The Giant Foot Collab 3 – Discussing Welfare

The Giant Foot Collab 3 – Discussing Welfare

Okay, bozo. It’s time to look over here now. Hey whats up guys? It me. I’m the foot. Today on this youtube channel: “Fightingfistfoots 76” and we’re gonna go over there, and we’re gonna punch a guy in the face It’s a very it’s a very good series and I Hey, how’s it going there? What’s your name? Are you a giant talking F00T???? Giant Talking Foot: “Very Nice.” Giant Talking Foot: “What did the cat say to the Dog?” Mr. Ugly Krabs: “WHaT?” Giant Talking Foot: “Fuck YOU!!! EHEHEHEHEHHEHEE” GTF: “Hey, it’s me the giant talking for what’s your name?”
Exclusive Copy of Return of Jafar: “Holy SHit–” Exclusive Copy of Return of Jafar: “It’s a giant foot. It’s talking to me, right now.” GTF: “Yes I am, I am talking to you right now.”
Return of Jafar: “Oh my god, I cannot believe–” Return of Jafar: “-That today is the day that a giant foot is talking to ME.”
GTF: “Uhm, Can ya answer my question?” Return of Jafar: “How is that even possible doesn’t even have lips?” GTF: I jus- deh.. Giant Talking Foot: “Of course I have a mouth! It’s right over here.” Giant fuckfest foot: “Right here.” Giant fuckhead Phil: “On this fist…” Giga fucklard lose: “BOOM! ehehehEH you FELL for it!” Giant professional Fill: “You know, sometimes my friends come up to me and they ask a simple question.” Giant professional Fill: “How do you manage to run a-” Gaint prfosesnioal foot: “…” Giant fuckfest foot: “Run a s- g- uh..” Quadrillion subscriber channel and keep things consistent original and not critically-acclaimed Well, I don’t even know dude. I just record myself punching people in the face and everybody just eat such shit up like granola That’s on a gravel Factory I don’t it’s Giant comical fartlart: “what did the lizard say to the porkchop?” Total fucking ignoramus: “the fuck kind of question is that? ” Giant interrupting foot: “I’m a need some barbecue sauce TONIGHT!” **WHAM**
GTF: EYHEHEHEEEEEYYY Giant punny hunny: “Thats a real knee slapper! HAHA!!!” Giant joke killer: “Get it? Cuz I’m a foot? But technically an entire leg?” **incomming deathening**
gtf: “My knee is right here?” **Goodbye Moonmen**

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  1. Tell me again why you only have 5K subscribers when you should have at least 500K subs by now?

  2. I will fall asleep listening to this every night XD great way to pass the time.

  3. Iz bootiful. Thas it.

  4. Mr krabs sounds like vinesause Joel

  5. Wow i love Khonjin…wait.

  6. I wonder when the Z.A.C. Project is coming out.

  7. Okay Bozo, it's time to look over here now

  8. how dare you steal a video from FIGHTINGFISTFOOTS76?

  9. 💯/10 prank, bro

  10. yo i fokin love this. good shit zuke

  11. Zack this is great I love you

  12. Hellll yeaa duude😂😂😂 that was hilarious

  13. The subtitles make everything better-

  14. What did the cat say to the dog?

  15. Lol my favorite part of the collab great work g shit has me dying

  16. I can't believe that today is the day a talking foot is talking to me lol

  17. 1:11 lmaooooo

    I need some barbecue sauce tonight

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