Self Esteem – Understanding & Fixing Low Self-Esteem

Self Esteem – Understanding & Fixing Low Self-Esteem

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  1. so may i ask… does self esteem is the same as confidence? Or its about loving/respect yourself?

  2. Thank you my dude! Taking one step!

  3. All due respect u need 2 redo this video. 90% of your video is about negativity. If you have a person struggling with self esteem you need to focus on why they can be successful and how to b successful. "Go back 2 the past on what may be the cause"? Literally the WORST advice humanly possible. Are you trying to make imbalanced people suicidal? Dude. Listen to some Anthony Robbins tapes for 30 days then try again. This is a huge fail. You can do better. You can video something that will actually help people. Just saying.

  4. I'm starting to believe problems with self esteem is at the core of all mental health problems

  5. One of the greatest ironies is that people who lack self esteem in certain aspects of their lives seek out others who have lower self esteem than them to victimize them to take their mind off feeling like a victim. It's funny because if they worked on themselves they could fix the issue but instead they always keep the cycle going. I think the first way to raise your self esteem is to just focus on yourself first and work on developing confidence where it lacks to higher your self esteem. I think that you should basically take these times to just be in it for yourself because when you try to build self esteem is when all the demons of your past and all the people in your life start to attack you to keep you down. They take all forms, the helping hand, the needy person that you owe something to for some reason, the friend that says youre loneliness is what's making you so depressed so you should just go hang out and maybe do stuff you don't even feel like doing, the intellectual that knows exactly what you're problem is and how to fix it, the guy that makes sure you see every problem on Earth was your fault somehow and every one of your mistakes was because you're too pathetic do be able to do anything (letting you forget that people make mistakes sometimes). They come in all shapes and sizes and all sorts of situations. The one thing I've found is that fighting them back or going with them isn't really where the solution is. I think half the battle starts in a journal and in your thoughts getting an understanding of yourself and why you do things and what you want and the other half comes from putting your new strategies into practice with the final piece of documenting what the outcome was. Working on yourself and going on a mission to discover yourself throughout the rest of your life is what's going to make you become a confident person who has the self esteem to say with certainty you know who you are and what you want and you have the practice to figure out how to get it.

    I like to end my thoughts by pointing out that with faith in God you can do anything and God helps you have strength to keep pushing. At the end of the day he's the true meaning to our lives and it helps a lot to know what you're fighting for when it becomes apparently obvious that nothing on Earth seems to be the answer for what your ultimate purpose is.

  6. Fixed my low self esteem but now I'm a megalomaniac. Is this an improvement?

  7. Well, um, I think I just want to say is that I am glad my mom discovered you, since I am 11 years and this might help me out, I honestly have the lowest Of the lowest self-esteem

  8. Ain’t got self respect, I am the dumbest person in the world which is true.

  9. 6 pillars of Self Esteem
    1. Living Consciously
    2. Self Acceptance
    3. Self Responsiblity
    4. Self Assertive
    5. Living Purposefully
    6. Personal Integrity

  10. I never feel good enough at work, hate on myself for being clumsy, always had low self esteem after being in all the low grade classes in school and getting bullied for being thick.

  11. I had a teacher in high school ask me what I wanted to do when I left school. I answered honestly at the time and said I wanted to be a doctor. Her response planted the seed of doubt and indecision which grew and thrived for years.

  12. luv your videos , they help me so much.

  13. Love your videos hope to improve my self esteem and take control of life and get back to work and be more happy

  14. Brilliant teaching!

  15. I cant even look at my self in pictures

  16. Thank God for living in a age where we have YouTube. There is alot of crap on YT but the videos that help people who are struggling are so important!

  17. i hate myself so much. i hate everything about myself, and everyone else does, too. if i were just gone, everything would be better. i have no friends, i'm just the annoying one who tags along. i've been trying to be someone i'm not for so long that i don't even remember who i am anymore. i don't know how to act. everyone i know is better than me in one way or another.

  18. Shyness and low confidence has kept me from enjoying any type of romantic relationship. I've always been shy around women and hadn't had much luck in that area. I've experienced so much rejection based either on my looks or social status to the point where I just feel ugly and worthless and flat out hate myself

  19. I was abused physically, emotionally, and sexually as a child. It's because of this abuse that my self esteem is very low. I think I don't deserve anything nice. And I'm not good enough either. I'm depressed all the time. I'm working on everything. I hope to be a happy person someday. 😢

  20. Love your videos, you are great at breaking the main points that are hard to explain 😀

  21. “I assume if you’re watching this video then you are one with low self esteem”… hey, FU 🤣🤣
    Seriously tho, I love all your videos 😬🥳🙏🧝‍♀️

  22. I know that at this point in my life it's a waste of time to place blame on others

    but I really blame my parents for my lack of self-esteem.
    Lack of affection and support… it feels awful to live a life where you often
    feel like you're no one important so please don't forget to tell your children
    how awesome they are every day and shower them with love ! It must truly
    make a difference.

