Articles — Secure cloud storage and file sharing

Business these days isn’t confined to
9 to 5. It’s not even confined to one business I have career and other ambitions
I’m running with round-the-clock Like a lot of people I have lot of
balls in the air and I need to keep everything in sync is the simplest
most private and secure storage solution for all my digital stuff What kinda stuff? Lots and lots of stuff. I need to keep my band up-to-date with my latest tracks We need a way we can share files,
collaborate, keep revisions up-to-date Plus we’re dealing with big files that can’t be emailed. Remember when Springsteen famously said email’s a hassle, man These days you’re either DIY or you’re
DOA I’ve got a lot of big ideas for this album
cover and even bigger design files but it’s not like I’m standing still gotta be mobile and on the move. I don’t
have time to constantly transfer my files from device to device. It’s just not practical. With I get a special
folder on my computer everything that gets dropped in there is
up-to-date and available on all my devices Whether I’m working on my
passion projects or selling through the next big idea at
the office The thing that matters most to me and the people that I work with is Privacy. Something that’s become much more rare these days. Something that cares about
most. There seems to be this feeling that privacy doesn’t matter anymore. With most people saying they have nothing to hide It’s not about having something to
hide but it is about having something to protect your ideas, your work, your stuff Sync is built from the ground up to be
the most simple and secure storage solution for all your data using state-of-the-art cryptography all my
files are placed in a digital safe on my computer a copy of that safe is stored on the Sync
server Sync can’t see my files, will never
see my files has no interest in seeing my files
because only I have the keys to the safe Guaranteed privacy, unfortunately a
completely radical idea fortunately one Sync fully believes in.
It’s kind of a no brainer Guaranteed privacy, five times the storage, file transfer, shared folders revision tracking public link capabilities, auto backup and
ridiculous speeds I know, right? So go on and sign up today Don’t do it for me, do it for you.

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