The Dairy Industry Is DEAD | LIVEKINDLY

The Dairy Industry Is DEAD | LIVEKINDLY

– [Narrator] Hey there. If you’re new to your channel you can subscribe by hitting the leaf icon in the bottom right corner of the video. Click the bell icon to
turn on notifications and please be sure to
like and comment below. Is dairy on the way out? Milk sales dropped more than
one billion dollars last year. Consumption is a fraction
of what it was 30 years ago. The average consumption has
dropped from 30 gallons a year to under 18 in the U.S.
and European countries. The industry is struggling
around the world. Research shows that one
dairy farm in the U.K. leaves the industry every week. According to FarmingUK in 2018 and 2019 dairy farmers saw profits
drop by 50 percent. In Scotland farmers are
hesitant about the years ahead. A recent survey found that
60 percent of Scottish diary farmers are not so
confident or not at all confident about the future of their
once thriving industry. In the U.S., 3000 dairy farms closed across the country in 2018. Some of the nation’s biggest
dairy producing states, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania,
and California all saw significant drops in the number of operational diary producers. Just recently, Dean
Foods, America’s largest milk producer filed for bankruptcy. – [Correspondent] You know,
the market has really changed over the last decades and
I think the dairy industry is really trying to figure that out. – [Narrator] The dairy giant
owns a number of dairy brands including DairyPure,
TruMoo and Land O’Lakes. Eric Beringause, who joined
Dean Foods as president and CEO on July 29th chalked up
the company’s increasing debt to declining dairy sales. He said, “Despite our best
efforts to make our business “more agile and cost efficient, “we continue to be
impacted by a challenging “operating environment
marked by continuing declines “in consumer milk consumption.” Saturday Night Live took
on big diary’s decline following the announcement. Anchor Micheal Che
interviewed the fictitious president of milk
distribution for Dean Foods, Scooter Rineholdt. – There’s nothin’ wrong with
drinking cow’s milk, okay? I don’t know where these rumors came from. Dairy is bad for you. Cows don’t like it when
you touch their boobies. (audience laughs) It’s just not true, Che! – Whoa. – [Narrator] In New Zealand,
dairy giant Fonterra has experienced its second year of losses. The co-operative, which
is also New Zealand’s largest company and the
world’s largest dairy exporter reported a net loss of
380 million dollars. Before the announcement
the Financial Times described Fonterra’s last
18 months as disastrous, weighed down by it’s first ever
loss, internal resignations, and over valued assets in other countries including China and Brazil. The situation doesn’t look good for dairy and it’ll get much worse. According to a new report by RethinkX the independent think tank
believes the diary industry could totally collapse by 2030. The report, titled Rethinking
Food and Agriculture 2020-2030, lays out how new technologies will cause the dairy industry to fall. Other livestock markets
such as fish, chicken, beef, and pork will follow. The report says, “Precision fermentation “and a production model
called Food-as-Software “are about to change the future of food. “The new production
system will be shielded “from volume and price
volatility,” the think tank says. “This is due to the
vagaries of seasonality, “weather, drought,
disease and other natural, “economic and political factors.” While technology may put
the final nail in the coffin for the dairy industry, changing consumer attitudes
are laying the groundwork. In the U.K., more than a
quarter of Generation Z, between 18 and 24 years old have either cut down on
their dairy consumption or ditched it completely. In the U.S., 37 percent of households regularly purchase vegan milk. Dairy consumption is also on the decline in Finland and other European countries. In 2018 global market researchers Mintel, estimated dairy milk
popularity will drop 11 percent in Western Europe by 2020. But what’s wrong with diary and why are consumers ditching cow’s milk? One reason is health. Some medical experts
believe dairy products are associated with an
increased risk of cancer. The Physicians Committee
for Responsible Medicine, which represents 12,000 physicians, recently urged the U.S.
Food and Drug Administration to place breast cancer warnings on cheese. PCRM suggests dairy cheese
contains reproductive hormones that may increase breast
cancer mortality risk. Dairy contains estrogen from cows. The female hormone is
linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. When milk is made into cheese the estrogens are more concentrated. “While they are only traces, “they appear to be
biologically active in humans, “increasing breast cancer
mortality,” PCMR says. World renowned breast
surgeon, Dr. Kristi Funk, has spoken out about the link between breast cancer and animal products. She told Live Kindly last year, “The body’s cellular response
to consuming animal protein “and animal fat is everything
that feeds and fuels illness, “while choking health to death. “Estrogen levels rise,
growth hormones skyrocket, “inflammation abounds. “Free radicals run around damaging cells “and mutating DNA.” – So, only five to 10
percent of all breast cancer comes from an inherited mutation like BRCA which, yes, it pre-disposes
you phenomenally to get breast cancer. It’s still not entirely unavoidable. – The rest is external,
what goes into your body? – The rest of it is every choice
you’re making all day long so it’s what your diet and
nutrition, alcohol, exercise. – [Narrator] It’s not just cancer, dairy products are linked
with an increased risk of type two diabetes, heart
disease, and other health conditions including
digestive issues and acne. Claire Hider, a vegan
nutritionist based in Edinbrugh said she believes the
