20 something. That ship has sailed.

  7. Why on earth would I go thousands and thousands of dollars in debt to be tied to a single suburban location when I worked so hard to GET OUT of the racist, close minded, white nationalists and stepford wives in the suburbs?

  8. I was under the odd assumption that "millennials" were defined as those born POST millennium. Also you are required as stated in the 'hipster doctrine': "in order to qualify as such, mandated to fit and wear at all times(sec.4 p.2) TIGHT pants".
    Please if we are to succeed as a species we MUST meet at definitions. Fully understood fact based language. At this point we CANNOT afford to be blurring the lines to waste time, because my upper lymphatics are cooking and the carbon level(200ppm above earth's validity) is making me delirious and dizzy.
    yours truly,
    buffalo butt.

  9. I wish housing prices in Phoenix would go down, maybe after the coming recession.

  10. The only way my millennial ass and wife are buying a house is when my folks sell there’s for 700K and gifting me and the wife with a down payment for our own. Keep the money in the family y’all. 🤘🤣

  11. I get that Seth's show is mostly comedy but strawmen to joke about a generation blamed for problems they've inherited from those before aren't helpful. He could have just grabbed a couple people from the audience to have a conversation.

  12. This is quite underrated!

  13. Corporate companies that buy condos with cash and launder money are the reason why poverty is trending.

  14. The older generation is to blame for everything being to expensive and causing the younger people to not want to be involved in getting into loans were you pay your whole life and don't get to enjoy anything.

  15. Did you say perennials or millenials, cuz these two house 🌱 plants need to find a new style coach 😂


  17. Guys… Millennials are not in Generation Z. Your satire seems to have blended the two. Millennials are about 30. Generation Z'ers are about 20.

  18. I'm born at the end of the disco 70's and I look much younger than these "millennials" – dammit, whats wrong with out youth? Are the gargling terpentine?

  19. That's right, just blame all of societies problems on Millennials. I guess it's easier to tear 'em apart than address the underling systemic problems that are forcing them to rent in the first place.

  20. Definitely not Millennials; no vocal fry or up-talk.

  21. I love a good bit, and most Seth content for that matter, but basis for this one that housing values are DECREASING? Sweet mercy in MN it is a knife fight for any single family home in the greater metro < $300k. They are snapped up immediately. Home prices (independent of "value") are cruising fast towards 2006 uh-oh levels.

    Got that off my chest. K, back to the comedy.

  22. hey, those guys aren't the wallet inspectors…

  23. I can't even with this sketch

  24. Baby boomers kinda fucked us millennials over tbh

  25. So strange, its mean i am a millenial, but i am not a "socialist, justice warrior" wannabe. I am just a common loser, the diference i admit it.

  26. Hey Seth just a heads up, millennials don't want to rent, we have to. Because of greedy boomers and gen x

  27. you are whats wrong with the world stop trying to bring back fanny packs they are ugly, either get a bag with a strap or wear a batman style utility belt with multiple interchangeable pouches

  28. Gen Xers aren't accusing the millenials of anything. It's the baby boomers, who actually raise millennials, who are accusing millennials of altering the cultural effects that they created.

  29. stupid boomer humor – millenials are 35 years old, you sound dumb

  30. MORE Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel LESS of this.

  31. It’s not that we don’t want to buy it’s that we ain’t got no money

  32. I'm that guy who just keeps saying … I can't even

  33. I mean, to be fair, that is what millennials and gen z sound like. (Coming from a millennial)

  34. Lol millennial too smart to get sucked into bad deals.

  35. We can't afford to buy because of all the student debt and collapsed economy maybe 🤷‍♂️

  36. yeesh, miss the forest for the lowest hanging fruit…. don't think anyone involved in making this noticed a single tree in the whole process…

  37. This is less funny then Amy Shumer, that alone is an accomplishment.

  38. Renters rule! Can't beat renting for upward mobility… Lousy neighbors? Leave. Leaky plumbing? Leave. Hole in the roof? Leave. Cockroaches in the kitchen? Leave. Subpoena on the way? Leave. Bill collectors at the door? Leave. Trump owns the dump? Leave. 'Fi diddle de dee – a renters life for me…'

  39. These 2 are NOT millennials. LOL!

  40. Honestly, I can't even

  41. Millenials are 25-39 years old. We're not the "kids these days" any more. Regardless! No one generation should be blamed for the state of society. Many of the choices that led to our circumstances (which some groups suffer from more than others!) were made before we were born, long enough ago the ones who made them have forgotten or are unaware of how life has changed. All we can do is try to unite across all categories (including age) and try to make the world we live in a better place!

