TRUMPET TURRET | Rust update 28th February 2020

TRUMPET TURRET | Rust update 28th February 2020

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here with your weekly blast of Rust development news.. And I have to say.. You can call the
TEAM at Facepunch what you like, but if there’s one word to describe them this week, it’s
‘LEGENDS’… May I introduce you to the Turrrrumpet.. Or
should that be the Trumpeturret?.. Whatever, this is not an illusion.. or an early April
fools.. and not wanting to blow my own.. horn, but this is something that I kind of suggested..
although it may have been intended from the start, and it is a bit of a no-brainer.. but
I did suggest it.. Yes, as well as being able to create a custom
turret from about 20 different shooty sticks now, including the legendary eoka turret..
Over on the staging branch you can currently wage psychological warfare as well by simply
inserting a plumber’s trumpet where it hurts the most and plugging it into the mainframe.. It works pretty much as expected: Unauthorised
players who enter its territory will be parped at with terminal intensity until they remove
themselves from the area.. The turret ejects a ferocious barrage of notes directly into
the victim’s soul, whilst simultaneously alerting defending forces to the intrustion.. The only downside of this majestic display
of auditory terrorism being that the notes themselves are seemingly random.. Although
maybe the randomness adds to the sheer terror of the attack? Although the ‘Pingu pistol’ (for that is what
I shall also be calling it) is the ultimate alarm system.. it sadly isn’t programmable
yet and can’t be made to play a specific tune.. I did ask, but apparently that’s tricky as
it needs to run without the player being connected.. I’m not going to give up hope completely though..
So question of the day: If you could get it to play a tune, what would that be? Answers
in the comments please. Oh and make sure you C4 the subscribe button
and stab up the notification bell for weekly Rust news, and other stuff.. If YouTube decides
to let you know.. On staging we’ve had a ton of new commands
which will be of interest to content creators and server owners alike… First of all as mentioned last week, admins
will be able to adjust the server’s water height with the oceanlevel convar.. 0 is standard,
and increasing it will lead to some interesting and rather wet results… Can’t wait to see
what you lot do with this.. There were a couple of fixes to help it work better, including
not being able to set it to a negative amount, shame.. and some AI tweaks to make scientists
avoid running around underwater (oh come on, why take away my one pleasure in life, seriously?)
and, as mentioned previously, admins can also switch off the underwater effect now with
underwater_effect 0 For reference you can also now bind commands
to composite keybinds, for instance left control + x for kill or something.. and also a new
meta.add convar can be used to create incremental ones… you can see me using it on the sea
level here for instance.. I’ll stick details down below.. Content creators have never had it so good
either.. And to show you what I mean, the debug camera has had some serious upgrades
this week.. First of all, we now have guides which can
be turned on, off and switched between with debugcamera_guide 0 through to 4.. And in
order they are: rule of thirds, golden ratio, aspect ratio and crosshair.. And just so you
understand, these are exclusively for those with admin rights and only work in debug camera,
not first person. The aspect ratio can be set to whatever you
want, such as 2.35:1 or 4:3, and the guide colour can also be adjusted.. My favourite new cinematic tool however has
to be camera parenting, and it’s very simple. When in debug camera, just look at an entity
and press F which will lock the camera to it.. you can then offset the camera using
W A S and D and orbit around it with control plus the arrow keys..
For entities with bones.. such as players and animals.. You can cycle through which
one you’re parented to with tab, but the best thing has to be the new bonerotation convar
which moves the camera.. with the bone.. Here are a couple of examples.. And yes, it works
with projectiles too.. I have so many ideas…. You can also open a browser for demos now
with demo.browser, where you can see a list of which ones you have in your folder and
then play them directly.. plus a HUD which can be toggled and general improvements to
playback.. What I’ll do, instead of boring all of the
‘normal’ players watching this is to put these commands in the description, and don’t forget,
they’re only on staging at the moment and subject to change before being merged to main
on March the 5th. In other changes, Garry has been doing some
work to improve steamworks integration and networking.. More info on that hopefully next
week.. And some improvements to navmesh baking are being made on a separate branch at the
moment, which if you don’t know is a step during a server’s startup that can significantly
affect startup time.. So far this has been sped up fourfold, so server restarts should
be much quicker in future. There was a fix for aim jumping when stopping
shooting whilst mounted on something.. And there’s a new background for the EAC startup
window… Fancy. In works in progress!
Lots being done in the field of farming, the sprinkler system will be interesting and sounds
like it’ll work on the same general principles as electricity, with fluid switches and planter
sensors.. Except there’ll be gravity to take into account as well.. There’s progress on
potatoes.. And there are models for horse dung and horse dung piles out there somewhere..
but unfortunately I can’t show you any of this lovely stuff yet, because it doesn’t
look like it’ll be ready until April’s patch.. But stay tuned and I’ll shovel any news I
get in your general direction.. Vehicles: Engine internals blah blah, fuel
tank module blah blah, something about a power curve..
And according to the commits, it seems the HDRP branch when it eventually merges will
have a lot of new assets, including new pine saplings, dead pines, updated overgrowth models,
and better textures for a lot of foliage.. Can’t wait for that.
Right! You’re up to date. Come and join me on Twitch for survival streams three times
a week, help my channel here to survive and thrive by supporting me on Patreon, and stay
up to date with all my content and news on Twitter, Facebook, Discord and my Steeeeam
group – links below. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm and stay
Rusty. Cheerio.

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