Switzerland denies citizenship to welfare recipients

Switzerland denies citizenship to welfare recipients

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  1. It’s weird how it took two years to see this

  2. We need a wall in America and start mass deportation on the low life free loaders

  3. Well done Switzerland

  4. The real colors of the illuminati! It is their home! Bahahaha

  5. Why can't we do this. These scumbags will never work. They breed like rats and taxpayers foot the bill. Just because they come from countries that have money for weapons but not for food doesn't mean we need to take them. I wish they would storm China and see how it works there

  6. See how they all line up on that raft? Made for raking!

  7. Weird that the videos show people on boats when Switzerland is land locked.

  8. Poland,Hungary,russia and swiss I want to say this 😘

  9. the continent of Africa is huge…why is there not enough for these people and they are made to leave Africa…shame on the selfish countries of Africa…where does the world get off blaming the host countries for this mess..the unwanted people are prob. ashamed and angry for how humanity has treated them …they need to fix the countries they came from and not send them off to another place…this is another example of getting others to fix your problem…

  10. In 20 years you won't even be a white country

  11. Well Obama and Hillary and the rest of the world at that time started all this they don’t care if they get in over there had to end up blaming it on us anyways I know that when I was there the hygiene packets and the cleaning product packets were plentiful but the lines for other goods went fast so they have the means to clean up them selves and clean up their areas they choose not to. I reside in northern Italy a couple months out of the year in about six months ago my brother-in-law sister husband and I and another couple went to Paris for a week and Paris is no more Paris exist no more

  12. Get out. Nationalists arise.

  13. The only trouble with these people who are in favour of mass immigration it's not them that pick up the bill these people get there do not work and claim large amounts of money over few over periods of years and in the meantime import their family members and have loads of children what the state pays for no no other countries in the world it's so easy for these people take advantage of the generosity of other people and they inspect it as a right and not as a nerd and entitlement so when Nigel speaks he speaks with a voice of the people and not an agenda that is pushed by the UN and the globalists

  14. Oh my God she's so hot yummy

  15. I would not want all those people in the boats anywhere near me oh my God God help those the Swiss

  16. Send these people back to where they came from so they can get welfare there.

  17. Now you understand how gov'$ and how they invoke war on a nation.


  19. DON'T apologise for America you nimp like we are doing something wrong,!😤 How did you get hired on 🦊.

  20. If the mass migration continues much longer every country in Europe is gonna build a wall. Hungary’s done it already and cut immigration to zero

  21. I feel sorry for the Swedish ladies, God please help them.

  22. Switzerland its rich gated community of Europe they don't need black unskilled workers they have cheap quality workers from eastern Europe

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