TVF Bachelors | S01E02 – Bachelors vs Landlord ft. BB ki Vines

TVF Bachelors | S01E02 – Bachelors vs Landlord ft. BB ki Vines

Sir Mosquitoes, cockroaches other insects.. We have everything,
we don’t want it What is it man? Sir I am here to kill the mosquitoes, cockroaches and insects The thing is Diwali is pretty close So I am spraying pesticide
everywhere in the society Is it for free? Tch tch tch tch tch What sir? What a mess you have made out of this place Doesn’t the owner come and check the place? Everything looks dirty on white tiles And look dude, A boner in public And the owner at our place We never want these two And when he calls to come here Then what do you say? What is there to say? We go out on a trip Oh fuck Was talking about him,
now I get a call from him Hello? Yes sir No sir we are not at home We are at Rann of Kutch Now sir, that we are here We will spend a few days here What do you mean look behind Your father is standing there? Oh motherfucker you? Sir you? Please sir don’t do this We have just learned the whole Address of this place Please don’t kick us out of your house We promise to keep the place clean Yes sir There are a lot of memories attached to this place From weight to virginity I lost everything here Just get them out of here Not only they keep the place dirty Also they have this turbaned
Muslim at their place Sir I am a Pakistani Sikh And his father? Helps people cross the border Sir he works as a driver
for Samjhauta Express So you people also do an agreement, Sit in the engine and go to Lahore Banal sir, throw these people out of here It is not possible to live in this society
if these people are here It is possible… I won’t throw you out of the house… But only on one condition You! When the owner is about to visit the house
you leave for a trip Now I will make sure to arrange a… BAD TRIP for you Five days are left for Diwali If you clean each and every
corner of the house Then I will… Let go of your rent for the
next three months I am serious But if you fail to do this… Then for the next month You people will have to pay triple the rent As in…THREE times the rent Tell me… Do you agree? Hey Bhuvan! Do not listen to him Bhuvan! Do not say anything! Okay then Let me make it better for you You people will not have to pay the
rent for three months… Also… For the next three months… I will crush the weed for all of you Bhuvan… Don’t agree to his condition! It’s better we will live in the college
hostel as super seniors… Juniors will surely crush it for us Yes Bhuvan! Or else we will manage to
live in the mosque nearby Will sing “Qun Fay Qun” like Ranbir For evenings we will get to have rusk with tea everyday SHUT UP!! Tell me… Do you agree? We agree!! I told you! I told you not to break up with Shilpi! You used to get sex regularly So at least your mind used to work! Only five days are left for Diwali.. How will we be able to clean the house?? In five days we remember That we had soaked clothes five days ago What did you do Bhuvan? The maximum that we bachelors Can do is clean hard disks Not the house Bhuvan look at these hands They need cigarettes in the morning Alcohol by evening And tissues by night And you want them to hold a broom? Did we have any other option? Did we? Where would we go if we were kicked out? These days who gives a place to bachelors? This is our only chance Only chance! Think about it No rent for the next three months Do you know what that means? Badri think The cigarette seller, water guy,
the Tinder female Her boyfriend We could pay everybody we owe And take new loans Now in the darkness of a movie hall We would just need to steal the cola Because we could buy the nachos Three people won’t need to sit
on the same bike Four people can We will have more money To bribe the cops Bhuvan.. Will all these dreams come true? Can we also tell girls Can I buy you a drink? Let me pay And keep the change? Yes Jassi Truth and courage can be in anybody’s soul But in the end Only the bachelors will win Stop selling lies To people Bhuvan We’ll clean the house it seems It will be better if I get serious in life Huh! Come Jassi Four people on one bike, huh Dude it is really easy It is really easy to not spill tea
while pouring Tea in cups It is really easy These things only cause a mess Look at this Look Put the sieve And the tea goes Straight in the cup See? It fell Do you know why? Because smoking too much Leads to shaky hands No cigarettes from now on Huh! we’ll stop smoking It takes hard work to do a straight job It is not a mug of beer that
