Season 6, Chapter 13 | Red vs. Blue

Season 6, Chapter 13 | Red vs. Blue

Dear Director- Our laws are not designed to outline every possible infraction that may take place, However, the spirit of the law is clear- blatant disregard for the safety and well-being of our citizens in any form, will always be a punishable offense. Regardless of how well, or by whom
that offense has been justified. Simmons: Here they come! Sarge: Simmons, what’re you waiting for? SHOOT ‘EM! Simmons: I can’t! This stupid gun is jammed! Sarge: Step on it, Grif! Grif: Yeah, no shit! Sarge: Whose idea was it to steal a jeep from these guys anyway? Washington: Gah, I knew this plan wouldn’t work! Church: We all knew this plan wouldn’t work. None of our plans ever work. Caboose: That’s why we carry guns. Washington: (mocking Sarge) We couldn’t get a car! No problem- we’re better with vehicles than the blues! Let US handle this! Washington: Why did I even listen to them? Church: I told you not to. Washington: Yeah, well, I already stopped listening to YOU three bases ago. Caboose: Well that’s not very– Washington: And I NEVER started listening to YOU. [Warthog gunfire] Sarge: Force them in to the wall. Grif: On it! Grif: Where’d they go!? Sarge: Did ya lose ’em? Grif: Looks like it. Sarge: What in Sam Hell? I don’t believe it. Grif: Well Sarge, I guess you owe me an apology. Turns out I’m not such a bad driver after- … …all. Aw come on, what the f***! Caboose: Aw man. That jeep has a really big gun. Church: Don’t get any ideas. Washington: *sigh* Well I guess I’d better get down there and save them. I’m really starting to hate this part of the job. Caboose: Well at least you’re getting a lot of practice at it. Washington: Don’t patronize me. Church: You know, if we let one or two of ’em die we could probably all squeeze in to one car. Just saying, you should think about it. Caboose: Oh, and if enough of us die, we can fit on a motorcycle! Church: Alright good, he’s gone. Caboose, you stay here, I’ll be right back. Caboose: You’re leaving? Church: Yeah. Church: For some reason
he doesn’t want me to see Tex’s body. I’m gonna go try to find her. Caboose: Um… Don-, don’t leave me here with your body. It stares at me, and I don’t like it. Church: You’ll be fine. Church’s body: *humming sound* Caboose: Stop it. Simmons: Got it! Grif: Great, you unjammed the gun? How ’bout you shoot ’em!? Sarge: Grif, just get us out of this! Grif: Hold on, I wanna try something. I think I can make this jump! Sarge: Are you insane? Grif: Yeah, f*** this, brakes! Uhuh, we’re really high. Simmons: Yeah, got him! Washington: You idiots! We needed that jeep! Grif: Uh yeah, and we needed not to die? What’s your point? Washington: There’s still six of us. Where’re we gonna get another vehicle? … Washington: …Oh. Grif: Hey, dude? In the future, don’t ask for shit. Looks like the Hornet’s gonna get ’em. Yeah. They blew up our jeep though. That kinda sucks. And they killed two of our friends, right? Oh yeah that too. Still I think – Heagurgurk! You okay? Church: Me? Yeah you. What was that noise? Church: I didn’t, hear any noise. It sounded like- Church: I sneezed. You sneezed. Church: Yeah, so anyway, I’m gonna go in the base now, gonna go do some patrolling in there. You know how it goes. Standard ops stuff. Okay seeya. What’re you talkin’ about, the CO said to stay out here. Make sure no-one gets in the base. Church: Oh it’s okay. I uh, I spoke to the Sargeant. He gave me special orders. Okay, yeah. Wait, you mean the Captain? Church: Huh? Yeah right. That guy. Whatever. Simmons: Run! Washington: Dammit. Caboose! What is Church doing? Caboose: Oh, uh, doing? Uh why nothing Agent Washington he’s just standing next to me watching you get killed by the giant spaceship. Oh really. Can you put him on then? Caboose: Oh, I don’t think so, um, we’re, we’re playing a game. Uh called, who can hold still the longest. Uhm, it’s a fun game we- … …I’m going to have to call you back.

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  1. ooooooooohhhhhhh……..STOP IT!!!

  2. Chairman was spouting some mad bullshit this episode given later events

  3. if you compare this to season 11 you can see how much wash has changed

  4. Still can't get over that noise when people are possessed XD

  5. If you listen closely at the last scene, you can slightly hear Caboose saying all the stuff he's saying to Wash a split second before it reaches Wash's radio. I always thought that was a nice touch.

  6. so did they just give up on naming the episodes?

  7. Anyone else realize that the warthog with Grif Simmons and sarge in it was messed up in the first part fixed then messed up again while they were being chased

  8. Washington shoots donut and lopeZ, teams up with meta, and kidnaps doc. Tex comes back and church is the alpha but dies at ths end and later becomes epsilon.

  9. 2:15 fusion coil wat r u doing

  10. I love this show!!!!!! I mean its good.

  11. I despise hypocrites like the Chairman. I actually thought he was sincere during this season.

  12. WHat happen to tucker and donut

  13. and if enough of us die we can fit on a motorcycle!

  14. Intense staring from Church's body….
    Caboose quickly turns around

  15. "Blatant disregard for the safety and well-being of our citizens, in any form, will ALWAYS be a punishable offense…"

    Pot calling the kettle black there MYSTAH CHYAMAHN….