  23. i have extremely negative mindset becoz of many failures in my life of 22 years and now it is getting out of control and i need help..
    i cannot talk with my parrents and i have already lost my close friends, so i am about to finish..

  24. i am 23 years and i dont have any girlfriend
    not even a female friend
    BUT thats not issue..
    i failed so many times and now i have extreme negative mindset, i lost my self esteem,confidence,respect.
    i have depression,inferiority complex,i lost my close friends and i cannot talk about this with anyone, so i am helpless and alone.. i choose wrong career path and now my future will dark. and probably i will try to kill myself in future.

  25. i dont even leave my house (as much as i can) because i’m anxious with what other people think of me

  26. I have bipolar depression and low self esteem

  27. When you’re at a 1 , 1. Oof.

  28. well, i have been bullied in middle school. I dont know how it started but once it began, i started to hate everyone. Even when people tried to get me into the class tribe feel, i insulted them and told them to leave me the fuck alone. So they started hating me again. After that it was all over and when i came into highschool i started to feel weird whenever i started to talk to someone, when it was not related to school. I felt like i bother them and get on their nerves, even though it was ok. It is still like this today.
    I feel like everything i stand for, the passions i have and even the things i like are bad. I hide my hobbies and passions from everyone and when i dont i feel misserable.

  29. The definition of low self esteem at the start defined me perfectly

  30. I watched this video twice and after second take I had a journey into my childhood and realized where my low self esteem comes from and it was an amazing feeling that brought joy to my heart…thanks Leo your videos are really helping build my life. Awesome dude

  31. Excellent video! Very insiteful and inspiring. I can across your videos a good few years ago…. and started watching them again; they helped me then and they certainly helped me now! Thank you!

  32. I only take responsibility for the bad stuff, this is kind of my problem.

  33. There is no such thing as too much self-esteem. Arrogance is a sign of low self-esteem.

  34. Thank you Leo for the incredibly helpful videos. You have enriched my life tremendously.

  35. I’m literally a fucking doormat 😂 1/10. Like Theon Greyjoy after he got his dick cut off. I can’t even make eye contact with people. And I don’t know why 👌anyone relate

  36. My self-esteem is so low that I have tried to commit suicide several times.

  37. Feel compelled to post this. I awoke this morning, went through my routine…I will come back to this in a moment. I came into my bedroom and looked online about self-esteem,I was just not feeling any motivation hence I feel my self-esteem is looking at zero

    I started counseling 3 months ago, I have not felt or seen any benefits. This was for suspected PTSD. I had two major ops a few years ago, life-changing, I am indoors a lot due to this but since then I have been through what seems like hell, I get moments of clarity and have used this. I used to be very physical but now I can not do this, lost my career and a lot of people whom I considered friends. Ok, I decided in a moment of clarity to teach myself Web Design/Development. I went through my routine this morning, I sat down and started to set myself up to work on my project for a friend, I stopped as I really can not do this today and I am now just finished this video. This happens a lot. I want to be back in the game and make a better future for myself.

    When like this I basically switch off and don't care, this creates a circle of self-criticism and I put myself under the pressure of which I then switch off, even more, I may drink and play music (not a good idea) I push people away. I know what I hate in my life and I know what I want but I feel extremely weak to deal with this. Feel like I have tried everything.

    I have read some comments and I think it should be said that our environment today is a major cause for a lot of us becoming like this, We are so uneducated to what is happening around us. I used to be an engineer and I consider myself to be quite intelligent in this field. I looked at 5G, for example, the other year and I can not believe what I know now. I can research very well. This alone can cause us to be low..Why am I using this example out of many? because we are not paying attention. A lot of people who are where we are so divided by default, stop watching TV it is psychologically attacking us. We will never be balanced or have a fighting chance if we do not see what our environment provides. I moved to a nice place a few years ago, it has helped me a lot, I know I was worse a long while ago, I looked at my environment.

