The X-Files [DeepFake]

The X-Files [DeepFake]

[Music – ‘The X-Files’ by Mark Snow] Outpost 134. Two miles to go. So, Mulder, this supposed
clandestine source who’s contacted you. How do we know
that he’s not just another crackpot, whose encyclopaedic knowledge
of extra-terrestrial life isn’t derived exclusively
from reruns of Star Trek? [He chuckles] Because of where
this particular crackpot works – Groom Lake, Area 51, – where the military has conducted…
– For the past 50 years, classified experiments
involving extra-terrestrial technology. It’s all our questions,
the proof that we’ve suspected, but never been able
to hold in our hands. That… That proof is here. Mulder, it’s the dim hope of finding
that proof that’s kept us in this car… or one very much like it
for more nights than I care to remember. Driving hundreds,
if not thousands, of miles… through neighbourhoods
and cities and towns, where people are raising families
and buying homes and playing with their kids
and their dogs, and, in short, living their lives, while we, we…
we just keep driving. What is your point? Don’t you ever just want to stop? Get out of the damn car? Settle down and live something
approaching a normal life? This IS a normal life. I go out, I work my butt off
to make a living. All I want is to come home
to a nice, clean house with a nice, fat steak on the table,
but instead I get this. It looks like poison. Don’t you take that away!
I’m eating that, damn it! It is poison, isn’t it? I swear to God,
I would not be surprised if it was, the way you skulk around here
like a dog who been hit too much or ain’t been hit enough,
I can’t make up my mind. The only thing that pulls its weight
around here is my goddamn truck. Figures. What the heck is it? Get your big butt
back in the house. ALIEN: Place projectile weapon
on the ground. You can have my gun when you pry it
from my cold, dead fingers. Your proposal is acceptable. [ALIEN SCREECHES] [MULDER SCREAMS] [FLESH TEARS] [ALIEN SNARLS] [NECK CRACKS] [FOOTSTEPS APPROACH] [HE GRUNTS] – What on Earth was that?
– Sugar. I’ve never seen sugar do that. Give me sugar. In water. More. More! [HE GRUNTS] [HE SIGHS] Your skin is hanging off your bones. Oh, yeah. There. Is that better? [Portentous orchestral music] [MULDER GRUNTS] [COW MOOS] [Music – ‘MIB Main Theme’ by Danny Elfman] Captions by Matchbox Cinesub

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  1. Screw the Edgar suit, he got A Mulder suit.

  2. Actually, ahe was always right: There is no fck'n aliens. They are demons.

  3. So they got married and nornal life. I LOVE IT.

  4. X-files but Scully and Mulder have a toxic marriage and live on a rural texas farm

  5. So, Scully asks Mulder if he'd ever settle down, then she dreams of their retirement. But her subconscious mind warns her off the idea by creating a dream where they live in squalor and discord — and Mulder gets killed by the very alien life he's looking for proof of.

    But that's just a theory — A FILM THEORY.

  6. Which season is this

  7. why are you doing this ! why!!!

  8. Моузер еще ладно, но вот со Скали проблемы.

  9. She is so damn hot.

  10. You need to do “Slave Rey” … Daisy Ridley in all of the return of the Jedi slave Leia scenes… That might get you a hit or two! Probably it would go viral pretty quick.

  11. Get your BIG SEXY BUTT back in the house

  12. Could you please change the face of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine with Scott Eastwood's face?))

  13. Жутковато и не то


  15. Deepfake scully is actually hot

  16. lol that took a dark turn

  17. Your videos are awesome ! But can you please give us a full tutorial on how we can do this? We all have a lot of great ideas, but we don't know how to do it…

  18. Which season is it?

  19. Como era bom vê no sábado este série aqui no Brasil tinha que volta

  20. when the voice swapper technologhy will come?

  21. This is exactly what would of happened if they ended up getting hitched 😊

  22. Took one look at the thumbnail and thought, "Hmm, Duchovny channeling D'Onofrio." I wasn't wrong.

  23. X-Files MIB mash up. Well we have them. Including theirs and ours.


  25. Heath Ledger as Joaquin Phoenix's Joker.

  26. БлЮ я никУя не понимаю что они говорят….

  27. Dude looks more like Ben Affleck!

  28. Just when I forgot I was out, they pull me back in.

  29. I wish I could shift face Gillian Anderson onto my wife . I'd be so much happier

  30. Perturbador ……que tal una película con los posibles actores que fueron pensados original mente.

  31. That voice coming out of Gillian Anderson’s face is a crime

  32. Oh no, you`ve got be fking kidding me. What a classic!

  33. maybe you could deepfake Biden molesting little girls on video.. oh, wait.. he already did that for the reals! lol!

