These Jobs Are Damaging Your Mental Health

These Jobs Are Damaging Your Mental Health

There’s a saying, if you love what you do,
you’ll never work a day in your life…but what if you don’t exactly love what you
do? And your work causes you stress? In this video we are going to talk about jobs
that may affect your mental health. Before we do that, why not show us some love
by clicking that subscribe button and ringing that notification bell. Let’s start the list with a field of work
you may have not expected to be on the list… Arts and Entertainment While being creative has the potential to
earn you lots of money, it can also be quite unpredictable. You may be a painter, an author, or a musician
with a lot of fans, but you may not always have a job. If you’re a painter, you may have to search
for people who would be interested in buying your painting. For actors, after a movie, TV series or play,
they may have to look for a new show to be part of. There is constant pressure, their personal
life is always under a scanner and their “Me-time” goes out of the window. What’s worse? They may have long stretches in between jobs. So, while you’re thinking that your favorite
artists are enjoying a wonderful life in their suites by the beach, in reality they’re
probably working twice as hard to make sure that they have any source of income. Which is all very stressful. So, the solution is a stable 9 to 5 job, right? That idea sounds tempting, but it isn’t the
case. Take the next profession as an example. Office Jobs If you do well in this field, you may end
up being a CEO of a huge company, but the path to that cabin isn’t always a rosy one. You will have to put up with many hours of
monotonous work. Of course, collaborating with colleagues and
sharing the workload may sound nice on paper. There are some downsides to it too, such as
office politics, high demands and lack of control. According to one study conducted on almost
2 thousand individuals, people who work in an office have a higher chance of developing
some form of anxiety or depression. Now, imagine how it might be for them when
the economy hits rock bottom or the company incurs a loss. Teaching While teaching does have rewarding moments,
imagine walking into a classroom full of children or teenagers, who would rather gossip about
Ed Sheeran’s latest album, than learn about math. Yes, that’s what teachers have to deal with
every day. Your job as a teacher is to educate these
kids who may not have an interest in studying. Of course, then there are those misbehaving
kids and stressed out parents who think their kid can do no wrong. On top of all that, most teachers usually
have a very low starting salary. Accounts & Finance While an Accountant or a Financial Advisor’s
job sounds awesome, it has its issues too. People working in these fields spend an entire
lifetime taking care of other people’s money. What’s more? If anything happens to that money, they may
be held accountable for it. They have to put in extra long hours to make
sure that the work is done. In a survey of 12 thousand accountants in
the United Kingdom, about 51% admitted to have anxiety or depression and 43% of them
also believed that the stress related to their work is one of the crucial contributors. Of course the pay is good and this is a good
field to work in for anyone who loves numbers. Although, you might have to work for long
hours for a thankless job. Medicine & Healthcare When you are in the field of medicine, you’re
responsible for a person’s wellbeing and at times, their life. While jobs related to this field can pay very
well, they can also be very stressful. A single mistake might mean the death of a
patient, it sounds drastic we know, but that’s always a possibility. This is why doctors, nurses and healthcare
advisors need to be on their A-game all the times. Additionally, there will always be those patients
who may not listen to a doctor’s advice and when things go wrong, their family members
may blame the doctor. Perhaps, this is why there are so many doctors
who have depression. In fact, there are more doctors committing
suicide every year than any other profession. Social Work If you’ve ever wondered why social workers
always seem sad or angry, well you’ve come to the right place to find the answer. A social worker needs to take care of the
things that other people don’t seem to care about. Whether it’s a situation surrounding abuse,
a homeless child or the elderly, a social worker has to provide emotional and at times
financial support to all of these people. The problem is no one notices how emotionally
draining all this really is. They often feel empty and lonely, their field
of work can often mean that they would have to be out of town or not be in touch with
friends or family for a really long time. Some social workers don’t even start families
because of this reason. Sales & Marketing Yes, we’re talking about those folks who
are trying to sell you something, whether or not you actually need it. Although, their depression is more linked
to the economic market than anything else. This is why it is harder on them when there
is a problem in the market. Even when a company has to make cuts It’s
often people working in sales and marketing division who are first to be let go. Their job brings them a lot of money, but
it also brings them a lot of risks. If they can’t keep up with their quotas,
they risk their job. A Server They take your order, they make you feel comfortable
in a restaurant, but they don’t get paid well enough and if they make a big mistake, their
manager won’t think twice before firing them. That is how a server’s life is and because
of this reason, they are often very stressed out. It was found on a survey that most of the
people who work in service often suffer from one or more forms of anxiety. They always have to be on their best behaviour,
even when dealing with a rude customers day in and day out, which can make anyone frustrated. A survey conducted on more than 2000 men and
women found that there were more reports of stress and depression in this field of work,
compared to any other. Customer Care You sit at a desk and listen to customers
complain all day. Customer Care Executives have to be on their
very best behaviour while trying to understand the customer’s problem, empathize with them
and then find a solution. If that wasn’t enough to give anyone a headache,
there are always be customers who may be rude because of one reason or another. The bottom line is you are the intermediate
between the business and the customer. So, if the customer isn’t satisfied with the
business, guess who they will call and unleash their rage on. YES, you. This is why there have been many reports from
those who are working in customer care who are not happy with their jobs. So, what is your job? Do you love it? Let us know in the comments section below,
we would love to hear from you.

