Spice Organization (Quick 15-Minutes!)

Spice Organization (Quick 15-Minutes!)

Hi, everyone, I’m Alejandra from,
and in this video I’m going to organize a cabinet, to take 10 minutes, and just make
it better than it currently is. So if you need accountability to organize
some small area in your house that you’ve been waiting to organize, grab a timer, go
to the space, and let’s do it together. But first, if this is your first time watching
any of my videos, and you’re just getting started with organizing, there’s a link below
to help you get started for free. All right, so, I’m here in the kitchen, and
I’m right by this beautiful spice drawer that has all of our spices and it is, it’s not
really a mess, but it could have more order to it because a lot of the spices that we
use are kind of scattered throughout. What I want to do is put all of the spices
that we use at the very top, so they’re nice and easy to grab right when we open the drawer. Then have the stuff that we don’t really use
that often, like this fennel seed that’s in prime real estate right here, put that toward
the bottom. So, I have a timer right here. I’m going to set the timer for 10 minutes. And my only goal right now is, before I hit
go, my only goal is to make this drawer better than what it currently is. Whatever space you have to organize, make
that your goal also, in the next 10 minutes make it better than what it currently is. All right, so, ready, set, go. I’m going to put the timer back down here,
and I’m just going to start at the top and go from there. So if something is not frequently used, I’m
going to take it out from the top, and just place it in front of me. And then I’m going to put all the things that
we use very often, keep them at the top. If you’re organizing your spices and there’s
spice that’s been hanging out in your cabinets for a really long time, look for an expiration
date. If it’s expired pull it out. If it doesn’t have an expiration date, open
the spice, smell it, see if it still has a smell, and if you can’t smell anything, it’s
probably bad. So, just go ahead and pull it out. All right. Well, this one we, actually you know what,
this I think we can get rid of. That crushed pepper is not even hot anymore. All right. And actually before I put anything back, I’m
just going to create things that we use often versus things we don’t use very often, and
then we’re going to put everything back. All right. It’s only been a minute and a half. This is great. What you want to do when you’re organizing
spices, is you don’t want to keep them above or next to … this is kind of next to the
stove, but this a spice drawer. You ideally don’t want the spice right above
the stove, because heat’s going to rise, and your spices may not last as long as they would
if they were not above a heat source. All right, so again, I’m just doing a preliminary
sort of all of the spices, and then we’re going to put everything back in order. Or in better order, because again, my goal
is just to make it better than what it currently was. Now we are in a temporary space, which means
we’re not going to be here very long, so I’m not going to take the time and adjust these
shelves. These shelves are adjustable and I would move
them around because the second shelf down here is pretty short, which means I can only
store things that are half the size, like these guys right here. But since we’re in a temporary space, I’m
just going to kind of leave it as is and then just work with what I have. So once you take everything out, what you
could do is grab a paper towel, grab a rag and wipe down the shelves. I’m doing this under time, so I’m not going
to do that right now. But, all right, I’ve done my sort. Now I’m going to put everything back. So things I don’t use very often, I’m going
to put down here on these bottom two shelves. And if it does not, let’s see. It doesn’t fit, I’m going to find a place
where it does fit. Actually all these ones I’m going to move
right up here. All right, so anything short I’m going to
put on this shelf right here. All right, so when it comes to spices … There’s
so many different ways to organize spices and all the things that are around your house. There’s just so many different ways to organize
them. When it comes to spices, you can organize
them alphabetical. So, you know, would have the A’s in the front,
and then Z’s if there’s a Z spice toward the end. You can organize them by … I’ve done it
before by the type of container they’re in, so all of these glass McCormick’s will be
together, and then all of the different shaped bottles, the other shaped bottles would be
together. You can organize them by frequency of use,
kind of like what I’m doing right now. Or you can organize them by, how else can
you organize them? I don’t know. Can’t think of anything right now. I like to do it either by size, by type of
bottle, or by frequency of use. Like what I’m right now. All right, so did those two shelves. Those three shelves. That’s what I meant to say. Now, actually, this I’m going to put somewhere
else. That’s not going to fit, obviously. This, so, what you don’t see right now is
there’s another shelf, another spice cabinet at the top. I’m going to put this up there. This is being thrown away, because it’s bad. This is going to go with this one. It’s a tall bottle. And these opened ones I’m going to place at
the bottom, which I’m just going to put them in the middle just like that so they don’t
fall to the sides. Again, we’re in a temporary home. If I was going to be here for a longer time,
I would probably get a container that has sides so these things wouldn’t just fall out
the side. But that’s good enough for now, and actually
I’m making tacos soon, so one of those things is going to be gone shortly. All right, this is going to go somewhere else. These two. Put that right there, and then that right
there. That’s not going to fall out. All right. Let’s see. These are already falling. All right, you know what? These things I’m just going to put somewhere
else. But that can stay there. All right, that’s it. That took a little more than seven minutes. It took seven minutes and 18 seconds. Seven minutes to completely organize a cabinet
from messy to organized. Now, I know it was a small cabinet, but still. Only seven minutes. And now I have a spice cabinet that is nice
and organized with the spice I frequently use towards the top, because I’m standing
when I open the cabinet and spices I don’t use very often toward the bottom. And then small things on the second shelf
right here. Beautiful. So, whatever you need to organize, I hope
you set a timer, go and do your 10 minutes. See how far you go. Keep your, remember to keep your goal as to
make it better than it currently is. Set the bar nice and low. Have a nice, low expectation for yourself,
and then, who knows? You may blow yourself out of the water with
what you can accomplish in 10 minutes. If you don’t have a spice cabinet like this
one right here, and you’re looking for other ways to organize your spices, lazy Susans
are great for spices because it’s a round bottle. So it’s a round bottle, and you have a round
organizer so they maximize space, so lazy Susan in an upper cabinet or in the pantry
works well. You could also use a tiered shelf. A tiered shelf is like a step, it’s like three
steps. One, two, three. You either put that in your upper cabinet,
or you can put it in a pantry. That works well for spices, and then you can
also, they make this other organizer that’s, it’s for cabinets, upper cabinets, and it
goes along the three edges, and so right when you open the cabinet door you see all of the
faces of the spices. They make that as well. And then the last option is, some people organize
the spices in a drawer, like in a shallow kitchen drawer. And you just lay down all of your spices,
not flat, but they’re kind of at an angle. They make organizers that line drawers and
they have like … It’s just an organizer, like you put the spices in there and you see
all the labels right when you open the drawer. So, different ways to organize spices. I think what I love to do is organize them
on a lazy Susan because they work really well. You spin the thing, you see all the fronts. But just other options to consider if you
don’t have a drawer like this. If you want more videos, training, or support
as you begin or continue your journey toward getting more organized, you can visit my website Thank you for being here, I’m grateful you
watched this video. And I look forward to seeing you soon. Take care. Bye bye.

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