The REAL Welfare Queens In The US – Military Leaders

a new Pentagon report prepared for
Congress last month look at the living arrangements funded
by taxpayers for top military officials and what they
found out is that apparently our top military
officials or welfare queens now right now that
might seem like an overstatement or hyperbole but when I give you the details you’ll
see exactly what I’m talking about so for example marine general John F Kelly lives in
Florida the government pays a hundred and sixty
thousand dollars a year plus a four hundred two thousand dollars
for renovations friend to live in a five bedroom house
now why he needs a five bedroom house and why he needs one that’s that expensive nobody has an
answer to but nonetheless the taxpayers funded and nobody says anything general Philip
M breedlove is the Air Force four-star
general who commands nato he gets a 15,000 square-foot nineteenth
century share to know I don’t even know what that means in
Belgium so all generals and admirals get security gardeners and cooks all on the taxpayers dime the commander
for a NATO base in Naples Italy has a 172 thousand
dollar-a-year villa another has a 12,000 square foot 220
thousand dollar-a-year villa with a three million dollar renovation
so well obviously this is very opulent to say the least that might even
be a kind word and their living in taxpayer subsidized
mansions so you might be thinking well how are
they allowed to do this is it are there no rules are did they
break the law rules are what went down well the
reality is in fact there were rules as to how much money
top military officials can spend and how much can be financed by the taxpayer for things like their living expenses
however it’s gone to a point according to this pentagon report that the rules are basically ignored so a here’s the main question who or the real welfare queens in the United
States of America now when it comes to poor people right the social safety net in the
United States compared to up similar modern industrial nations the
US has the most cheap meager me social
safety net so we don’t go above and beyond and we
have the least to worry about in terms of
creating dependence on those programs in fact the Menomonie WI give is so
little when people fall on hard times that what may be one percent of the
population decides a fuck it all just cash in and do this for the rest my life you know it’s such a hiney amount that
there’s almost no dependence right but the real welfare queens and I think
this proves it is the people at the top now don’t get
me wrong I do think that taxpayer should fund for a top military officials and their
living arrangements and things of that nature and they work for the governments of
course the taxpayers should find it but the question is to what extent I
don’t think it’s irrational to say hey pick a two thousand-square-foot house way to 3,000 square foot house which is
gigantic right and pick something that’s maybe fifty
thousand dollars a year I mean that’s still a lot of money
especially in some other places where they’re renting them the cost of living is cheap but they’re
spending over two hundred thousand dollars it doesn’t make any sense so realize something man we had the
sequester for example right so there were tremendous
government cuts to heating oil for the poor is one thing
that comes to mind for cancer clinics their cancer clinics in the United say
said to shut down because they stop getting funding do the
sequester so apparently was time to balance-the-budget lower the deficit you
can shop all you want all day long for programs for though worst of among us but when it comes to
the people at the top and the military brass you can even ask
them to live within their means and have a same amount of money financed by the taxpayers our system is so horribly corrupt

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