The #1 Reason To Stop Worrying

The #1 Reason To Stop Worrying

Uh….. Yeah… Tony Moze… Yo….. Ayo your minds in a flurry, with lines full of worry, Of repetitive, negative, signs that get buried, In your brain’s crevices, where they lay resident, It got you bogged down like a great sedative, You can’t move, your mind’s trained to halt, Your life’s ingredient, just feeding it some grains of salt, Then you should eat it up, worried, just beat it up, Put your foot down and say you’ve seen enough, It’s the prime time for your mind to stay strong, Cause you are what you think about all day long, It’s the cause of worry, you end up in a hospital, Your outlook on life is that, “everything’s impossible!” Stop worrying, you need less of it please, One of the contributors of stress and disease, So relax and breath, don’t gasp and wheeze, Deep inhales, exhales, laugh with ease, Take things lightly, stop being serious, The way things might be you’ll might go delirious, Meditate to separate the “stress you hate” grind, To celebrate, a better state, to elevate minds… Start living your life… Living your life… Uh….. Start living your life…. Uh… Living your life… Yeah…

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  1. Fresh and the message lands!

  2. This like a mini music video for books…bring a new idea for book apps. Very cool, keep it going.

  3. Lol Yesss! Loved it!

  4. Super creative man, I love it!

  5. I LOVE IT….👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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