Stickman in Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 1-4 Animations

Stickman in Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 1-4 Animations

subtitiles by oni rios stickman:hello anyone there? door closes behind our main character* *I need to get out of here* huh? *great the door is locked* well I have to do some expolring reads* dreams come ture? *hmm* well sh*t whoa the ink machine? hmmm I need to find a way to turn on the machine *SLAM* what th firg is that? *whossh* what room is this? hmm what the F**k … *PUNCH* so cute just chillin a gear? no *MUSIC begins to play* hey a wrench *PULLS* *whossh* (whoosh 1) bendy:boo! what the f**k just happened? *burning* *perss* *sigh* stickman: now to pull this to be done let me go check it if its working? *I’m alvie!* * boards up the door fast * what the? ??? *LOOKS* *jumpscare* 0_0!!! *ow* *tries to reaches* come on*come on! peace out the door!!!! *runs at the door* nope *falls down* oof ow my head got my axe *swings a lot of times* *puts axe down* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! *faints* 0_0 what the? … *another plank SLAM* 0_0!!!! welp I need to eat *beacon soup song plays * *open sounds like spite* *nom* so gross!! *gotta go fast* *whoosh* hey sir can you tell me to get ou- … JUST DIE!!!!! hmm 0_0!!!!! *fixed back together* whoosh *perss *PERSS#2* *PLays banjo very fast* *nom* *button perssed third time* *pull* *reads* music department? lever pull #2 ??? hello 0_0!!!!! * turns white* oof DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *good music plays * I just play a piano *scared* *whossh* *nom* *jumpes* *smash sound* stickman:hey I found keys *nom* *nom#2* *pacman refrence* *reads* expired January 1st 1987 …. blah!!!!! time to destroy it what the ? …. *slap* time to_ *sigh* *SLAP* grrrrrrrrr! *2000 years later* banjo * piano *villon *Falls down* * turns * bendy:boo!! * throws axe* stickman: what the ? *looks* seachers:wassup bra wassup oof *pulls* *music plays * *SLAP* *falls two the floor* 0_0 Sammy loraance; there we go nice and tight* we woulden’t want our sheets roaming away now would we no we woulden’t zzz *SLAP* listen i can hear him crawling above crawling last but here * gotta go fast * I’m free now I can escape! im gonna kill you!! oof time to make a path what the ! did my axe just f*cking brake bendy: hello * laughing * 0_0 im safe now hew uhh who’s there ? boris : hello *blacksout* uhh were am I ? 0-0 boris : nice to see you awake stickman : a lever is missing ill ask boris if he has a lever * gotta go fast* hey do you have a lever ? I cannot give it but you can do something for me (camera moves a lot of times * boris stomic rumbleing * I make you some soup check check *opens* *flushing* and that it check *throws* *cooking* stickman:there boris : you can get the lever now *pulls* ow what the ? *reads attention are you sure you want to leave the safe house you cannot go back stickman : boris? *stick man move and boris move at the same time* stickmen : boris can you move please boris : nope * moves * *falls* stick man : ugh fine will walk together boris : boo 0_0! boris : I got an idea boris : give me the light you can’t crouch because the game did put it ok I just wait there then *2000 years later* huh ? oof this place is nice *PULLS* * removes the toy plushies * *switches* im so not surprised what the ?! * ailce angel song plays * 0_0!!!!! ailce angel : im ailce angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oof well that rediculous 0_0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stickman: I am not dead but im still alive *broken glass* stickman:uhh I pick demon *angel path closes * *stickman sinking* stickman: ill really regret doing that oh great bendy boris : hey sticky im back I got this ripped pipe gimme that !!! * stick man triggerd * boris : ;( stick man: boris you better move now !! boris: nope ;( the piper : boo!!!! stick man :0_0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! piper : ahhhhh *stickman heart attack rip * boris: hey stick man : im coming boris elevator door closes* ??? stickman : boris boris : what is it stickman *boris as the same time as stickman stickman gets triggerd* stickman : boris move right now !!!! stickman: ok fine boris:hey sticky wait up whoa!!! *gotta go fast * hey boris wait up !!!!!! *GASP* boris : friend what did she do to you time to smash you uh I wasn’t gonna do it *murdered* ailce angel : 0_0 stick man : you were saying *stickman is board to death* piper ; ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a wrench