The Royal Family Explained: What Are Its Modern Powers & Roles?!

The Royal Family Explained: What Are Its Modern Powers & Roles?!

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  2. With all the news surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's public decision, we wanted to take a bit of a deeper dive into what powers and roles the Royal Family truly holds in modern times and what their "leaving" would affect. Hope you enjoy the video, let us know any and all thoughts in the comments below!

  3. Its crazy tht the press of England really thought they'd bully Megan into leaving, and that, for some reason, shed leave her husband??

  4. I am british

    Just sayin

  5. Love the queen, love the royal family. The USA doesn’t have a family like them. culturally, I don’t think we can really understand how important they are.

  6. Meghan didn't marry into the Royal Family.

    Harry married out of it.

  7. There has been talks for a long time of how to streamline to Royal Family.
    This announcement from
    Harry & Megan appears to have been forced by possible leaking of possible ideas discussed in private to tabloid press and therefore hand forced to release statements before plans in place.
    It feels as if lessons have not been learnt since death of Diana Princess of Wales.
    This is a young family who wants and needs to find their own way balancing inherited role that Harry has within Royal Family with desire to find fullfilling work and roll in society.
    Most of all they have a right to private life the public were horrified at death of Diana let us learn from history if we do not buy into tabloid stories this young family will find a balance that works for all.
    Being young, newly married with baby hard going regardless of your status, wealth no one can prepare you for ups and downs you need, time, space and loving support to find your own path not every action, breath or statement poured over in press/media.

  8. my concern is why does canada have to pay that dumb tax

  9. you didnt mention the crown estate
    that's the royal land that the queen and 7 previous monarch voluntarily give the rent from to the uk
    worth ~£200 million a year

  10. Can't, at least, the queen also pardon?

  11. The Royal family is a great tourist attraction. I think they'd do well to keep them considering they generate more revenue than what they cost in maintenance.

  12. Is this like when Kylie didn’t wanna be famous anymore?

  13. How are they still a thing?

  14. As a Brit I honestly dislike the royal family only person I liked was Diana but now I can add Meghan and Harry to the list to.

  15. Also, sicne the royal family gives money to the government from a lot of land they own, if they were to be removed from their position, the royal family could just stop giving that money and the people would have to pay even more in taxes.
    What she gives up is more than what the tax payers give her.

  16. Great explanation! but I kinda miss the longer videos…

  17. They are mascots, highly paid mascots.

  18. Sick of the royal family. We are made to believe they have attained perfection in everything but it’s just a facade, they are people with problems the only difference is they don’t get punished like we do. Until Meghan Markle they managed to keep a low profile but she has managed to throw a huge spotlight on them no wonder they want her gone.

  19. Never thought about the monarchy making money for the UK before… 🤔

  20. Royalty are probably among the most useless types of celebrities.

  21. Another shallow dive…

  22. Epstein was probably killed by the royals

  23. Anyone else inlove with Maria sosyan?

  24. When we'll see Philip again?

  25. the royal family also allows their land to be leased for free almost indefinitely generating far more than they receive in return — definitely a net benefit

  26. So are the rules still the same can I build an army, march on the palace, remove all heirs then become the new king like in the old days? or is this just an institution that needs to be wiped off the planet? Do people really need a king and queen to rule them???

  27. Weird way to end it – "So after a very basic explanation of the present hiccup in the Royal family's routine operations that doesn't really affect anything, what do you think? SHOULD THE UK KEEP THE ROYAL FAMILY??!!" Like, I get it, you gotta pass on some questions for the comments section, but….?

  28. God Save the Queen™️

  29. America NEEDS a Monarchy

  30. The argument in favour of having a monarchy should not be pegged to how much revenue it stimulates in the economy, because if a significant financial collapse occurs and it is no longer cost effective, or if a theme park or others tourist attraction could get a better return, then the right thing to do would be to get rid of it.

    The question is: is monarchy a useful thing, or does it serve a good purpose in its own right? There will always be people who feel that the institution is archaic and out of step with modern society. This would very much be the case if it were an absolute monarchy (or even one that exercised any significant power) like Saudi Arabia or Brunei. Most monarchies are politically benign.