public are opting to choose plant milk over dairy
due to health concerns. Cutting out dairy may be
helpful for those with acne, allergies, digestive
problems, sinus issues. There are also plenty of scientific papers pointing to a connection
between diary products and inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and hormonal
cancers, for example, of the breast and prostate. The dairy industry is
also cruel to animals. Cows must be lactating to produce milk. So, cows in the diary industry are artificially inseminated
to become pregnant. Mother cows and their calves
are generally separated within 24 hours of
birth so that their milk can be collected for human consumption. Cows often become
distressed by this process and activists say they
have witnessed female cows crying out for their babies. (cow bellowing) The industry’s not only harsh on females. Male calves suffer enormously. They have little value
to the diary industry and they’re typically killed at birth. A Guardian investigation from last year found that an estimated
95,000 male diary calves were killed on farms because farmers couldn’t
afford to keep them. Calves can cost two pounds a day to rear and they sell as low as 25 pounds. It costs farmers just 9
pounds to shoot a calf which includes the cost
of disposing the body. The system is referred to as the dairy industry’s dirty secret. Supermarket chain, Morrisons, recently took a stand
against this practice. It committed to ending the
slaughter of male calves born on it’s dairy supplier’s farms. It joined Coop, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose in having an initiative
that ensures calves are reared rather than immediately killed. Dairy has a significant
environmental impact, too. The World Wildlife Fund
says that diary cows and their manure produce
greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change. Poor handling of manure and fertilizers can degrade local water resources and unsustainable farming
and feed production can lead to the loss of
ecologically important areas, such as prairies, wetlands and forests. Earlier this year more than
60 environmental scientists signed an open letter
calling on governments from around the world to
reduce the amount of meat and diary served in public canteens. The letter was spearheaded
by Professor Pete Smith of the University of Aberdeen. – There are other choices that we make on a day to day basis. So, if we look at a plate of food, if that’s got meat on it
it’s probably got a much higher carbon footprint than if it hasn’t. – [Narrator] He’s also
lead author of reports by the UN’s Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change. According to the panel,
humans have under 12 years to prevent a catastrophic
climate change crisis. “Eating less meat and
dairy in our growing cities “is a way to address
the climate emergency”, said Smith in a statement, “Cities can play a crucial
role in helping citizens “to reduce their consumption
of livestock products “and enable the changes necessary to meet “ambitious climate change targets.” Instead, the scientist
advised that consumers choose to eat environmentally
friendly plant based foods. – For example, diets
that are high in grains, nuts and vegetables have
a lower carbon footprint than those that are high in meat. And they lead to better health outcomes. – [Narrator] According
to the most comprehensive analysis of farming’s
impact on the planet, plant based food is most effective at combating climate change. Oxford University researcher Joseph Poore, who led the study said last
year that adopting a vegan diet is the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet earth. The study, which was published
in the journal, Science, analyzed the impact of
various food industries on the planet by looking at data from around 40,000 farms in 119 countries. The research found that
multiple environmental issues could be vastly improved by cutting meat and dairy consumption. Land use, for instance,
could be reduced by more than 75 percent, an area
equivalent to the U.S., European Union, China and Australia. While the writing may be on the
wall for the dairy industry, some farmers and companies
are choosing to adapt. Giacomazzi dairy has been in the dairy industry for 125 years. It is the oldest dairy farm
west of the Rocky Mountains. According to owner Dino Giacomazzi, the farm just wasn’t efficient anymore. Instead of modernizing
the farm, the Giacomazzi’s are now looking to almonds. They already have 400
acres of almond trees and are planning to expand
with 500 more acres. New York’s Elmhurst Dairy
made a similar shift several years ago, trading
in it’s cows for milked nuts after it could no longer
sustain a profit on cow’s milk. Some farmers are shifting
for ethical reason. A BAFTA winning 2018 film entitled 73 Cows details the story of a dairy farmer who becomes friends with his herd and sends them off to live at a sanctuary. As the dairy industry declines, the vegan milk market continues to grow. According to a recent report,
the dairy alternatives market is set to exceed
34 billion U.S. dollars in value by 2024. In the last year more
than 566 million units of plant based milk were sold. From 2015 to 2017, sales
of vegan milk in the U.K. increased 30 percent. Growth is fueled by health, environmental and animal welfare concerns. But, it’s also down to
the taste and more choice. Micheal Oakes, chair of
the National Farmer’s Union Dairy Board said in 2018, “When you used to go into a coffee shop “you used to have it with milk or without. “Now there are four milk
alternatives alongside milk.” What do you think? What is your favorite vegan milk? Do you purchase as much
dairy as you used to? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to subscribe and
hit the notification bell. New videos every Tuesday and Friday. (upbeat music)

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