you tilt it and done It is a little too sweet But still I am with you Let’s clean this shit The last time I saw a Pakistani Raise a cup was in1992 world cup Motherfucker You forgot 2009’s T-20? Excuse me? May I come in? So in the whole house The areas which are already clean Those are… The door mat outside Bhuvan, we need to gt a new house I don’t think it is working out Now wait So imagine In your peg that you just made Somebody ashed their cigarette What will you do then? Will you make a new peg? Motherfu.. What are you saying We contribute 140 bucks To get a full bottle We will pick the ash by a finger And the peg will be clear Exactly Bhuvan, right? Yeah So this house is your peg This whole mess is your ash And this broom is your finger I will teach you How to clean a house Even we can learn from Google No wait For cleaning the house and Diwali decorations I am looking for apps on 9apps This has all the apps You guys are bachelor and broke right? Price comparison will also be done Fair madam This is the owner’s daughter But what cleaning will she teach? She is a girl She stays with her family I have heard that they Brush twice daily And wash their feet before going to bed What? Then we should also help Bhuvan Correct! And look Look how hot she is! Come, come Come come come Bhuvan Now even we are with you Yes Bhuvan We are with you There you guys The fist is becoming completeAgain and again, speak my friendMay victory be oursand defeat be the owner’sAgain and againSpeak my friendMay victory be oursand defeat be the owner’sWhat are you doing? This is what we are supposed to do First collect all the dirt Then push it behind the doors Do this for every room Collect the dirt Then shove it Collect, shove, collect, shove Isn’t that right brothers? Yeah!No corner must be leftKeep dustingKeep dustingMake a wiper out of your t-shirtKeep moppingMoss that has been collected for yearsScrub it offJust scrub it offThe maid who slippedShe left the jobMoaning in painBroken, there was lyingA bottle of beerI cleaned it upWearing slippersIs there anything to eat? Hey, Shambhu dance bar’s biriyani? This place is still open? I thought this place Shut down three months ago But this is what we
used to do in the hostel Reverse the bed sheet And hide the pillow under it Oh, okayPull the bed a littleLying thereYou will find your lost lighterWhat else did you find there?Slippers, ball, kitten?We’ll keep a dustbinWe will make new rulesIf you’ll throw this then motherfu…SHIT, tomorrow is DiwaliWe are going to be fucked…we still have to do kitchen……Also order some Diwali sweets from 9apps We’ll give to his father After winning this bet Somebody took our garbage Hey hey , come here What are you doing? I didn’t do anything sir I just saw Garbage bags kept outside So I kept it here Hey, Shiv, Badri, Jassi What happened? Hey garbage man Show what you just did This is our daily work sir Show and tell dude See? We just have to keep the garbage outside He will take it himself Well played dude! I can’t do this Bhuvan These stains are really stubborn These stains are really stubborn, Bhuvan Don’t worry about it Jassi Don’t worry Go sleep I’ll take care of it Four days ago that he drank He never slept after that Bhuvan forgive me I drank too much Bhuvan I told you not to let go of Shilpi Badri easy Badri Badri easy The beer will get over See what has happened because of the owner He wanted cleanliness right? He wanted cleanliness? Th..The plate that you are cleaning Is a disposable plate Hey Wake up Sir, when did you come? You shouldn’t talk like that You didn’t leave yet? The whole house is clean Mathur sir One night before the exams How much ever you try
to complete the syllabus One chapter always gets left behind Hey Bhuvan, Bhuvan Did you clean the kitchen
before going to sleep? Bhuvan, Bhuvan, Bhuvan Why don’t you tell us? Tell no Bhuvan? Hey Bhuvan You cleaned the kitchen
before going to bed right? Say something Why are you quiet? Bhuvan say something What will happen now? How much ever these bachelors Try to clean the place Cleaning the kitchen They will never learn We won! We won! Yay we won! We won! We won Sir The next time you come here Remember to remove your shoes Understand? Listen Got some new stock Go Crush it and bring, fast! Happy Diwali sir BB you? You sly motherfucker Bro How did you clean the kitchen? Such a prankster I..I didn’t do anything Then who did? Hey! You guys are up? Okay, tell me what will you guys have? Did you guys brush yet? Aunty? Aunty? Aunty? Aunty? Mom you? And that night The owner’s daughter Called Bhuvan’s mom at the right time Because nobody knows How to clean a kitchen Better than a mother The owner’s daughter seeing
the bachelors’ life Decided to remain single forever And that Diwali Amidst all the bursting crackers The sound of the owner’s ass exploding Was lost somewhere

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