  16. who sneezes like hegyakurgurk

  17. Wow 0 dislikes, perfect!

  18. hay I'm watching this for the first time and I'm not complaining

  19. We're playing a game to see who can stay still the longest!
    church falls
    Im going to have to call you back

  20. "I'm going to have to call you back."

  21. 99% of the comments I read is caboose's quotes

  22. your video is so cool make me laf

  23. I'd give them 20,000 to air me into an episode. Please make more episodes! You guys have an amazing talent and the world loves you guys so much! Please make more Seasons

  24. yeah you shouldn't spoil it for people

  25. "Aww man, that jeep has a really big gun."
    I remembered that's what Caboose said back in season 1 right before using the tank and shooting Church. No wonder Church told him not to get any ideas. XD

  26. I guess I like the new plot. It's not a comedy, but is has cooler action.

  27. where's tucker and donut

  28. *Intense staring from Church's Body"

    Caboose: STOP IT!……..

  29. Honestly, when the original characters weren't here I wasn't enjoying the season and couldn't really watch it. But now I'm loving this series just like I did in the first few season!

  30. "None of our plans work"
    "Thats why we carry guns"
    I still love that line.

  31. I miss church I mean he's in like 6 sesons

  32. This season was written so well!!!

  33. Sucks the Jeep that the reds were driving didn't have that catchy Mexican music 🙁

  34. "and i never started listing to you!!!!"
    even though he was just listing :/

  35. Ay 2:15 before caboose says "stop it!" The explosive crate in the background is moving on its own!

  36. Caboose is the best. Has some of the best lines

  37. "If enough of us die, we can fit into a motorcycle!"
    I love Caboose

  38. At 2:40 how did their jeep suddenly be in perfect condition?

  39. Flawless Voice Impersonation From Washington….

  40. I was expecting Tex to take over churches body the second he left it….

  41. so…. where's tucker?

  42. These YouTube red ads give me cancer.

  43. Isn't Tex dead too? So her ghost should have left and possessed another body a long time ago

  44. Caboos: That jeep has a really big gun…..

    Church: DON'T get any ideas.

  45. Anyone notice how at the start the warthog was all smashed and shit, but when the hornet appeared it was new?

  46. Hmmmmmmmmm stop it

  47. Where…. Is …….. TUCKER

  48. church didn't leave his body, he just went AFK

  49. So I guess the intro is now going to be 2 guys arguing by mailing each other?

  50. Wash's Sarge impressions give me life.

  51. agent washington does a pretty spot on impression of me

  52. what happened to Tucker

  53. why do I get the feeling the two narrators in the beginning of each ep are gradually getting more and more angry with each other?

  54. This was the last ep with a 'HEEGURKGURKGURK'. Its always kinda sad to see a running gag die.

  55. Love when church fell over lol

  56. Rose are red
    Violets are blue
    I'll cum in caboose
    Like I came in you

  57. Finally things are strarting to heat up

  58. "Hey dude! In the future: DON'T ASK FOR SHIT!"
    I'm gonna use that for a long time.

  59. wheres donut doc tucker and his kid

  60. You had one job Caboose….

  61. heey. the first time Wash imitates Sarge…. nice

  62. 2:59 pretty sure that guy's voiced by Andy the Bomb.

  63. You know agent Washington reminds me of Trafalgar Law from One Piece like a lot. He realizes that the only people that can help him have the mental capacity of a sack of bricks.

  64. *Intense staring from Church's Body" Caboose: STOP IT!…….. oh man i love Caboose.

  65. "Oh really, can you put him on for me?"
    Dang that guy is smart. can we keep him?

  66. chirches body humming
    Stop it!

  67. Arrrourourro sorry I sneezed

  68. If Church's body is a robot, why no set it to move around and fight and stuff.

  69. Washingtons impression at 0:45

  70. That jeep has a really big gun. (In head) stay here jeep stay here jeep
    (Church) don't even think about it

  71. Was the other guard that didn't get possessed by Church, the same guy that voiced Andy?

  72. I love it when Church finds out he's an AI

  73. I swear, every time I re-binge this show, I find at least one new reference

  74. 2:10 Who else thought that sound was just some funny sound effect for the awkward moment?

    Fun Fact: That's apparently Church's body humming XD


  76. Why doesn’t Church posses someone and then whilst they don’t know he’s there why doesn’t he just shoot the enemy!

  77. Caboose is my fav lol hes so funny

  78. Go to 2:11 and look in the background

  79. body falls over
    Caboose: I'm gonna have to call you back.


  81. Red vs blue turns into chairman vs director

  82. When churches body was staring at caboose all I could see was a exploding crate rolling in the background

  83. 0:45 I swear to god Wash's Sarge impressions are probably some of the funniest thing for me because of how sarcastic he is.

  84. Where’s Tucker

  85. 2:32 Simmons just got a double kill

  86. We all know one thing for certain,

    "That jeep has a really big gun,"

  87. 1:48 I think i've heard that noise before.

  88. Rewatching for the 3rd or 4th time and still…. WHERE IS TUCKER XD

  89. Washington imitating Sarge was funny.

  90. Igoingtohavetocallyouback!

  91. 1:16 No me esperaba esa referencia en los subtítulos en español. Nice.

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