she’s sending me secret messages in the game files… Doki Doki Literature Club

she’s sending me secret messages in the game files… Doki Doki Literature Club

Don’t you think a little bit guys OH OHH *Bijuu bab intro after we just got traumatized* Whats up guys Bijuu Mike welcome back to another episode of Doki Doki of literature club the worst place on earth I Bet you school is everywhere around the world and you know they have literature clubs, losing members, and they’re like “Why are you leaving?” “I have no idea.”” What’s wrong?” Last episode, we actually deleted all the characters before starting the game something really really crazy happened, so if you missed that I’ll link it I’ll be SURE to link it so you guys to check that out already anyway we’re on the Natsuki route,and things are starting to get a little strange, so let’s continue on now I want to get to the part where Natsuki gets really buff! (Okay then Mike) I have no idea when that happens But, it looks really really funny in fact a lot of you guys sent me a lot of Doki Doki memes I asked on Twitter to send them to me if you guys want you do want to see me make a Doki Doki meme Episode be sure to leave………10,000 likes Alright, so as you all know we’re kind of just skipping through the Boring Parts So we already know we’re waiting for like some good (Bad) things to happen especially with like Natsuki and stuff like that. It’s so far It’s actually quite chill right now! Oh no, is this the part is the part where they’re all gonna frickin” start arguing again guys If you haven’t watched last episodes, this won’t make any sense to you. Yeah, yeah, this is where they start arguing. We should probably stop skipping Natsuki you better Not push Yuri, or she’ll stab herself, You,get out of here Monika. No one likes you okay? I picked Natsuki (X5) Come on Monika. Let me pick Natsuki! No, I said, no, she just doesn’t freakin get the point does she she really doesn’t get i.. Alright, so we’re just trying to get another ending. I want to get another ending that we haven’t Saw yet. Oh OH okay, what the heck is that?! I was just trying to pick the Natsuki stuff, she’s gonna get mad at us. There’s food eater buff it hit us, okay? So the day passes. It’s time for the next Club meeting. Okay. I’m waiting for that with that crazy stuff to happen Okay, all right Yuri. I don’t care about these girls right now, about yesterday I really need to apologize so she’s for them, just basically arguing because they always argue… They don’t get along, but they say some really mean things to each other and I don’t like it so Monika’s gone right here They’re asking where she’s at in stuff like but what is she doing? (Nah she’s there, hear the piano?) She’s obviously not like a real person right she somehow has control of the game. Whatever’s on your mind I’m sure it was nothing. I don’t even remember anything bad happening (Sure you don’t) You’re the kind of person who worries too much about the little things aren’t you? Why is that in that text yo everybody wants to spend some time together? All right sure sure could you not stab yourself this time all right, so she’s showing us The book as always you know we already know this okay, so here’s what her this is how she explains the book? But because the world is full of horrible people and we’re all worthless anyway, then suck this sadly once oh God what the heck don’t think I’ve ever seen her do that before… Holy crap this game is full of surprises so a lot of you guys actually um Said to uh like leave the files open as you’re playing the game, but- The heck is “happy thoughts”? oh my god That’s the picture showed us before oh, that’s not funny at all This is freaking Sayori with the rope the noose. Oh god. That’s not funny. What is the I? What the heck this these came out of freaking nowhere, I can’t do anything nothing no matter how many times you play It’s all the same it would be really really easy to kill myself right now But that would mean I don’t get to talk to you anymore all I want is for you to hate them Why is that so hard so what the heck is this Monica so she like sends files through the game? Oh good. God this game always gives you chills every time I play it’s like I know it’s gonna get crazy, but it still finds a way to get me this is well We’ll keep that open and see if something updates every now, and then okay. Oh wait there’s another okay? I didn’t I didn’t even see this Says, can you hear me? there’s a little devil inside all of us beneath there manufactured perception their artificial reality is a riveting twisted mess of dread Loathing judgement elitism self-doubt all thrashing to escape the people hold of their hosts seeping through every little crevice They can find it to the willpower Starving them all starving above all motivation and desire their stomach forcing it to drowns their guilt in comfort food Or it’s a newly opened gash in their skin Hidden only by the seeds of a cute new shirt such a deplorable tangled mass is already present in every single one of them That’s why I chose not to blame myself for their actions all I did was untie the knots This is a dark deep stuff here, no likey what if these messages mean it says right here Oh geez I didn’t mean I didn’t break anything. Did I hold on a sec I could probably fix this I think actually you know what doesn’t probably be a lot easier if I just deleted her She’s the one who’s making this so difficult, and huh well here goes nothing now I have I have a theory and I kind of want to try this maybe not right now But we’ll try it maybe later on in the episode what happens if we bring the character back in the middle of the game Then what happens because I feel like we should have the power to do that I can’t believe this game does that yeah see pixel radiator said on last episode, which by the way Thank you for watching commenting what happens you wait till Monica deletes everyone and then bring the characters back by copying their files and pasting them back into the Folder where they belong all right? Yeah