    Thank you for this video but a lot of comments here are indirectly asking for more (self) intervention, yes we can work on ourselves mentally but it can only be treating the symptoms. Yes, we are all different but please consider my points. I researched a lot and it burned me out, it left scars but I am educated and it has helped.

    What I say is not easy but I personally have always felt better by helping others, my reward is mental in the sense I have changed someone for the better, the small things are the big things we do not see enough of anymore. Why is this???? What I state is not easy but it can be done small, it will be big for yourself, trust me on that,
    I use a saying today (self-integrity) "Be what you want to see" this promotes what you see as lacking within your environment. Thanks for reading I could go on. I hope this speaks to someone, even just one person. I feel better sharing this and I might conquer what I awaken to do this morning, By watching this video I have already started to focus on myself… I did not feel this before I wrote this. Strength is not what society makes it out to be, stay away from negativity, it changed my life but first learn to spot what is not good for you, you will be surprised, I have left clues in this comment (ok its almost a novel lol)

    One thing I will say is that Big corporations and Government are not here to help us, we have full control over ourselves now like it or not, I know I sound crazy but I have learned this the hard way, its time to look after your own self and stop trusting those that use us.. please consider this as it can help, it can get harder before you get better, it was never going to be easy. If we have something in common with somebody its usually a good start to stop being alone, I have great friends today who are all awake. Life is easier, my scars are what dictate my negative but it was worse.

    Peace and love to you all -Mark

  38. Don't try to be a 10, be a 5. Be nice and balanced.
    You're not perfect but you're not worthless either.

  39. It's so stupid nowadays that if you don't like yourself they'll tell you that you want attention but if you love yourself you become egocentric

  40. I have -10 low self-esteem

  41. Ok, get into this or show me a video, dealing with someone (ref. to 18.00) who ask this of you that you feel defenseless to. It's obvious you can't make them love you or allow you your opinion if they are narcistic. My question is, if we are here in a toxic atmosphere, how do we combat a toxic abuse if we can't leave right away. My boyfriend (along with all the other terrible life choices I loved at one point) are emotionally mute and I would call them cruel. The dismiss me and rewrite my opinions and then say they don't. I am aware this is narcistic and am trying to get myself to a place of more confidence. I need to know more how to shift if your in it deep. Its like ever assertive thing I try to do , not only him but my family often too, belittle and berate me . They often use terms like difficult and indifferent to everyone. they single me out as thinking of only myself or thinking I'm better when often I am feeling judged and  alone. How do you leave a life time of people  that raised you to be their scape goat, and the ones you added because you thought it was normal for people to treat you that way. I'm not rich, and there is no proof I need help. It is so terrifying to know the problem but not see an ending that doesn't result in everyone you love not being in your life. It is basically what it would be though.

  42. What helped me the most was when I discovered that I must stop caring what others think of me and start deeply caring what I think of myself.
    That's when I met a wonderful, caring person who has become my best friend. Me.
    I now direct all of the energy I used to waste trying to please others, who inevitably ended up despising me, toward myself.

    This was the key to the prison I had been in for fifty years.
    The other thing I hope others may understand from this is that it is never too late to change and break free.

  43. I want my esteem back

  44. This whole video feels like he's doing NLP- "you feel stupid", "you feel you're not attractive", "you have no control over your life" etc., while taking precious little time going over actually fixing self-esteem issues. Weird vibes.

  45. I used to be comfortable with who I was, I had very healthy levels of self esteem. I met some very toxic friends who took all of that so I would be on the same level as them, I’m trying to earn it back though.

  46. I do not FEEL like "x" – I was JUDGED to be "x"

  47. It's not me – its them. I want to have sex with a girl, just no girl wants it too. How is it my fault? And why would I think bad of ME? I only ask for what I would give myself.

  48. After you took the life and plans that I had for me.

  49. Wow, all the negative examples you gave were in my list. I have some serious low self-esteem issues. I lost a girl because of this issue and I regret for not working on my self-esteem in the past. Oh God, I really want to become a strong person, but without strengthening the base, everything else crumbles with it when I face social difficulties.

  50. I feel crazy.pls help me.please.please.I have the lowest self esteem and also the Highest self esteem.pleaseplease please help me before I hang myself.

  51. I always thought self-esteem is measured on your thoughts that you don't deserve to be treated like a doormat. I never thought of it as me not believing in myself that I am competent to handle the pressures of life.

  52. 4 and 2 are my numbers on the first part

  53. Love this!

    Would love it if you checked out my channel. Self help and spiritual geared videos.

    First one in on my channel! Would love to connect.