I can use now * ailce angel talks * *stickman littsens * ailce angel : but there is one rule we all know to respect down here beware of the ink demon alright boris lets go boris? boris : nope welp ill still go alone let me check if there are gears in these check check check *opens the other one * great empty man where is that gear *werid duck noises* uhh you think you can scare mr how pathfedic *smak* *ded* … *stickman listens* ??? *you got a plunger * oh really a plunger time to find what ailce said *static* 0_0!!! searcher : hello im back b**ch murdered in ink blood stick man : just keep waiting until it fills up … its almost there *metal soud keep happening * stick man : oh no bendy : ok were is he 0_0 * stick man turns white *shaking* *scared to be dead * bendy : oooo my favorite *splat* * bendy goes in to the poster * 0_0 huh a flashlight this will come in handy *you have gotten a flashlight* *ailce keeps talking * *stickman is still borad * stickman :man how long when she fininishes stickman : oh a new weapon ok boris im gonna try my new weapon oh boy pop DIE! surprise motherfu_ nope gah huh is that projectionist? that amazing waa oof oh so you disappered oh my god my ears!!!!!! … oh its bendy I need to hide come out were ever you are I will find him soon *whoosh* *music* * ailce still talking * *You have been given your axe … time to have some fun *montage* thank you really? 0_0 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GET AWAY FROM ME !!!!! bendy : NEVER!!!!!! waaaa!!!!! oof close close close close CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! bendy:IM GONNA GET YOU!!!!!!!!!!! stickman :PLEASE CLOSE!!!!!!!! bendy : oof byeeeeeeee oh boy take that and this and that ded 1 ded 2 I got magi-*ded3 ded 4 triggered for help 0_0 * you got a tommy gun * stickman: oh f**k yeah!!!!!!! *endless shooting* ailce angel: I new it was a bad idea *keeps shooting * projectinosit screech * 0_0!!! boom * *ded no big surprise * *goes back to endless shooter * check check check stickman : why did beacon soup was expired boris : nice gun sticky stick man : thanks 0_0 boris … *stickman… stickman :?? stickman :ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boris : cries boris : sticky wake up *slap* boris behind you<_ boy boris : ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stick man: noooooooooooooooooooooooooo ill go get back asap don worry im comin so in level s the studio hmm well that is a creepy room huh i found pipe turner theres recording let me hear it sounds ever what duce spins open why there bright light flashing omg do libary oh you push books welp its time to solve puzzle check chec- oof super scared out of his mind last book and done man how far kick better not fall my doom does find new gear pull switches agan lot grab fast now lets see cup gotta anger miniute flashback hallway door locked stickman turns white ... puts mode f life pulls hmmm sill some song plays dog bone no aww come on years later whoa holy stuff whaa this fine despritele scare heck less great ailce listens speech goes up stairs countinues gasp lost one was dramatic ones staring at quick math jesues christ bendy: wasn harmful bangs head fu dong yeah boi speaks again grabs balls nope evil morty theme bang ok bottle left gun returns endless shooting whooooooooooooooooooo shoud butcher gang hanging distract them beacon soup smak second piper: think got an idea whossh whoosh sneaky clang uhhhhhhhhhhhhh ded switch still surprised audio say jeseues uhhh hi ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh axe action take ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh best have bee kidding can be spotted lever thud echoes close ready two picture click sad music almost screech shaking fear bendy shut slap breaks projectionist ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stickman0_0 neck projectinisot your welcome final ride starts talking piano did she stay he dumb blob machine attacks gah pain mario refrencre wahh yah ow all go- misses throws dodge yaaaaaa cam angel pfffffffffffffffffft boris:.. .miss . sticky rip ahhhhhhhhhhhh who are comers good subtiltiles by oni rios>

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  3. I hear one of my favorite songs;-;
    Bendy is just like hi- WoW
    I played the game and when bendy ran into the boarded wall that was legit the time when I was like "okay, I'll watch bendy suffer, this is fun"

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    Why is it always sheep
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