Swearing-In Ceremony for the U.S. Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States

Swearing-In Ceremony for the U.S. Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States

The Vice President:
Well, good afternoon. And on behalf of President
Trump and the First Family, it’s my privilege to say,
welcome to the White House. And welcome to the
swearing-in of the 20th
United States Ambassador to the Organization of
American States, Carlos Trujillo. (Applause.) Before I begin, let me just
speak a few words from my heart about a tragic incident that occurred
earlier today. I wanted to take a moment
to address the crash involving the Puerto Rico
Air National Guard C-130 that went down outside
Savannah, Georgia. First responders
are on the scene. We will continue to
monitor developments. But allow me to express
the deepest sympathies of the First Family and
my family, to all the families
of these brave Americans, and to all the courageous
airmen who serve with them in the Puerto Rico
National Guard. You are all on our hearts
and will remain in our prayers. And thank you all for
being here for this special occasion. And, Carlos, I’d like to
begin today by welcoming your wonderful family,
without whom I’m sure you would not be
standing here today. So, join me in welcoming
our new ambassador’s wife Carmen, and Carlos, Isabella,
Juan Pablo, and Felipe. Give them a round
of applause. (Applause.) And Isabella
just proved that she is the daughter of a new
United States Ambassador, because she just named
all 45 Presidents. (Laughter.) Wonderful job. I’m very proud of you. I also want to recognize
all the members for your extended family who are
here with us today. I know how proud they are. Under President Donald Trump,
the Western Hemisphere is a key priority for
the United States of America because the security
and prosperity of our region directly affects the security and the prosperity
of the American people. And our new Ambassador,
Carlos Trujillo — the President has chosen a
principled leader who we know will ably represent
the United States and our interests at the
Organization of American States. Carlos, you bring to this
new role a wealth of experience and a proven
record of service to this nation. Growing up in Florida,
the son of Cuban parents, you’ve seen firsthand
how the fortunes of our neighbors across
the wider region influence our own nation. Your hometown of Miami, known
as the Gateway to the Americas, is in every
sense a melting pot of different cultures
and traditions. It reflects the rich tapestry
of the Western Hemisphere. For the better part of a
decade, you served the good people
of your city and state. Graduated from law school. You spent four years as
Assistant State Attorney in the Miami-Dade County
State Attorney’s Office. From there, you founded
your own legal practice. But in 2010, you stepped
up once more to represent your hometown, and you’ve
served with distinction in the Florida House of
Representatives ever since. From the first time he
met you, President Trump recognized your leadership
and for the past few months, as a reflection of that, you’ve served as a special advisor at the U.S. Mission to the
United Nations. And now you’ve taken a
much larger role — a role that’s vitally important
to the life our nation, in our hemisphere,
and in the world. The Organization of
American States, which celebrated the 70th
anniversary of its founding only two days ago, brings together the
United States and essentially every nation from across the
Western Hemisphere. In this forum, it will be
your responsibility to represent our nation
and to forge stronger partnerships in the
pursuit of America’s interests. This is of vital importance
to our administration. Two weeks ago, you and I
first met in Lima, Peru at the 8th Summit of the
Americas, where I spoke to the members of the
Organization of American States about the United States’
priorities for the region. I’ll be reiterating that message,
alongside you once again, at OAS
headquarters this coming Monday. Under President Trump,
as you know, Carlos, the United States seeks to
forge stronger and more balanced trade
relationships across the region. We believe the spread of
prosperity beyond our borders benefits our people
and benefits our hemisphere. We’ve already made good
progress in recent months with many of our allies
across the region, and we look forward to working
with you to continue to advance America’s
economic interests. We also seek to strengthen
our security partnerships in the Western Hemisphere. The interconnected dangers
of illegal drugs, illegal migration, human
trafficking, rising crime increasingly threaten the
wellbeing of our people. And so, we are committed,
and it will be much of your task, to work with
our allies across the region to root out
corruption — the corruption that spreads
misery and instability and compromises the values
of this hemisphere of freedom. And finally, the United
States is committed to see to it that this is a
hemisphere of freedom. As you know, the Charter
of the Organization of American States reads,
“The historic mission of America is to offer…a
land of liberty.” The Western Hemisphere has
made great progress toward this goal. But as we all know, we
still have much work to do. In recent weeks, the
government of Nicaragua has brutally repressed
its own people by raising their voices in
peaceful protest. In Cuba, the Castro name
may be fading, but its legacy of tyranny lives
on and hangs over that country like a cloud,
darkening the future of all who call
that island home. And in Venezuela, under
the rule of the dictator Nicolás Maduro, a
once-flourishing democracy has disintegrated
into dictatorship. And what was once perhaps
the most prosperous nation in South America has
become one of its poorest. In light of these many
challenges, President Trump has made our
nation’s policy clear. We will stand with all who
yearn for liberty and we will stand up to
their oppressors. (Applause.) Carlos, you
were along with me at the Summit of the Americas
when the President had me, just a few short weeks
ago, communicate his vision for achieving our
goal of a hemisphere of freedom. And we know that that
vision that will guide your work, as you take on
the responsibilities to represent the United
States at the Organization of American States. And President Trump and I
have full confidence that, given your integrity and
given your leadership and given your abilities, that
you’ll do just that, and advance the interests of
America, and the interests of freedom, and the prosperity
and security of our people. With your voice at the
Organization of American States, with the leadership
of President Donald Trump, with the
support of the good people of this nation, and
freedom-loving people all across this hemisphere, we