  54. To be honestly I have low self-esteem

  55. How's life, commenters?

  56. I think there is no way to fix it. I've been trying to but the "try and try until you succeed" thing never happened. I can't raise my self-esteem up!

  57. You have 🅱️ig 🅱️rain energy

  58. The info on 6 pillars of self esteem start @ 15.20

  59. I think my low self esteem came from being told to kill myself in secondary school.

  60. My dream is to be a movie actress

  61. Joyce A-deg-bo-ye-ga

  62. Person: You're good at music. Can you teach me?
    Me: Meh.

    Person: Your artwork is amazing. You could get paid for this.
    Me: Meh.

    Person: You're not funny and your jokes are terrible.

  63. Low self esteem from constant rejection in all areas of life (job,peers,family,relationships) is no easy feat to overcome. It can seem their is no way out. If people don’t see you of worth its difficult for the person struggling to believe in themselves. And instead believe what the masses have to feel about you.

  64. I’m probably 2-3’s for both self-efficacy and self-respect. And I’m lacking so much in all the 6 pillars lol. I have low self esteem because I was bullied by many people as a young kid. I was told all kinds of insults, the ones I heard the most was that I was ugly and weird. I have felt ugly and weird ever since. My entire life so far has been a lonely and miserable one. Idk how I’m gonna do it to work on all 6 pillars of self esteem and my self-image cause it’s really bad. I mean I have body dysmorphia which pretty much tells you where I place my worth as a person. I feel that I need to look perfect in order to deserve happiness, I know that no human on earth has a perfect appearance, but psychologically I cannot accept this. My mind tells me that I’m ugly and unloveable and unless I look a certain way, then I’ll never be happy. But at the very least I’ve started to practice positive affirmations lately. It’s a start.

  65. My father wouldn't let me share my thoughts or contribute to any thing he talked about since I was 10 years. This kind of made me think I was useless and had nothing productive out of me.

    I wouldn't contribute to anything in the class/ even asking a question because I had this mind 'ohhh they'd say what the f** I was talking about'.

    Thank you for this video, It has given me new energy and I see boosting my low esteem.

    Thanks a million.

  66. "Maybe you feel like you're not smart, maye you feel you're not attractive, maybe you feel like you're clumsy, maybe you feel like you're bad with money, maybe you feel you're bad in relationships, maybe you feel like you're very shy, maybe you feel like you're unlovable" – Everything in the list fits with me 🙁

  67. I literally avoid mirrors and pictures because I have no self esteem, this is an amazing and very helpful video, tears literally ran down my face during this video.

  68. Before I watch this, I wanted to say that I was taught that self esteem is dangerous. It's a form of selfish pride.

  69. Since last week it's 1 and 1 on both. It's feels like something is tearing me deep down on a regular basis

  70. Leo my sons name is Leo. You're an amazing human being. I wished more Leo's were like you. My sons name is Leo. I hope he turns out to be an amazing man like you. ❤🙂

  71. That is not self esteem ,

    you are talking about self confidence

  72. I have low self esteem, i know it, everybody around me knows it. And it is my fault, im the kinda guy who everybody avoids. Why, you ask? Well nobody wants to be around weird, boring, awkward guy who has nothing to talk about and suck at talking in general. Therefore, romantic relationships are non existent, work oportunities are very limited and so on and so on.

    But i don't consider myself as a victim or something, also i don't let people walk over me, and no it's not because i think i have a value, its because i don't want to deal with bullshit when i know i won't succeed anyway. So…i rather isolate myself than deal with them. This is just how society works, you have no value = you're an outcast.

    I understand that i don't deserve happines and i deserve everything bad that happens to me. This is just how the world works, weak people are doomed and i accept it. It's only a bit sad that piece of shit like me is wasting space on this earth, while others who could do great things are not even alowed to live.

  73. To say that an abusive spouse and that it is all in your head is about the most misguided thing I've ever heard.

  74. Self efficacy:
    1. If you are wheelchair bound you can't become a good runner?
    2. Child: school is a closed environment where sadists (kids, teachers and so on) work together, and by law you need to attend that cesspool. If you are being abused you "can't" leave? Adult: If you are a victim of forced fatherhood, how can you stop loving your kids and be free?
    3. If you need your job to earn money?
    4. If you have terminal cancer, can you cure it?

  75. I need some help with pillar 6 anyone have some advice

  76. Ot's unbelievable, the amout of ppl, who feel this way, (Low Self Esteem), such as Ii & all do to, childhood trauma.. G.Bs us all.