    So is there a legitimate, non financial reason for a monarchy? The only thing that I can suggest is that having the political leader of a nation and the ceremonial head of state combined in a single role can lead to bad consequences. Many countries get around this by having power divided between a prime minister and a president (Ireland, France, Taiwan, and theoretically Russia). Countries that do not have this divide can wind up with a populist autocrat or dictator (North Korea, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, de facto Russia).

    Vesting all of the ceremony, pomp, and pageantry in a single, apolitical, unelected individual, solves the problem of what to do when you elect someone who has the office of state go to their head, making them see themselves as a ruler rather than a leader and a representative.

  31. It is an outdated concept. They don't do enough to of their upkeep. Their philanthropy not with standing, otherwise they real necessity in the modern age. It is just a status symbol as of late IMO. Even though I loved Diana.

  32. A monarchy in 2020 seems anachronistic.

  33. Thanks for these! They keep me going while we wait for PDS. A break well deserved! But your people miss you SXE!!

  34. Im Canadian and I support her Magisty, but it should all end with her. I don't want Chuckles on the throne.

  35. Is Defranco ever coming back??? I miss his shows.

  36. Having a royal family is fucking retarded. A constitutional monarchy is an oxymoron.

  37. Abolish the Monarchy. They would, of course, still maintain their titles as descendants of the ruling aristocracy and as living symbols of English royalty, but they should become functioning and contributing members of society (i.e. stop giving them money and power, you plebs).


  39. Are y'all familiar with TL:DR News? They are a great YouTube resource for more indepth knowledge about British politics

  40. I find it crazy that when I get my Canadian Citizenship in about a year, I have to swear loyalty to the Queen. heh.

  41. The royals are just glorified celebrities

  42. Fair return on investment for the economy, sure, but I wouldn't want my tax money to go toward sheltering a privileged pedophile.

  43. Sounds like a glorified tourist attraction

  44. I've always viewed the royal family as a living artifact. It's the only thing that marks them different from most of Europe.

  45. I think it’s worth it to keep them. They bring value and I appreciate the deeply rooted traditions. I also believe the sovereign’s subtle roll in politics provides a unique source of stability. A president has no equal in their own country; no one to discuss their burdens. The sovereign can be their safe place to truly discuss the challenges of running a country.

  46. Basically the queen chooses to not use her power . But she’s basically the supreme leader of the UK and the military is her’s


  48. Queen Elizabeth is also Queen of Canada, Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Armed Forces. As a Canadian citizen, the activities and well being of the monarchy are important. Rumour is that the reduced duties for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex be formal royal duties in Canada.

  49. Keep the houses and estates, Crown Jewels, and shiny hats, and pageantry too. Let us celebrate our greatest givers (volunteers) round the world, by letting them live there as ‘royalty’ for a year at a time.

  50. Very interesting and well presented, thanks a lot 👌

  51. The myth that the Queen can't vote needs to go away. She can vote, but to keep with the policy of neutrality, she chooses not to.

  52. Whhaatt is she wearing lol she looks like a knight

  53. 2:08 don't remind me who our prime minister is. i only just got out of therapy

  54. Every time someone talks about the royal family my reaction is "Who cares!? America broke apart from Britain."

  55. If you want a little more detail about the topic (and arguments for why the monarchy should be abolished), you can check out Philosophy Tube and Shaun's videos on the subject.

  56. Oh sweet baby Jesus thank you

  57. Leadership is good when the people in power have a good character. It's awful when they don't. I find this is true for many types of government

  58. Last time someone left the royal family, doflamingo happened. Look how that turned out.

  59. The monarchy is like my student debt,at one point it made sense,but even though it does nothing outside of its status/looking pretty i have to pay for it.

  60. They also represent stability. While the PM can change like the wind, the Monarchy is steadfast. It's largely symbolic, but symbols mean something to people.

  61. I'm not even British and I know far too much about that family…

  62. One point i notice you missed out was that the prince will have to have protection even though he's not having any royal duties, as he and his wife are still Royal.
    Its the question on how thats going to be funded.

