Tutorial: One of My BADASS ESL Job Search Methods How to find English Teacher Position Overseas

Tutorial: One of My BADASS ESL Job Search Methods How to find English Teacher Position Overseas

what’s up everybody alright so it’s Ben
here I’m back with you and I want to discuss a search method that I’ve
developed over the years that is going to help you tremendously if you aren’t
already implementing something like it ok so what happens well maybe you narrow
your choices down and you decide man it would be really cool to go spend a year
or more in Hong Kong after you know researching and looking at all the
potentials that’s just a place that you know really interests me or piques my
interest and you know I’m curious about the opportunity that’s available there
okay so maybe I start doing my search and I come into Google and I look around
a little bit about Hong Kong what do I find
hey cool do my research look at the pictures maybe I read a little bit on
Lonely Planet look people love Hong Kong I love Hong Kong because it has a
complexity that eludes definition oh my gosh that is deep ok so we start looking
for a Hong Kong here’s what most people do they go in ESL this is like
the Walmart of English teacher jobs ok everybody comes here hey what’s up
Dave Dave’s got a new picture there he changed it after 15 years I guess ok so
jobs we got Korean job board China job board international job board now Hong
Kong it’s part of China even though they use their own currency their own they
have their own passports etc etc I don’t know why but it’s still listed under
international so if we come in here we could go through all these and we’re
gonna see Taiwan we’re gonna see Saudi we’re gonna see a lot you could just
come in here and search for Hong Kong see what pops up let’s see what we get
TEFL heaven is looking for experience to qualify TEFL teachers to join them in
Thailand or in Hong Kong alright let’s click on that see what’s
up my eyes go right there holy moly 30,000
baht is that even $1,000 a month I don’t think so that sucks okay
teaching jobs full curriculum there for one school term which would be mid May
2016 teaching jobs in Hong Kong are with English Excel and are in language
schools okay so it’s a little bit vague and it’s telling you to go somewhere
else they’re mentioning salary for Thailand they don’t mention salary for
Hong Kong not a good sign okay I’m just gonna skip it for the sake
of brevity for this video so let’s go back Hong Kong see what what’s next
ah would you look at that we have English Excel school in English right
here and we have this listing that we just saw above it’s a duplicate and not
only that it’s in triplicate because that’s the same exact thing it’s a
repeat listing boring next one teach in Asia limited that’s a recruiter teachers
needed for tutor time not a full-time job prime teachers international
recruiter okay now we have net scheme we’re getting at the bottom so a couple
of these they’re probably gonna lowball you if you get an offer you could apply
to the net school program I have not had luck with that in the past but maybe you
will be luckier than than I have been so if we condense the nonsense and boil
this all down what do we get five options so maybe we can send out five
resumes and then we quit right no we don’t quit that’s not what we do okay
now the method that I’m going to discuss here it is work intensive and that’s
usually people’s gripe with anything is that something is hard work okay
anything worthwhile is going to take effort and this is no exception but let
me show you some real true extreme effort
okay let’s say that you take a job for 40 hours a week let’s say it’s in Korea
so they’re gonna give you two weeks vacation you’re gonna work 50 50 weeks
that’s 2,000 hours guys would you rather spend 10 hours on the front end getting
a job that you really like or would you rather suffer for 2,000 right it’s like
do I put in the work now or do I do it later
hey if you’re prepared and you go into it with you know a good method and a
good strategy it’s gonna save you tremendously now let’s say because of my
efforts I’m able to just make we’ll say another what five bucks an hour for
those hours whoops look what happened to me okay 2000 hours 5 bucks 10 grand in
my pocket okay it’s a numbers game variables and manipulation of those
variables okay so back to the search we only have five here not very good okay
and I understand I’ve been here before I get emails from people I want to go to
Hong Kong but there’s only five there are only five jobs available no guys
come on now think outside the box okay so here’s what I started doing a number
of years ago excuse me I got Hong Kong I’m interested in it I’m
not finding anything so here’s what I do go into Wikipedia let’s do a little bit
of a search and see what we can find okay so let’s say I want to teach
secondary school my friend just logged in so I’m gonna log out before he starts
blowing on my screen okay let’s say I want to teach a junior high school or
high school in Hong Kong it’s the British system so they’re gonna call a
secondary school so we could go in here and do secondary schools
Hong Kong Wikipedia is badass okay list of schools in Hong Kong list of