  77. Great video Leo.. Thank u bro..

  78. Fuck this I fall asleep before hearing anything

  79. Valuable information about self esteem but I think you can brief

  80. The pillars start at 15.33

  81. If those levels 1 – 10 were represented as a penthouse floors you're on… A freaking sinkhole opened up right beneath my feet.
    Low self esteem combined with depression, anxiety and suicide thoughts on daily basis. XD
    Lucky I'm flegmatic and can say "just what would others gain from my death? It would only cost more money and effort, nothing else accomplished."
    Yup, I know I have a problem, I know I should work on it, but then again no therapy or support calls really work, so why bother and make it even worse for myself by hearing how bad I am?

  82. Being an empath and HSP and target for a bunch of narcissists and their flying monkey who bullied me, made fun of me , called me a looser, stuppid, will sitt and laugh at me, and those monsters suppose to be a family to me, it broke my heart, and distroys ny selfesteam and selfworth, now i know what i was dealing with, i need to pick myself up, i want to be happy without feeling guilty, i let myself down by allowing that, and i was taking all their shit in hope that maybe they will stop but no, they are monster, demon, and even that i block them on facebook now and recently they find my IG they continue their bullying there too, but i am more aware now that that had nothing to do with me,😥😭

  83. My self esteem is so low that I’m in a bad place right now. I had friends ask me for favors and guilt trip me to get me to accept their requests anyway. I couldn’t even say no without them making me feel bad.

  84. I agree with you .

  85. I wrote her off for the 10th time today….. And practiced all of the things I would say.. but she came over I lost my nerve … I took her back and I made her desert…. Well I know I'm being used but its okay because I like the abuse.. And I know she's playing with me… But that's okay cause I got no self esteem

  86. I have a really low self-esteem. It makes me feel miserable everyday. I feel like people hate me because I'm not that social. I'm not like this and that. In my mind what makes people special and respected is superficial thing. Like how many followers on instagram they have. Or how many people they've known. And if they wear branded clothing, etc. I realize that makes me look down on myself. Because I'm none of those things. It makes me believe that I don't deserve love, happiness and respect. It led me to believe that I'm the victim. And I realize this have gone to far. I'm insecure and push people away. Chasing people validation everyday is draining. Thinking why when something isn't right somehow I think that's my responsibility to make it right. When in reality many factor can be the cause of that. But I always think I'm the one who is wrong. And unwanted. That is why I become a little bit antisocial and become so far away from my goals and from what I wanted to be. I look at myself as other people looked at me and let their thoughts control me. I'm not confident with my presence. Which is why I'm here. To restore. I know this isn't me and I don't want this year to he the same as last year when I was in highschool. I'm new and I can have a fresh start. It all comes down to a realization that I deserve the same kind of love and respect I give to other people. Journaling really helped me but It's hard to stay consistent. I hope we can learn from others experiences and inspire each other. I apologize if this is annoying and sounds like mumbo jumbo. I just want to share my thoughts and feeling.

    Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes. English is not my first language and I'm still learning. ❤

  87. If I just did what I think I should, I know I would be much happier. A lifetime of failure (66 years) of failure in that respect makes me not even want to try anymore. Just waiting to die now.

  88. Leo, you will never be enough.

  89. Yeah being around a negative family growing up and being bullied, and feeling really lonely. and having no support to do well or courage me to do well. Not feeling like I had a group of friends as a teenager. was quite painful and isolating. Realising I am happier being away from my family as an adult. At least having a pet was my life line lol.

  90. I dont understand why any and all negative thoughts about oneself HAS to be a false belief. Maybe I really AM bad at certain things.

  91. My low self esteem has come from a lifetime of believing I could have, only to be bullied back into always being shown and told you can't. WHY this motherfuckery??????

  92. 11:15 STOP USING FACTS!

  93. I've just been dumped 3 weeks ago because i was nagging about who she was hanging out with and that she should of make more time for me. While she was clear at the beginning she needs space to find out which way she would like to go with her career and she was just out of a relationship a year ago and just got back in contact with her friends and enjoyed these moments with them very much and meeting new people. My insecurity and not respecting her personal space is what drove us into the ground. Wish i didnt bother her and had a stronger self esteem. Because despite all these things she did chose to see me. And i was just too needy. Work on your self esteem guys before going into a relationship and start to make other people lives miserable.

  94. My self confidence is so low that I don't even wanna get helped anymore! This video is worthless for me! I don't even know why I'm here

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