The Sloped Bind-off

The Sloped Bind-off

Hello, I am Cheryl Brunette and today I am going to show you a way to get rid
of those ugly stepped bind-offs with a sloped bind off. Music playing
“Simple Gifts” There are places in knitting especially in sweater construction where
you need to make either a slanted edge or a curved edge. And the language
that tells you to do that is usually something like this: “At the
beginning of the next four rows bind off five stitches.” Or “Bind off 10 stitches at the beginning of
the next row then four stitches, three stitches, one and one.” And if you follow these
directions literally you get a stair-step effect which is difficult to sew into a seam in this case or pick up around the edge. Now usually for slant like this I use short rows but for a curve, especially around
the neck where you might get a little bit of interference seeing where you wrapped and turned, I use a sloped bind off. And the sloped bind off as opposed to this one looks
like this. This is the exact same bind off
sequence as this one. I also used it in this shoulder but in general I prefer to use short rows and you can find out about short
rows in this video that I have already put out.
That gives a good slant. So let me show
you how to do this sloped bind off. I am going to pretend that I am
following this sequence except instead of 10 I am going to start with 6 stitches. The first part of your bind off . . . the first row of that sequential set of bind offs, you simply bind off regularly. Pass it over. Make sure that it is not too tight. 1, 2, 3 . . . 4, 5, 6. [Cheryl counting aloud] I have 1, 2, 3. This is how you can see how
many you have bound off. 1,2,3. There is my fourth stitch. Five . . . and six. One, two, three, four five, six . . . and I am just going to knit across the rest
of that row. And I will purl back. And if I look at my pattern here, where I
had the first six stitches and my next time I’m going to do four when I get over there. So let me purl
back to where I need to be . . . and this is where it is different.
You do not purl all the way to the end that of that row. You stop one stitch before the end of that row
and turn your work. And then you slip this . . . instead of working it you slip it and
you can see . . . this is one row. This is one row taller. You slip it
and pass that over. And then complete the rest of that bind off. I was supposed to have a total of four stitches so that was one . . . two . . . three four. And go to the end of that row. Again . . . this time I am
supposed to have three stitches according to my pattern here. So I am going to go back . . . I will purl back . . . Stop before you get to that last stitch
on the purl side. (It would be on the knit side if you were going in the opposite direction). Slip that first stitch. Pull it so that it is
a little bit snug and pass over. One . . . two . . . three. Now, look at that curve. and you could just
complete the last two stitches. In fact, I will just go ahead
and do that. Except I am getting so short on my little mock
swatch here . . . I am just going to do it this way. I am going to turn my work after only one stitch and slip this over. Now I pull that out and
there I have it. Instead of a lumpy bumpy thing, I have
a nice, curved edge. By now you realize that you do not have to follow patterns literally, that you are bringing skills
to these patterns that will not only make for better
looking products but will give you a more joyful and
satisfying knitting experience. So congratulations! Congratulations on
being such a good student. And until I see you again, where you will learn even more skills . . . Enjoy your knitting. [Throat clearing] Okay. . . um Hi . .. I’m Cheryl . . . I don’t like that . . . Hello . . .

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     I didn't knit any sweater yet, only small things so far. I went back to knitting last year after decades : )  of interruption. I like very much your techniques (grafting, p.ex.). I got your book Sweater 101 and I intend to make a sweater someday. : ))

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    I am working on a sweater and I want to do the short row bind off at the shoulders. I understand how to do the front of the sweater, but I am having a hard time with the back of the sweater. the pattern says to bind off 10 stitches the next 4 rows then bind off 10 stitches the next 2 rows and then bind off 54 sts for the back of the neck. How do I use the short row bind off for the back?

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