We should definitely that there was a theory that any time there was a piano playing in the background Monica was listening in which explains. Why music isn’t playing when you’re walking to school with Sayori That’s pretty deep pretty deep so if that theory about the piano is correct I mean, there’s no piano going on there nevermind there goes the piano What the heck is this speed Is this some kind of binary code?(Yes)I don’t even quite know what that is, but I don’t there’s some hieroglyphics here What are you trying to tell me Natsuki what kind of poem is this scrubbpai. Why didn’t you come read with me today? I was waiting for you. I was waiting for you a long time. It was the only thing I had to look forward to today. Why did you ruin it? Do you like me anymore? I think you’re better off not associating with her. Are you listening to me Yuri is a sick freak. Okay, that should be obvious by now, so just play with me instead okay? I tried I wanted to it the game isn’t gonna give a choice. You don’t hate me scrubpai do you? Okay, do you hate me? No. Do you wanna make me go home crying the club is the only place? I feel safe, god She’s bleeding from her eyeballs. Don’t ruin that for me. Don’t ruin it Please just stop talking to Yuri play with me instead. It’s all I have play with me play with okay Okay, all right. Oh God that is freaky. Don’t you think a little bit guys oh? You know I like I really like natsuki until she broke her neck. I don’t want anything to do with any of these girls anymore God what is your poem gonna? Say? Are you even gonna show me one okay? Let’s go and check the files to see if anything as a happen since the crazy crap I didn’t realize I didn’t really think this game was even deeper than than I thought I didn’t know the Random things would start coming out okay? Nothing yet, please help me All right, no not really. I don’t actually give a crap I really don’t I really want to add sigh you already back But I don’t know if we have a backup copy of Sayor- Can you doubt is there a place you can download the character files? Let me actually look that up Okay, so what we’re gonna have to do is like copy and paste the files when we get them all Maybe like read on the game. I don’t know we got to do it in here in a second Let’s just continue the story and see whatever the crazy things happen for right now. Hey, we got a special poem uh Nothing really okay. I remember this Nothing is real or something like that. Yeah, what the heck what the heck? What is up with our cursor? I’ve never seen that is this I Yuri Who is that who’s got blue eyes like that? That’s that’s IO rewrites right I’m so confused by this game. I definitely don’t remember this purser being there last night. What’s gone now, okay? Okay, game fever and if it’s crap okay. I not ski. I’m glad you’re back I’m glad your neck is fine, so we’re getting to the part of the game. Where everyone’s basically About this again not this kid all right, we’re still going for not to you, okay? That’s gonna. Be that’s gonna be my waifu today. I always forget about this word This is suicide the games just getting darker now isn’t it? Depression see I think these words weren’t there before they just they suddenly just dip darker and darker I screw up I I’ve been waiting for you. Are you ready to continue reading? No, I actually would rather go to not ski last time She scared the crap out of me, and I don’t I don’t want her to do that again So please leave so not skis apologizing for being rude because they always fights Why don’t you go look for some coins under the vending machine or something? But thank you. She say before is that because is that a short joke I think it’s a short joke well. She cried Ah, ah man, I’m the last one here again. Were you practicing piano again? Yeah, I can see how the piano theory can make sense yeah, because I’m a B although the pianos playing now, and she’s in She’s actually here, so she couldn’t possibly be playing the piano still you’re he’s like Oh, we already have plans at is that so Yuri that’s correct scruff is already engaged in a novel that we’re breathing together Don’t even say engaged, please I just have to know why how could we’re not self aware how can we don’t see the crazy things We don’t react to them to the game. That’s the only thing that bothers me I feel like we should be very concerned about these weird things that are happening But it’s like for some reason. We just can’t see it alright, so going back to reading the books again, okay? This is all this scary part again when she’s just like Dark alright not ski come on. You’re not gonna show me a really weird poem right? So even though I wasn’t picking URI tall we still spend time with her. I wasn’t trying to go. I wanted the opposite Oh crap what the heck what the heck? No Way no no no no stop, I was on auto I couldn’t see it dig it. I don’t know you guys composites I can’t pause it you guys can Just that there’s so much text that have we already heard if we can’t skip it again not this again, Monica I already know what you wanted now. See I think I find it really interesting The nos key says okay, then why not let scruff I decide who is to help instead of abusing your power So it’s like they know and Monica says I’m not abusing my power URIs like yes You are Monica have you considered killing yourself, but have you considered it. I don’t know why it’s so funny I’m really wanting. I really want some more Natsuki. Not unless URI. I don’t know how we we get to the Natsuki How do you get to the buff one of course it doesn’t matter if you say yes or no she stabs herself either way she? She considered killing yourself look. It’s not funny, but it is a little bit oh Hey, we got a new message. You have a nice weekend wait. What kind of file is that? How do I open that it just says file, so it’s just a file name – have a nice weekend, it’s very funny Oh god. I forgot she runs into him. It’s been. It’s been a little bit of life since I’ve done this Oh