The Escape: One North Korean Refugee’s Journey to Freedom | Episode 2

The Escape: One North Korean Refugee’s Journey to Freedom | Episode 2

I’m here in Southeast Asia to see the routes that North Korean refugees are using right now to flee the regime It’s dawn and we’re here at the final crossing that North Korean refugees must make on their journey to freedom Refugees typically cross by boat at this time in the morning So what we’re going to do is we’re going to get on a boat ourselves and head out and see kind of the places that they cross and what that feels like What feelings did you have when you were on that side of the river? And then what feelings did you have when you made it to this side? How do you feel? When we got in the boat and you started crying, I started crying You know, meeting you and meeting other North Korean refugees and being here is so surreal because… this is the final crossing Like that side is freedom and freedom for the first time in your life You know, growing up where I grew up in the United States like that’s never been something that I’ve had to earn It was just given to me at birth And just to see how strong you are and other North Korean refugees Just being on this river and knowing so many people that crossed it to find freedom but then like the other thing is like so many people that will never get the chance So you land on the other side and then what happened next? Cameras down So we’re currently in the pick-up zone This is where North Korean refugees are crossing right now It’s a sensitive area so we don’t want to get out of the car because we don’t want to compromise these routes It’s a remarkable place and it’s the first place that refugees like Jessie stand on free soil for the first time in their lives Yeah, right here, this is it On the next episode of The Escape Jessie reached safety but nothing could prepare her for the challenges she’d face in freedom We head to South Korea to see what her life is like there

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story with us Jessie <3 can't wait for the rest.

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