Talent x Organization = Results

Talent x Organization = Results

“Seek to do great and lovely things that are
left undone by the majority of people.” Paramahansa Yogananda Hello friends. Bryan here. Today I want to explore an idea with you that
I believe will help you to be more productive. But not only to be productive, to enjoy the
process of producing some really extraordinary outcomes. It’s a really simple idea. I’m going to share it with you in the form
of a mathematical equation. I was an English major and as a humanities
major anytime I get to use a formula of any kind, it’s a bonus for me. I hope you enjoy this and I hope that you
see something for yourself in it. That you can use to improve the quality of
the results that you produce and the enjoyment of that process. It looks like this. The simple idea is your talent times your
level of organization equals the results you produce. Now, what does that mean? Let’s look at it piece by piece. Here this area of talent, the way I take that
is that we all have strengths, gifts, talents, genius, passion, things we love to do. The more of our time we spend in that zone,
the closer we are to a ten on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest. The closer we are to a 10, the greater that
portion of this equation is going to be therefore, the greater our results are going to be. We can see that even this is a 10, but our
organization is just in the toilet; if this is a zero, if this is a 1, if this is a 2,
that’s going to be a pretty low result. We could be the smartest, the most talented
person on the planet but if we can’t get ourselves organized at all how extraordinary are those
results going to be? In fact, think about in your own experience.
You probably know some really smart, capable people that just for whatever reason don’t
seem to produce results in the world. Now that to me is a bit of a travesty. I don’t want that for you. I want you to take your gifts, to express
those, to share those with other people to produce the incredible results that are possible. But as we look at in this equation, that’s
only part of the equation. The next part here is organization. What does that look like? Do you have the things you need? Are they available to you when you need them? Whatever that is. If it’s emails. If it’s files. If that’s contact
information. If that’s project plans, proposals, whatever that is, tracking that, legal agreements,
anything that you need that will help you to be organized. From your highlighters and your pens and pencils to
anything else that you would need. If it’s your school work, anything like that. And conversely, you could be the most organized
person, you could have a drawer, a folder, a file, for every single thing but if you’re
really not working in your zone of genius, if you’re not working on something that you’re
passionate about that’s gets you excited. That could be a 10 and this could be a 1 or
a zero and you’re not going to have a great result. But if you elevate these both. If you’re working in your zone of genius and
you have a level of organization including your habits and your routines. You’re applying fundamental disciplines consistently,
you’ve got a much better chance to produce extraordinary results. What does that look like for you? What’s required to do that? How fully are you currently living in your
zone of genius using your talents? How organized are you? Do you have a place for everything? Is everything in its place? This is something that I saw in my dad’s life
for as long as I can remember he used the same briefcase. He had the same pocket for his financial calculator
and his pens and his important papers went in a certain place. The same with his car. He put his binoculars in the trunk and different
stuff was always in the same place. He carried the same amount of change every day. Two quarters, Two nickels, two dimes and two
pennies. A little bit OCD perhaps, but I believe it
was that level of organization that allowed him to just execute, share his gifts. Again that’s my question for you is what does
it look like for you to move higher up that scale in terms of both talent, living more
fully in your talent. Your unique capabilities. And what does it look like for you to be more
organized? What does it take to move both of those just one number? Not looking for perfection here, but just
one number. I invite you to consider that. Give it honest thought. It doesn’t need to be a lot but a little. If you’d be willing to share with me in the
comments I’d be very interested to hear what you figure out. There’s a pretty good chance
other people would benefit from it. That would be cool if you’d be willing to share. With that I would say, thank you for watching,
I hope this has been valuable and I look forward to talking to you again very soon. Take care.

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    For me, it has always come down to taking a step back and reflecting on where I am relative to where I want to be in the future. It is so easy for us to fall into complacency, especially after we have just completed a goal or reached a new level of achievement and status. It's so convenient for us to stay content with what we have accomplished. Because of this, I have made it a habit to review my goals and desires once a week. I keep an ongoing bucket list of what I want to do and become in my OneNote. Each goal on the list has a completion deadline, purpose statement of why I want to complete it, and the necessary steps I need to take in order to complete each goal. At first, the steps I need to take to complete a goal aren't very clear or solidified, but as time goes on, and new relationships and opportunities begin to present themselves, those steps start to manifest themselves and help guide me through my decision making. That's why it's so important to have the list organized and easy to access at all times. When a new idea comes to mind, I can easily find and review that goal to lead me in the direction I need to be going in order to accomplish them.

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