Monica hey or thank you, not ski dig it and wonder. Why think it’s so mad at me I can’t remember their names. Okay, now now the file that says have a nice weekend is gone. Which is really weird I really want to try adding characters back myself and see what happens we have to see that I actually have the text speed all the way up and it slowed it down She just literally takes over everything about your game doesn’t she alright. Let’s see if any messages come up so far There’s no messages wait. I wouldn’t know about that. Okay wait wait wait. Let’s actually look at that I want to know about this thing that she says right here. I remember. I wanted to know about this last time She says what we see literature club of course we already know each other because we were in the same class you know I guess we could just skip over that stuff after all I’m not even talking to that person anymore am I What does that mean that? You in the game whatever you wants you call him. I’m talking a cheese girl pie now. I now that I think about it I don’t really know anything about the real you in fact. I don’t even know if you’re a boy or a girl well I guess it doesn’t really matter Wait you do know where this is all the game right could it be possible that you didn’t know that That doesn’t make but since I even told you I even told you right on the game’s down the page didn’t I? But one really interesting thing that I seen on the download page is that it does say I’m super excited for you to make friends with everyone and help the literature Club become a more intimate place for all my members But I can tell already that you’re a sweetheart. Will you promise to spend the most time with me? And that’s Monica taki Dan yes it’s like such a good it’s such a good thing. I don’t know this game is so cool the way they did that and like of course Monica it’s highlighted. It’s right here. You just don’t know hi. I’m Monica here It’s all about Monica, but you don’t know until you play the game And that’s the crazy thing about it this might very well be like the most amazing visual novel like ever made so crazy alright Let’s let’s just go ahead and delete her already BAM okay, I’m checking my messages again just to see if she’s like leaving something else okay Oh, here’s another thing we could do right now, so she’s gonna. She’s gonna bring back all the characters I’m gonna delete them again, and we’re gonna see what happens after that because the game is going to restart we do know that Okay, so they’re all back except for Monica. I’m deleting all of them right now. I just did it oh Don’t worry, so wait did we load no we have to go to new game, right I? Deleted them all what so what’s gonna happen. I mean. She shouldn’t even actually be here right now I’m trying to find any changes like it. I can’t find any changes yet all right so so far. Everyone’s just chillin I thought that that would happen. I thought something would happened if we deleted all the characters after she revived them I guess not I mean I haven’t tried like reloading the game But I think last time we did that it put us at it basically a brand new game So we can’t close the game. I never finished. I’ve never seen what happens like all the way after we delete it You know after we beat the game. I guess or did I now I can’t remember I remember being so like shook that that Monica actually add a voice. She is sweet though. I gotta admit She’s very very sweet for a character you know She sounds to me. You know she does kill people She’s sweet guy. It’s a stop saying such a nice song though Don’t you guys think such a warm feeling inside that I feel for this game now that this song is playing doki-doki It gives me Doki Doki Does you just like to lead everyone? I still think I’m doing everything all wrong Yeah, she just leaves them. I remember you guys telling me when I was live streaming the game that There’s a way that’s changed the ending No, okay, so apparently on reddit, there’s mots is there actually much. I would love to play a mod to version of this game So apparently people have created a fan game that basically continues your journey with Monica at the end. Holy crap guys Would you like to see me play that because I definitely want to play it? Definitely will make an episode about that we see what happens last episode before you know we started the game We deleted everyone what happens that during the game. We delete people all right Monica bye-bye I’d be seriously freaked out if she really doesn’t show up anymore. I should this is she gonna be here. Oh there She is there. She is I knew it see. I knew the game couldn’t be that deep there’s no way I don’t know guys. I don’t wanna make this game. I don’t wanna make this episode too long, but guys I Will do another episode exploring all those little secrets I feel like there’s so much still to this game that we can look at and also there’s gonna be a bonus game So yeah, I definitely want to play that anyway guys Hey, I really want I wanted to play more, but the episodes too long. Yeah guys We’re definitely gonna make another episode anyway guys if you like this video if you like the series be sure to leave a like be Sure to check out last episodes because there’s really crazy things in every episode really. That’s the cool thing about this game It’s really really amazing game guys today scrip of the day goes to Ariana Paul loose Sosa anime brings friends together That’s true me my my simp. I bonded with anime so did me and my senpai I don’t know if that’s serious or not, but they do bring friends together Okay, so why don’t you go share some anime with your friends? Okay? Maybe shared this episode Do you share this video, please? I need the views guys be sure you’re hitting that subscribe button be sure you’re hating it Okay, just like that. It’s pretty easy isn’t it I’m Bijuu Mike and I’ll see you scrubs in the next one bye guys (Subtitles by Kats) *error i cant do crap about this can i? welp by*

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