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  19. I have held four of these jobs and I am currently long-term unemployed, due to deteriorating health and disability, which needs to be assessed. I would still ditch teaching for nursing-that is how ill teaching makes you.

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  21. So, doctors are stressed making life and death decisions…over the phone or popping in for a second? Nurses are at the bedside watching the patient die because the doc won't get up there and treat the patient. Families are yelling at the nurse either in person or on the phone. The documentation must be factual but not blatantly lay blame. It is always the nurses fault. Missed something on assessment. Did not alert the doc every three seconds until it was finally addressed. The doc missed something and the nurse did not catch it. Nurse did not follow through with the pharmacy. Don't even get me started on the unit secretaries. Laziest, most worthless, entitled, complaining, that's not my job, bunch of oxygen wasting cry babies in the world. OR they are the freaking bomb! Never an in between version. Guess what? Everything that has an effect on the patient is the nurses job. Mopping, putting in orders, family dynamics, everything. There are other people assigned jobs but if they chose not to do them, the nurse must. Yet only the nurse can do the nurse's job. Yes, it is difficult for all involved. Yes, go into the field knowing not everyday is going to bring sunshine. Yes, nurses have a team vs the docs who has the entire hospital. So that makes it ok? Not in the least. Oh and that nurse can save your life. If you do die, the nurse is the one caring for your corps until it is taken to the morgue. Taking care of your family. My lawd the question nurses get asked! Now, movie stars makes millions for one movie with little chance of being sued and losing everything. Very few repercussions.
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  22. How come pharmacists always get left out of the healthcare field. Being a retail pharmacist is extremely stressful.

  23. Being a dishwasher is a job that will destroy you. The pay is shit for basically a job that feels like factory work and everyone else gets to get off early while you stay there and clean their crap and on top of that your area or more. You get screamed at by the servers especially if you work in a high volume restaurant on a busy day. On top of that when you're cleaning bathrooms it makes it difficult to finish your job if a customer walks in and then more customers walk in to use the bathroom and then you get yelled at for being past your time. No matter what you do you get yelled at. Also you work with harmful chemicals to clean with and even more if your restaurant has a dishwashing machine that requires chemicals that could burn your skin and have to put away grease strip which is highly dangerous if you get it on your skin. It's over 90* outside?! Too bad!! You better sweep that parking lot!! Snow outside!?! You better shovel it! Not to mention we have to clean up poop, piss and vomit, and blood. Unfortunately before I worked there no dishwasher cleaned the grates on the cooks line and guess who had to clean them with maggots squirming and scent of death. If that doesn't make you want to hang yourself in the walk-in freezer…kill me now

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