  63. Personally as an Australian, I don't hate or despise them or anything. I just think that the royal family are becoming increasingly irrelevant every year and with this new news about Harry/Megan and the fact that within the next 10 or so years, Charles will become King will finally mean that 🇦🇺 will likely finally become it's own entity and a Republic after 120+ years. Hell even the UK itself at this rate will become a Republic before us!

  64. Don't let this take away from Prince Andrews and the horrors he has inflicted.

  65. 4 point 5 0 pounds?!…….. Aye it's 4 and a half quid hen! ✌️

  66. Well if the monarchy’s presence helps their economy, then they may as well stay

  67. Speaking as a UK national, I enjoy the history and tradition of the royal family, the fact that they make more money than they cost is also of great benefit to Britain as a whole. The powers that she has legally are effectively never used and thus they provide fantastic international relations.

  68. The royal family is just the Kardashians of england

  69. Its fascinating to say the least, I'm glad to know a little more.

  70. As a Brit… it is genuinely only the older generation who feels outrage by this. The lad has done his time in the services and just wants a bit of peace. No one over the age of 50 gives a fuck

  71. so basically the queen does nothing and gets paid for it

  72. Dam host sounds like she wants to cry

  73. Good presentation.Thank a lot

  74. 6:29 Good one Gloria Borger.
    "as always" like you haven't been swapping in and out with Maria Sosyan and Poppy Harlow.
    You want me to say it?
    what is this, a cross over episode?!?!

  75. I've always wondered how the modern monarchy worked glad I watched this

  76. Honestly, I still don’t understand why the royal family exists.

  77. The entire Royal Family are unelected spivs. The sooner the Monarchy dies, the better.

  78. Wow, very insightful. Thanks for this Maria

  79. Quick… Don't mention a single word about Harry and Meghan leaving because of the Prince Andrew situation. <3

  80. One of the ways not mentioned here that they make that money for the government is they give the government use of large tracts of valuable land for nothing for the UK government to make money on directly or by leasing it out, and a large section of the money generated supposedly goes straight into the social safety net that would otherwise be mainly paid for by lower and middle class citizens. If they removed it taxes to pay for it would go up noticeably across the board.

  81. I'm not a UK citizen so I don't really have a dog in this fight, but personally I think it's a stupid system. Basically there's somebody behind the scenes who potentially has a ton of power, but just doesn't really use it. What happens when they do? I would feel uneasy knowing that the army could be controlled independently without any approval what-so-ever if the monarchy decides it. No vote, no agreement, just go & fight! An odd system, it's like a dictatorship where the dictator usually just wants to delegate duties.

  82. I think Philly needs to check his writers. The last hung parliament was in 2017 and the sovereign grant is made up of tax payer funds.

  83. The British nation also has a unending free lease of the royal crowns properties, properties worth billions in rent alone which would revert back to the royal family if the nation removed them.

  84. Smokescreen for the epstein scandal

  85. I can understand keeping them as a symbol but I can't understand why they're allowed the royal estates and all that money.


  87. My eyes cannot roll back enough

  88. They've been talking about streamlining the Royal Family for years. Then when somebody actually says they'd do it everyone goes mad. Streamline Prince Andrew out will help alot

  89. I think it's super silly that a person wearing a 1 million dollar hat should be reading a speech to the nation about austerity and living within it's means.
    Lower rents and higher wages would do great but when most of the politicans are land owners it's not gonna happen.

  90. Interesting video. As an American, I was wondering if you could do a piece on why Americans are so obsessed with the English Royal family.
    AFAIK we fought a war over this, so I don't understand the allure

  91. Half of this video was produced and done by CPGrey

  92. good video and really spot on. Myself personally I love it when people say the queen actually has no power. Because I usually am like seriously you don’t remember eight years ago… when the NDP and the Liberal party tried to vote out the conservatives . So Stephen Harper had to run to the queen to shut that shit down. And she did. And everybody in parliament followed her orders because Their her good subjects🤪. Oh and prince what’s his face and what’s her name from suits is going to cost us $10 million in security that’s awesome.(estimated)

  93. Nope not interesting at

  94. They aren’t worth it. Nobody should have this much power for doing nothing while people are in poverty in their own country.

  95. Dang, I like that shirt!

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