  34. So, Mulder finally became that which he hunted. Interesting🤔

  35. Lmfao! Just brilliant

    Can u do morgue scene?

    A man came in here the other day…..
    A dead man…… With a cat…….
    Meant worlds to me I'd like to have it back lolololol

  36. ahhh Scully….my first TV crush!

  37. They should just use Deepfake when resurrecting an old actors younger counterpart.

  38. Fox Edgar Suit. Brilliant

  39. Holy shit..308k subs. You had like 5k

    Wow does utube suck On Keeping update on Liked Channels. Wow you guys are good

  40. Scully & Molder boy those folks up in creepy Nevada got some strange history!.. Creative mashup, Loved it… just brilliant stuff.

  41. Едрит, сума сходил и любил этот сериал!!!!!

  42. this so could be one of the funny x-files episodes

  43. Lee J. Cobb & William O'Malley in The Exorcist III.

  44. MIB… Well, the 2nd was… Nice, maybe not a good idea, after the end of the 1 who was great, and the fact they wipeout L, but still a good moment… The 3rd was… Useless. And the recent, this abomination they called "international", like every other garbage reboot feminist / ecologist / polititcal / … We have nowadays, just a compilation of trash, and not trash movie like we have guilty pleasure, but really like the bottom of my wastebasket, full of used tissues.

  45. Have you ever done a deep fake for same actor, young and old, reversal? Like old Linda Hamilton in T2 and young Linda Hamilton in Dark… Fate… … Oh my, Dark Fate… The only thing i wished for this movie, it was at least not disrespect. And they screwed everything…

  46. How about Scarlett Johansson as Scully?

  47. y en holliwood no pueden hacer buenos efectos

  48. adore you fake you are my hero CSF DF

  49. This is an incredible masterpiece!

  50. 2:27 Twenty years old later

  51. Well done, why the hell couldn’t Dr. sleep’s Producers chosen to have (faked) reenacted Shelley Duvall and Jack Nicholson… That literally killed the movie in my mind. And you do this shit like it’s nothing, that would’ve been nothing for a higher Budget film!

  52. The Cow is Given no Sh*T
    Fades Away

  53. Pushing giant flying saucer out of some hole. That's exactly what agent Mulder would do

  54. This was so well done I had to watch it twice!

  55. Imagine Jodie Foster's face in Julianne Moore's Clarice, in "Hannibal", or Harrison Ford's face in all "Solo" movie.

  56. When it reverted back to the original lady's face behind the screen door

  57. заебись сделали пацаны!!!!))

  58. jajajaja que chingoooon!!!

  59. You bring a cross over to a hole New level

  60. I hate this so fucking much.

  61. This could've been an awesome comedic XFiles episode 😉

  62. 0:35 used to Fuck me up when I was little…..

  63. The hills have eyes

  64. Skully's face gave just gave the original character a facelift

  65. That’s just David Duchovny tho.

  66. It's weird, I've always loved The X Files, but I have never really kept up with it. I just catch one whenever I'm in the mood and I can find one. But that shit is right down my alley. The original MIB was pretty good too – but I've never seen any of the sequels. Oh and hold up… I just realized by his voice – the original actor here was Vincent D'Onfrio wasn't it?

  67. Get your big caboose right back in that house, it's aliens ya dumby

  68. That is so fucked up. 😂😂😂😂

  69. I loved X-Files. Hollywood does not produce great shows like this anymore.

  70. This is fucking amazing! I laughed the whole time! Thanks!

  71. Do someone dead… Selena Quintanilla please or Michael Jackson

  72. wtf is this ajaiahahuahauyhah

  73. Повеселили от души. Спасибо от всех русскоязычных, чей Новый Год ассоциируется с этим фильмом.

  74. [Mulder Screams]
    LOL. I love this.

  75. El mejor montaje hasta ahora

  76. Now this one was good. 😀

  77. The fake is out there 😀

  78. this looks not right …..

  79. This… this is fucking weird.

  80. I'm sure this kind of technology will be used to setup many people in the future. Even presidents.

  81. This is the best!!!! Ahahahahha

  82. Agent scully is so sexy

  83. This is properly made, well done

  84. what the illumanti can do with this technology just has me thinking. They probably had it since the 80s and used it multiple times already. lol

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