secondary schools in Hong Kong there we go bingo that’s what I’m looking for
let’s see what we got Central and Western District Eastern
District Islands district Kowloon district Kwai Tsing district holy moly
guys look at this do you see what I’m seeing I see a whole lot of resumes this
should be sent out ASAP okay a lot of them now what I do which is pretty nerdy
is I’ll book this page and then I will spend what is that this right definite
crazy okay I will bookmark all these and I will create a master database okay now
I did not come here ahead of time just so I could make the video look good my
videos are usually one take and that’s it and I just try to do it off the cuff
as best I can so let’s go through here and we’ll just start at the top and I’ll
show you how I do this so secondary schools in Hong Kong let’s start with
Island School so Island School I think I’ve seen this before mid-levels Hong Kong okay so I got the
website right here I can read through all this and find out more about Island
School if I want but that’s beyond the scope of this video and beyond what I do
so go to Island School let’s see what we got here I’m using AT&T u-verse in case you’re
curious why it’s so slow to not recommend it okay
Island School ESF English Schools Foundation fantastic about us learning
at is life at is communications redevelopment admissions I don’t see
anything about jobs where is it surely it’s on here somewhere I just saw
foreign teachers right there hello foreign teachers what’s up uh-huh yep
there it is employment so recruiting page for ESF English close foundation
let’s go through they have job listings right here where we got senior vice
principal teacher of Business and Economics teacher of art supply teachers
that means substitute teacher for you North Americans supply teacher supply
teacher the high English playgroup teacher does say part-time hourly but
hey it’s worth a look I’m already here why not so ESF educational services
limited English playgroup teacher part-time hourly aha look what we have
here for inquiries please contact Gloria so so do I sit here and say oh I don’t
have experience with English playgroup teacher I better not apply no I speak
English I could teach a playgroup come on part-time hourly no sweat now this is
not ideal this is not a job that you would want as your primary but it’s a
great opportunity to contact Gloria so and say hey I’m Ben I’m an English
teacher here’s my background I’d be very interested in working for your school or
I’d be very interested in learning more about the positions available blah
blahdy blah please find my passport attached my reckon you know letters of
recommendation whatever you want to send off to them your accolades credentials
whatever attach this stuff and send it off and guys keep in mind that just
because it doesn’t say ESL teacher on here
or doesn’t say English teacher it doesn’t mean that two weeks from now
there may come a you know a position may come available and they received your
resume and they kept it or you know they may have something else that suits you
that you’re not even aware of okay so Island School that’s one out of
our list of a bazillion let’s just keep going
Carmel school Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name okay let’s
skip it Carmel school we’ll go to the next one same thing broken link uh-oh we
got to deal with that from time to time Hong Kong Academy same as before this is
an active link inactive school I’m gonna skip all this go straight to the website
what do I have here primary school secondary school so we have options right hey that looks like a place I’d
like to read and hang out how about you okay so I’m looking in the same spot as
before I’m not seeing jobs or employment so general enquiries I you know I could
email them and say hey do you have it but we’re already at home quicklinks
extended learning as a total staff intranet not us Admissions is usually
for students application tuition fees nope captivating environment nope
educational leader aha working with us I knew it was there somewhere HK a
recruiting we’re glad that you’re interested in working at HK hey hey how
cool Thank You Steven dear that’s very nice of you okay available positions
please email to apply for teaching and support staff positions boom there’s
another email to add to my list guys you see what I’m doing I
am going to throw seeds everywhere and I’m gonna water them and I’m going to
give them sunlight and eventually one of them is going to grow into a money tree
okay so as we said before there are like a jillion of these links and this is a
very narrow search I mean secondary schools in Hong Kong
just think of the potential if you are broad and where you’re willing to go and
you’re willing to put in the time and work hard at this and do a lot of this
up front you’re gonna save yourself so much trouble I wish I started doing this
when I began my teaching career overseas I hope this is something that you find
actionable and something that you can use to narrow down your search and and
make make things better for you so if you found this helpful and you have a
friend who’s looking for jobs and is stumped or is frustrated send this link
along that’s it for today good luck in

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