The Future of Aging

The Future of Aging

we are hitting a moment where the elder boom it’s not a trend it’s actually a
whole new way of life for our country Robert Fulton is 64 years old go ho wah
wah wah and instead of preparing for a retirement shuttling his RV between
vacation spots he drove his rig to North Dakota for a new job harvesting beets
and corn this job isn’t just sitting in the truck can be very physical at times
and you just keep up the best way you can
after arthritis forced him out of his job as a union lineman and the 2008
recession cost him his house Robert sold off most of his stuff and got a loan for
an RV for the last five years he’s lived on the road chasing seasonal work until
his pension kicks in Robert and other workers like him are up ending old ideas
about retirement and giving us a window into the future of Aging at a time when
the world is about to get a whole lot older lifespans are increasing birth
rates are going down and by 2050 the global population of people older than
65 will more than double there’s a whole
bunch of these guys and we’ve maybe tapped a new market already millions of
people are crossing into a period that used to be retirement but they’re not
retiring they’re working longer in many cases because they want to but in many
cases because they have to which means that reaching your 60s in the 21st
century may look vastly different from this my first project was to do
absolutely nothing this is the light although it was never a reality for all
workers the mid 20th century American model of a generous retirement
underwritten by government and corporate pensions is becoming a vestige of the
past some economists say we’re starting to see the fallout from changes made in
the 1980s when pensions started giving way to 401 k s– which are less secure
and more prone to the highs and lows of the stock market and more and more
people are relying on Social Security to help fund their retirement so anybody
now who’s living a middle-class life faced a very high risk of being poor
when they retired and that’s new one study projects that 40% of older middle
class workers will have incomes below or near the poverty level when they retire
and researchers have found that the percentage of people filing for
bankruptcy who are over 65 has increased fivefold since 1991 this is a situation
that the boomers parents and grandparents did not face this is a real
reversal of what it means to age in American society growing numbers of older Americans are
facing harder and harder choices it’s the sort of story that Jessica brooder
routinely heard while researching her book nomadland she followed a growing
cohort of nomadic seniors who are mostly white largely male but with increasing
numbers of women and these nomads have found an extreme solution to dwindling
retirement savings and the rising cost of housing and health care I met people
who had lost their small businesses people who had lost their homes people
who had lost all their savings in the 2008 collapse people who were never able
to put enough away because they were stuck on a low-wage treadmill I can’t
afford an apartment on my Social Security it couldn’t happen you can come
out here and eat if you want come on I’d rather have my little van with my little
space my dog in the desert and perfectly happy with it I’m seeing my role is
moving away from the man who does it too the facilitator that puts you together
and that’s the whole thing I’m trying to do Bob Wells created an annual gathering
for the nomadic workers and he’s become a bit of a guru for people looking to
live off fixed incomes in vans and RVs there just really aren’t any good
options but the one everyone hopes for is low income or senior housing and yet
the waiting list for those is typically very very long years and years and so I
had found a solution and I felt like I had an obligation to tell people there
was a solution hey folks welcome back to our next video this is going to be a
series of ten jobs for nomads I think it’s important to learn from this group
because these people are facing financial issues that will be impacting
everybody becoming nomadic is just one hack that people are using I designed
this so that I would have a stove in here I do have running water hole build
and van and everything so far has been right around $3,000 if the going is
getting harder for more of today’s retirees prospects maybe even worse for
younger workers who face the twin challenges of paying for longer
lifespans while working jobs with fewer guaranteed benefits
if the near-future of aging is filled with a lot of middle-class workers
becoming poor elders then the future of Aging for Millennials is going to be
even worse so I think now the new reality is a lot of people I know expect
to work until they die which is hard because bodies give out
if people are going to be working for more years that’s going to mean finding
jobs they can actually get our economy is still set up for a younger workforce
so a lot of people as they age are facing ageism in their workplaces I grew
up to don’t trust anyone over 30 we’ve all been trained to discriminate against
our elders I mean since I was a child I remember all the images of elder people
were making fun of them and prospects aren’t always great in the sectors that
are looking to hire home health aide and personal care jobs for example they’re
hard to automate and the elder boom means demand for this kind of work is
rising fast but these jobs have low wages and few benefits a lot of people
ask me our robots gonna take care of Grandma and I just don’t see it
happening anytime soon these jobs have historically been low
wage poverty wage jobs predominantly women a majority of whom are women of
color and immigrants so they’ve been extremely undervalued so now is the time
for us to actually invest in this workforce care jobs or jobs of the
future we have a tremendous opportunity to reimagine what these jobs are
transforming the work place looks to be even more necessary as many healthy
people we want to find a way to stay productive especially during the nearly
20 years we’ve added to our lifespans since the 1930s when I used to think 65
and 70 was old now I’m in that group and it doesn’t seem as old as I had thought
this age is a lot better than I was expecting
the idea that 65 would be sort of the end of your career and the sort of end
of your work life just seems ridiculous at this point both from an economic
standpoint and from a cultural and human standpoint people want to contribute for
as long as possible and some students of this change believe redefining what it
means to be in your 60s could mean the invention of an entirely new stage of
life adolescence was a creation of the beginning of the last century when we
had a proliferation of young people who weren’t children they weren’t adults and
so we created a new stage of life took 50 years till the word teenager even
caught on and I think the same thing has happened today in that period that used
to be occupied by retirement it doesn’t have a name but it in fact it’s a new
part of the life cycle our cultural disposition towards aging is fear and
denial people growing older is not a crisis it’s a blessing we forget that
ages to live with studies predicting that babies born this century will
increasingly live for a hundred years significant hurdles will need to be
overcome and it’s not only jobs that will need to be rethought this is a
permanent reality so it means that we have to redesign our housing our
infrastructure our economy to actually support people to live an average of 20
years longer than when most of our systems were put into place will we end
up being able to make the adjustments that will turn the aging society into
the ageing opportunity and right now I think that the answer to
that question is an open one you

