Tomb Tips with RegisKillbin – Chapter 2 | Hearthstone

Tomb Tips with RegisKillbin – Chapter 2 | Hearthstone

Welcome to the Scorching Dunes, the second wing of the Tombs of Terror. My name is Sir Regis Mrrgglton, and I’m going to be your guide
on this journey, but it won’t be easy. Not only do we have to overcome
a Plague Lord, but there’s a twist. There’s always a twist. With the Plague of Madness,
at the end of each player’s turn the rightmost minion
is going to attack a random enemy, which can quickly create some chaos, but can also work to your advantage
if you plan ahead. Think about putting things like
really high-attack and low-health minions on the rightmost side of the board
so they can take favorable trades. Or put things like Divine Shield,
or Lifesteal, or other on-hit effects there
if you need some bonuses. Well, that sounds like madness. But thankfully I know a guy – well, a Merloc, anyway – that can help. His name is Sir Finley Mrrgglton, and he’s a very distant cousin who’s going to be able
to help us on this one. For a Merloc, Finley has
some pretty cool tools at his disposal. First up are the Signature Treasures. You’ll start off with
a trusty Pith Helmet – a fashion choice
I can certainly appreciate. But I think you can move on
to some stronger options after you unlock them. For instance,
there’s Maxwell, Mighty Steed, a handy early-game minion
that can push out lots of damage or take favorable trades. And then there’s our good friend
Karl the Lost, who will fill your entire board
with Taunted and Divine Shield minions. It’s a really powerful effect. Glad to have you by our side,
noble knight! When it comes to unlocks, you can also
work towards my favorite Hero Power, Power Up! This gives a friendly minion
Divine Shield and Windfury, which is not only wonderful
in its own right, but giving Divine Shield to your
rightmost minion can help protect it when it takes Auto-Attacks in this wing. When it comes to Treasures
you’ll find along the way, definitely take Band of Bees
in the Scorching Dunes. This means you can take low-cost minions, put them on the right side of your board,
and they will often take wonderful trades into bigger things,
because this gives them Poisonous. All I got to say to Sir Finley is… …because there are going to be some
very tough bosses to overcome on this one, and I want to wish him
the very best of luck. When it comes to bosses,
there are a couple to look out for. Ozara is particularly frightening, with a passive Hero Power that will summon
Dust Devils very efficiently, and those can pump out lots of damage. So if you don’t have answers
to those early swarms, you may come away with a loss. And then, of course,
there’s the Plague Lord of Madness itself, and this fight will demand
a lot of attention when it comes to minion placement, because of its pretty crazy Hero Powers. Evoke Panic will force the minion
on board with the lowest health to attack one of its neighbors. So, if you’ve got a low-health minion
on board with high attack, you certainly wouldn’t want to put it
next to 1 of your higher-value minions – it might kill it. Then there’s Systematic Betrayal, which will rotate all minions
counterclockwise, applying a 1/1 buff to any that move. This means you want strong minions
on the left side of their board and weaker minions
on the right side of your board. So, take trades
to help develop those scenarios. Knowing these Hero Powers
will go a long way towards helping you build
your deck correctly. Yeah, that Plague Lord looks pretty scary. But I think you and Sir Finley
have all the knowledge you need to defeat it this time around. That said, this won’t be the end of our
adventures in the Tombs of Terror, so stay tuned for more tips in the future, and, until then, all I have to say is, to adventure…

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