Tiny Homes Will Not End Homelessness – Community First! Village Will.

Tiny Homes Will Not End Homelessness – Community First! Village Will.

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  1. You forgot to ask for his 3 wishes!

  2. Any info on whether similar initiatives are underway in the EU, GB, or Ireland?

  3. This is really great.  Thanks for uploading it, really inspirational.

  4. PLEASE  I would like  to go there and learn I have try I got "The Not in my back yard"
    if I could get a different way to deal with neighbors who send Nasty letters for not cutting the grass demanding tree removal when it has die to six different city county Gov.groups to take action against us   

  5. I really like the tiny house movement but I hope people planning these villages or communities would be generous and not go too small because people need a degree of space to live in. I know I like to do yoga and have some space to move around inside  my space.
    I would feel claustrophobic in some tiny houses that I see, although I acknowledge a tiny tiny house is better than sleeping outside, but I think 5-600 square feet would be much better that some houses that are 200 square feet. 
    Maybe in the future we can make these with hemp or organic materials and with creative and tailorable features.

  6. Didn't show us one tiny home bah!

  7. I wonder how an atheist would be accepted in this religious community.

  8. I would like to do this in my community! I was looking for ideas, and came across this video! I have the same ideas, building people… love people first, find out what they want. Dont just go in and give them what you think they want, and try to be the hero! Great job! and where do I start? Thanks for what you do!!

  9. This is so wonderful to hear of. I am doing similar work and this is just so so good to see is happening. Thank you. Bless you!

  10. Mad Hatman;
    That is my biggest complaint on most [not all] of these outreach people, It almost always boils down to an instrument of
    recrution to an "Authority " that thinks for you and ostracises free thinkers such as myself.
    There is no greater sin than robbing an individual his freedom to think on his own even about religion.

  11. I am trying to get something like this going in Oklahoma!

  12. Man the laws need to be changed to allow people to live in ways they can afford….In oklahoma , they fight people who try to help the homeless. It is really kind of sad, the laws are a big part of causing people to stay homeless.


  14. I would love information on how to get a community started in Jacksonville, FL!! Tiny house communities are my passion and I believe starting a community like this is what I am supposed to do!
    Please send me any and all info you can on this!
    email me! [email protected]

  15. If you have a home in a tiny house you are NO LONGER HOMELESS.

  16. I somewhat trust the guy even with the religion stuff!

  17. Brings up an interesting idea..what if those with money jobs moved in this would turn things around in terms of community!

  18. This organization is amazing ALL my family are Texans. They dont want to help Cajun and very hard people.

  19. It's a good idea and it will help a bit but it won't fix the problem

  20. Tiny Homes yes they can end homelessness, if our Mayors and congress and other Politicians would get on board with it.

  21. Liked liked liked videos. So great watching it.

  22. Shut up you mofos!!!!!

  23. 💚 please Jesus Christ bring this to Beaumont, Texas

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