The load scatter file is invalid! [SOLVED]✓ SP FLASH TOOL: ERROR (8417)

The load scatter file is invalid! [SOLVED]✓ SP FLASH TOOL: ERROR (8417)

Hey! Welcome back to my another tutorial! If you want to fixed scatter error on SP Flash Tool Just follow my steps I hope you should love this video Please rate comment and Subscribe!

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  1. Very Helpful.. Thank you very much

  2. Finally! It works!!

  3. It did not work, it says file too big to open by notepad++

  4. i still cant why?

  5. Does not work for me. I follow the same way.

  6. buen aporte con ese tip pude cargarle software a un polaroid p5025a que me marcaba ese error.

  7. Thanks! Muchas gracias! Merci!

  8. not woking in window 7

  9. Bhai u save me from big problem

  10. ~T H A N K Y O U S O M U C H~
    saved a lot of time & it works! Liked & subscribed

  11. capoooooooooooooooooooooo graciass

  12. Perfect))) Very Thank

  13. Awesome. It works!

  14. still same error on huawei honor 3c, i changed same as u did but same error

  15. Hello bro, help me ok? Errors 8 HIT'S……??????? Loading scatter file?????? SP TOOL ANDROID PHONE ERROR: (8)HITS….🤔🙄😭…..? Please 😎😆help Thanks!!!

  16. Thnx dude u just saved my life 🙏

  17. link where i can download the firmware

  18. But mine doesn't have the above.


  20. All its done….and finally it is not working……….thank you for wasting my time .

  21. i cant do it there is no file like this which u select on my firm were file? what do do now?

  22. Not working ,I tried everythin' ,its still saying error (8417)
    On Huawei Y3 2018
    Please help
    +1 Subscriber

  23. Kiyaa baat haii

  24. It works Thanks!

  25. share link of where to download firmware

  26. i dont have that line in my code in: MT6737M_Android_scatter.txt

  27. How to select scatter loading file sir …
    Need some help

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