The collective community of Kibbutz Neot Smadar

The collective community of Kibbutz Neot Smadar

I came for two weeks,
to volunteer, and I kind of fell in love
with the place. We live here in a very
communal, cooperative way. We share our lives,
financial resources, we work together,
we celebrate together. We go have a quite
sitting together, which allows you to be
very attentive to what you feel,
what you see, what you communicate. In the public sphere
you don’t see people stuck with their iPhones. To be part of that
kind of endeavor is really a
once-in-a-lifetime thing. We found this place, and started from the beginning, almost from zero. The trees we grow,
the dates we grow, we work very hard
to grow them. The people who have
arrived to Neot Smadar in the beginning were people
who were very much into art. The art center was designed and constructed by
the people of Neot Smadar along 15 years. When we first came here,
it was the first big project that we did together, and it was a chance
to learn how to cooperate. In the community,
from time to time, we are changing the jobs. Starting with the olive oil,
the honey, also cheese in the beginning. That’s why I came here,
to experience things that come to me. We want to live simply, and it’s possible
because it happened and you can feel it.

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  1. I’d love to live here.

  2. בזמנו שלוש שנים לפני חיפשתי מקום להתיישב בחבל אילות או ערבה תיכונה, ביתי ביהל, עוד מקומות, לא מקבלים גרושים. ((

  3. אהבה ישראל 🇮🇩🇮🇱

  4. Socialism doesn't work and Israel wouldn't have their high tech advanced economy today if the Kibbutz was still the goal being subsidized by the Labor government. Once Likud under Menachim Begin stopped subsidizing the Kibbutz many left the Kibbutz as in a free market system the Kibbutz was seen as limited by many. They also didn't allow parents to raise their own kids. I am glad that real democracy in Israel happened when the Labor party was voted out of power.

  5. In fact the title of this sort of proves the point. These are "artists". So their main profession is being an artist where they make their money. Of course then the Kibbutz they can have different rules if this isn't their main source of making a living but would be for others.

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