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  1. "Get a pasta dough" – YouTube Auto Caption Algorithm


  2. hey it turns out i have already seen one of her videos!

  3. Hi Sam ,l started my journey in Cartagena and going to Medellin in two weeks .in term of real estate investment where would you prefer Cartagena or Medellin ?
    ( trying to skip Canadian winter that you can relate) .

  4. Not a digital nomad but a digital oasis. Like in love, life and business there are no secrets you just have to take that first confident step forward. Again thanks for your insights.

  5. I am an online esl teacher. In case anyone is interested

  6. Nice info Sam …. Hope all is well. Waiting patiently for the Ben Simmons shirt to make its vlog debut !

  7. Im a level 3 personal trainer, could i be a digital nomad ?

  8. hey Sam invite me to walking with you you buy coca i put the perraa

  9. nice video sam, thanks for the info

  10. Some of us see Google and Facebook as undesirable partners, so there would need to be better options. You-Tube is owned by Google.

  11. Sam, do you have any ideas or books/blogs as to starting an online business that sells food? Specifically, food that the customer mixes and makes at home. Can you point me in the right direction?

  12. You've been spending a lot of time in Medellín lately. Last time I was there, I saw you walk past while I was eating in Laureles. You might as well make the permanent move to MDE!!!

  13. Lastima no poder ver el vídeo , siempre me dan coraje estás publicidades y paso a otro vídeo para evitar la publicidad

  14. One question about medellin/antioquia (region) I know about the weather but I often see a grey sky when looking at videos about colombia is this normal or does the sun shine alot there?(blue sky)

  15. Thanks for sharing your financial opportunity. It's a blessing being able to create financial freedom or a second income while still having a 9-5 job.

    I also have a free tutorial on my Channel.

  16. Sam this was epic! thanks for this opportunity!!! I had a lot of fun

  17. awesome and informative video ! thanks

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