know the best days for the new world
are yet to come. So now it is my privilege to
administer the oath of office. So, if you want to bring
up this big, beautiful family; place your left
hand on the Bible; and raise your right hand,
we’ll do that right now. (The oath is administered.) (Applause.) The Vice President:
Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce to you the United States Ambassador
to the Organization of American States,
Ambassador Carlos Trujillo. (Applause.) Ambassador Trujillo: Thank you,
Vice President Pence. It’s truly an honor to be
here before a lot of my friends and family today,
and especially with you administering the oath. It really means a lot to
me and a lot to my family. We really, really
appreciate it. Thank you. A good friend of mine once
told me that elections have consequences. And I think there’s nothing — no story that’s really resonated
with me more personally than that saying. And he happened to tell
me that in about 2016. And if you look back in
2016, the state of our country, it was the first
time in the history of America in which people
feared that their children would be worse off
than themselves. And it’s something, as I
raise my young family, I’ve really thought about. And I watched the
presidential election cycle more than anyone
I’ve seen in the past and seeing the campaign of
President Trump and now Vice President Pence. And it’s easy to forget
where we were at that time in history. The economy was crashing,
people lacked consumer confidence. And if you looked specifically
at the Western Hemisphere, where we were, we were entering into a Iran deal that the
majority of Americans rejected. We weren’t standing with
the people of Venezuela. And our own President
was down in Cuba shaking hands, eating hotdogs, and
celebrating a baseball game with a dictator who tortured
and imprisoned political prisoners and dissidents
throughout many years. And then the election happened,
and America had a renewed faith. America had
leaders that cared. And just seeing my
grandparents, that are both present here
today, they left that. Imagine being, towards the
end of your life — and imagine all those people
that left in refuge, whether they were Cuban or
Venezuelan or any other part of the world, and
really thinking, “Was all this struggle in vain? Is America really going to
turn its back on human rights? Is America really going
to turn its back on democracy?” And right out of the gate,
this new administration said, “Absolutely not. That’s not who America is,
and that’s not what we will stand for.” And you look at the successes
that we’ve had since then. As I was approached about
applying to become an ambassador and — really,
the largest professional honor I’ve had in my life
— they asked me, you know, “Why would you do this? And why would you
want to do it?” And it’s not just
being an ambassador. It’s being an ambassador
for this administration. It’s being an ambassador
that’s going to stand up for human rights; being an
ambassador that’s going to stand up for democracy;
being an ambassador that’s going to sit across the
table, whether it’s at the OAS or anywhere else, and
say that the American people will always stand on the side
of justice and liberty. (Applause.) And I can tell
you, Vice President Pence, I’ve never felt more proud
than sitting there in Lima — and as we’re sitting in
the room, it’s a plenary of all these different
leaders from all across the Western Hemisphere. And you hear people —
Evo Morales and some of these people — just attacking
American democratic values. And you see the Vice
President of the United States come in and really
set the message straight, we won’t stand for that. We will always, always stand
on the side of human rights. We will always
stand for democracy. We will always fight
for those principles. I was so proud. I couldn’t have been
anymore honored to just be sitting there next
to the Vice President of the United States, looking
across the table and seeing the country that’s
called Cuba, knowing the history of my
family, knowing that my parents, my grandparents came here. My parents came at the
same age as my children who are standing
next to me. And knowing that, in just
the one generation — one generation away — you
could go from coming over on a plane with the shirt
on your back, working your tail off,
paying your taxes, honoring your country and God. And in just 40 or 50
years, my grandparents are living testament that your
child, your grandchild, could be standing
at this podium. That is only in America. (Applause.) There’s a lot
of people that have helped me throughout the way and
I’d really want to thank my grandparents
who are here today. It’s a real honor that
they’re both here, living, watching this. My grandmother who’s at
home and my other one who is in heaven. My parents, who are here,
a lot of immediate friends and family. And when you have these
small events — these intimate events — you
really reflect on your life. And I think a lot of the
people here are different chapters of my life. Some of my closet friends
since when I was child. Some of my friends that I made
across the way in college. Some of — some people I
went into business with and have become
very good friends. Some people who I had the
honor of serving in the Florida House with. Some people who were
supporting me, and mentoring me, and coaching
me, and encouraging me throughout my entire life. And some new friends that
I’ve made in my limited time working here in
the Western Hemisphere. But you’re all
very, very special. And I know that I wouldn’t
be half the person, half the husband, half the
father, half the American that I am without
your support. And I’m really, really
appreciative for that. And lastly, I want
to thank my wife. I know when the
opportunity presented itself, of moving to
Washington, D.C. with four young children and not
many schooling options or anything else, not one
time did she tell me, “We can’t do that.” When she said, “You could
serve your country and you could honor this
administration. You could honor a country
that has done so, so much for my family, in
particular, and so much for Americans and people
across the world.” It was never, “No.” It was, “When
can we start?” So, Carmen — (Applause.) Carmen, thank you. None of this would be
even worth — or possible without you. I really, really
appreciate it. And Vice President Pence,
it’s really one of the biggest honors of my life
to serve in your administration. I look forward to working
diligently with that resolve and never wavering
until Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and the Western Hemisphere is free and able to enjoy the
liberties and democracies that we all celebrate. Thank you. (Applause.)

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