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  1. Poor financial choices caused what we see in this video. These guys didn't had the internet to warn them and get their affairs in orders for the future, we do.
    Don't live like there's no tomorrow, start saving, live below your means. There is a lot of stuff that can be done for cheaper than what big corporations want us to believe. Don't fall for advertisement and use your brain while shopping. Small things add up eventually to show good returns. If you want to preserve your dignity in grey years then let go of extravagance.

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    Gen Z die from tidepods

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  5. Great video. Not only interesting,but also beautifully made.

  6. Why can't old people stay with their children. Can help them at home. Can take care of their children enjoy an happy life. I grew up with my grandparents it's common in India to live in joint family.
    How can their children see their parents living in a van. They sacrified a lot for you.

  7. I don't think anyone does the numbers on mortality, especially with new diseases and poor diets

  8. If anyone is saving for their retirement invest 50 % in secure assets like
    Government bonds
    And rest slightly in risky investment like
    Stock market
    Private bonds
    This will ensure that no recession can destroy your savings or plans

    Never put all your eggs in 1 basket

    Plus in this case if you are really smart you can make money out of stock market crash that happens every 10-12 years

  9. If you are born poor it's not your fault but if you die poor it's definitely your fault

  10. CORRECTION: Lifespan of humans hasn't increased since the beginning of mankind. It's just that there are more people now than ever living up to their lifespan.

  11. We can blame the twin evils of cultural Marxism and so-called "free trade." What the lady said about not trusting "anyone over 30" –that's from the anti-American cultural Marxists. The "free traders" forced American industries to compete with countries in which [1] government works hand-in-hand with industries to support them, [2] which have practically zero in the manner of labor and environmental regulations and [3] which have cheap currencies as well (Japan, Taiwan, Korea and now China and all of SE Asia). American culture used to be one of common sense and hard work, and industries were protected from predatory foreign "competition" with import tariffs, but America has since been infected with cultural Marxism and "every-man-for-himself" libertarian capitalism that encourages the formation of oligopolistic cartels. It also didn't help that the US Federal government imposed pratically the highest corporate taxes in the world. We reap what we sow. (PS: Ross Perot was right, but he was too smart for the voters. He wasn't as seductive Slick Willy, so women didn't vote for him.)

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  17. This is regressive not progressive as technology progresses/advances/forwards both the artificial intelligence (A.I)-commanded-and-controlled robotic work-force and the artificial intelligence-commanded-and-controlled robotic labor-force is a reality-and-practice in tone-and-texture in the next 150/200 year's-and-decades decades-and-centuries centuries-and-millennias to 800 year's-and-decades decades-and-centuries centuries-and-millennias especially in the english/british/anglo-saxon-celtic/five-eye/anglospheric world where a dwindling child birth-rate continuing monopolisation in the white-market by both big businesses and medium-sized businesses and creeping automation in the white-market the economies of the english/british/anglo-saxon-celtic/five-eye/anglospheric world will be the first to automate and the last to positively progress/change/move/regress

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    Best quote of this whole video.

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  24. I fast 40 hrs every two days (autophagy), kill senescent cells, take melatonine, promote DNA repair, lengthen telomeres, and I am very healthy, besides that I do a lot of things, protect my properties, automate everything I want, the best time in my life (I expect to reach 200 years old)

  25. By the year 2050, we should have a cure against aging. And probably it will be more normal for most people to not being old by 2070.

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  33. I think that this video overlooks a crucial part when they say that millennials starting to work will struggle growing old. It is true that this will be a problem in the future, but most probably short to middle-term. The big issue is that "baby boomers", which represents a considerable part of the workforce, are entering retirement force. In the future, however, the balance should equilibrate. In part because the age distribution will flatten and in part the retirement age will go up. The ratio working/non working will not be as dramatic in 20/30/40 years as in 10 years.

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    I know many people disagree with me but this is truth ☹️

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    But most people don't want to be taxed!
    That money is to help each other… least in non-corrupt places. Oiy….it just ain't going to end.

    Unless we're able to weed out the materialistic, selfish ones.
    Then from there, build Or
    Identify those that are benevolent, financially responsible, gregarious, environmentalists and help Them thrive amongst their like-minded.

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    For 60 years, the principle of aging and substance has been known to prolong life three times. Which are, only a few insiders know. You could only find out if you read the hundreds of misinformations that are in the search engine above it.

    If you want to stay young 20% ​​longer, it is enough to stop eating aging foods that we all have to eat. However, which are aging foods, it's not easy to find out because search engines offer you contradictory information. You may ask why I will not tell you. Why me?. I also need a high enough pension. What is it for me to raise retirees? Be glad it is. At least you will find death at work and you will not be troubled for a long time. What you see in the video are all the trolls who have the task of discouraging you from prolonging your youth.

    So what is the future of aging? Rejuvenating with aging foods and introducing new and new aging accelerators.

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