  42. This is fkn funny, I can't even!

  43. The guy who speaks is not funny. Both in this clip and in his "leave him alone" segment he looks and sounds super fake

  44. I evened once. I did. Really. It was cool back then.

  45. The level of cringe in this segment is far too much

  46. I always cringe when I hear those from the previous generation blame the next for anything. have those geniuses forgotten that their parents felt the same about them? and their grandparents as well with their parents? I'm very worried when I hit age 60+ I'll suddenly become stupid and blame the then-current generation for ruining everything. And a side note for those younger kids who are upset about it and walk around saying "it's true, our generation sucks because of x, y and z" (I've seen you in the comments!), the previous generation is lying to you. they had their share of stupidity too, you guys didn't invent eating tide pods. They're just leaving it out of their rants. It seems to be a very human thing to assume you're the best, and the next group of kids with their new technology and ideas are scary and therefore ruining everything. I, for one, am going to fight very hard against ever becoming that dumb lol, but who knows, maybe it's inevitable. Just gotta to keep telling myself as I get older, it's okay to be confused by new things and ideas, but I can be better than and not pout about it. Change always happens.

    …and that goes for you too, people who will wholeheartedly blame the previous generation for everything. That's also something that happens every generation and the pendulum will swing back towards us as well in time! Although we could change that by being more self aware and trying not to create problems for the future generation? Yea, probably not 😐

  47. Do they not have any millennials on their team?

  48. Hello, leave him alone guy!

  49. I 👏🏻can't 👏🏻even! 👏🏻

  50. Wow, Seth Meyers & his show manage to over-sarcasm themselves so far they counter the point of their own segment and negate its message….

  51. Lutz: "you didn't even think we could pass for 35?" 😆

  52. Is that Lutz from 30 Rock?

  53. Are those milenials? They look older then baby boomers

  54. I think it's funny that nobody seems to enjoy Lutz sketches, I actually think they're not bad

  55. Millennials don't PREFER to rent. The people who own the fucking houses won't sell. They rent.

  56. U know what's the worst? My lack of insight into today's issues.

  57. GEEE I wonder why millennials wouldn't want to buy houses?? Perhaps there was some sort of… big economic event…. that occurred around 10 years ago….. that made us distrustful of the housing market??? Idk im just spit-balling here..

  58. I can’t even 😂

  59. That guy always cracks me up. Remember him from 30 rock?

  60. Yo. Put me in bro. 😎

  61. Woooaahh. A generation that is not prepared to saddle itself with unnecessary debt just so they can have a roof over their head . That sounds like common sense, really.

    I bet the banks didn't see that one coming like the subprime mortgage scam, right?

  62. The housing market is too inflated yet again. A recession is on it's way.

  63. These aren't millennials. These are actors. Stop mocking us. We are smarter than you Seth. We can ruin your life. All you have is a camera and a writer. We have an army… and a hulk.

  64. These aren't millennials. These are actors. Stop mocking us. We are smarter than you Seth. We can ruin your life. All you have is a camera and a writer. We have an army… and a hulk.

  65. These aren't millennials. These are actors. Stop mocking us. We are smarter than you Seth. We can ruin your life. All you have is a camera and a writer. We have an army… and a hulk.

  66. These aren't millennials. These are actors. Stop mocking us. We are smarter than you Seth. We can ruin your life. All you have is a camera and a writer. We have an army… and a hulk.

  67. I'd love to buy a house, but every time something for less than 200k goes up for sale, some "investor" buys it in cash immediately, sight unseen, so they can hold it until the value raises and resell.

  68. I rent because of debt, yes, but also because I hate doing yard work and home repairs. I've had enough of that for one lifetime thank you

  69. Town Hall with Bernie Sanders Part 2

  70. Ppl blaming this age group or that age group.. All i want to say is that this guy next to Seth… i am tired of seeing him. His fifteen minutes are done. Go home already.

  71. L M A O
    sadly, the script is too accurate, i CANT EVEN


  72. How is it possible the top comment isn't "I can't even."?

  73. best line "you didn't think we could pass for 35?"

  74. The nonsense aside ("millennial are killing X") we got a raw deal ranging from gig jobs and low wages, to debt. The system that is screwing us over (we're the first generation post-WW2 that is going to be worse off than the generation before it) is because of what those who came before us did. We're just paying the price.

  75. The guy who keeps saying I can't even… A whole mood

  76. 0:05 I mean, how can you ruin american beer?

  77. Okay, as a millennial i feel insulted by their portrayal of us but i also know people who speak and behave like that so i’m torn😂😂

  78. I never ever give you a thumbs down but here we are.

  79. so I had to train myself to say you're welcome. Because saying no problem makes you worst than Satan

  80. It's actually the blame of the boomers though, all over the world prices have risen and risen and it's just not realistic to aim for getting a house for most millennials… The very people who blame those younger are the ones who caused the mess with greed.

  81. I love that all the comments are from angry millennials. Maybe watching and commenting on YouTube all day is the problem. Boomers didn't waste their time on the internet.

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