Topic Two: UN Humanitarian Funding – demystifying NGO Access

Topic Two: UN Humanitarian Funding – demystifying NGO Access

Welcome to topic two of ICVA’s humanitarian
financing learning stream: Demystifying NGO access to UN humanitarian funding. Throughout this topic, we will discuss: ♣ Who are the key UN agencies partnering
with NGOs? ♣ What are the overall considerations and
criteria when partnering with NGOs? and; ♣ What processes and procedures must NGOs
follow to pursue these partnerships? In 2015, UN agencies such as WFP, UNHCR and
UNICEF, received over 52% of tracked direct humanitarian funding. These UN agencies often rely on NGO partners
to deliver humanitarian aid and protection. For example, in 2014, UNHCR channeled 40%
of its expenditure through approximately 720 NGOs; with WFP programming 75% to approximately
1000 NGOs. Different UN agencies use different approaches
to manage NGO partnerships. It is challenging for NGOs to understand and
comply with the diversity and complexity of these arrangements. The good news is that UNHCR, WFP joined agencies
and donors in signing the Grand Bargain on humanitarian financing. This commits to harmonizing partnership agreements
and sharing partner assessment information, simplifying and harmonizing reporting requirements,
and funding national and local responders as directly as possible. Join us in our live learning event on 12 October
with WFP, UNHCR and NGO representatives as we discuss the various experiences, lessons
and suggestions concerning partnerships and funding between UN agencies and NGOs. Visit ICVA’s website to learn more and register

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  2. I basically trust the U.N. to set up child sex rings and sell equipment to warlords at this point. That is the only things they are doing that has any success.

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