TruBind TB-W12 3:1 Wire Binding Machine

TruBind TB-W12 3:1 Wire Binding Machine

Introducing the TB-W12
wire binding machine by TruBind! This manually operated binding machine allows
you to create professional wire bound books and documents in your own home or office. It comfortably fits on any desk or countertop,
making it ideal for any small office environment. This machine punches square holes with
a 3:1 pitch pattern, which means there are three holes per inch of your book’s spine. Make sure you use 3:1 pitch twin-loop wires
to match this pattern. Fit your holes within the top and bottom edge
of your page using the side margin adjustment. Control the distance of the holes from the
bound edge of the page using the lever on the side of the machine to accommodate
thinner or thicker books. This machine comes with a mounted wire hanger
on the back of the machine to help with page insertion. When ready to bind, match your wire diameter
size to the appropriate measurement on the dial on the side of the machine. Insert your threaded book into the machine
with the open loops of the wire facing down onto the base of the wire closer. Pull the handlebar to close the wire. While most machines in this class come with
a 90-day warranty, this high quality model comes with a one year warranty. For more information about this or
other high quality machines and supplies, visit

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  1. I bound over 150 books with this binder for school! It's great=>>ナ    lightweight, and easy to use!

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