SCHOOL SPIRIT Chapter 4: I Don’t Owe You Proof

SCHOOL SPIRIT Chapter 4: I Don’t Owe You Proof

You two can’t possibly think that this is gonna prove anything to mr. Knight. Do you two even know what you’re doing? What if you’re just… I don’t know Asking for trouble? Oh, *teasing* are you scared? I thought you didn’t believe in this stuff. You can leave if you’re too scared. They can smell fear. *sighs* Scoot over… *music plays* Now remember, no matter what, do not take your fingers off the planchette until we’ve properly said goodbye. Those damn ghosts and their strict rules. Are there any spirits in this room? *gasps* Woah… Okay, you’re obviously moving it. And how many of you are we speaking to This is really convincing. Did you practice this? Okay, then why don’t you ask it something something that none of us know? Yeah. Fine. Okay. Um… All-knowing spirit, what was my nickname as a kid? *saying the letters on the bored* Whoa. Lucky guess guys. Is this the man that’s been visiting hazel at night?! Wait, What? Remember the man you saw in your dream? Yeah, but that was just a dream. What is your name spirit? *saying the letters on the bored again* What do you want from hazel Adrien?! Jemma I don’t like this… *reading the letters on the bored again* Dude… Hazel you broke the circle! Okay, please tell me that this is some kind of fucking prank! Do you know an Adrian?? My soul! You want me to think some demon is after my soul? What is wrong with you?! Hazel, we’re not controlling anything. Really. Bullshit! I know it’s scary, but this is real. This is what I’ve been trying to make you see all along. There’s nothing to see here Gemma! Okay, you just love stirring up drama and victimizing yourself for attention. Just like you always have. Case closed Mr. Knight. That was cold. Wow, so that’s what you really think of me. *voice is shakey* Can I stay in your room tonight? The energy in here is all messed up. Sure. *door slams* Hey, hey Hazel nut. It’s your old pal Adrien. Remember me? Want snarled, Slaytrix, or something scary merch? Visit our store by clicking the links beneath the video. Don’t forget to subscribe to snarled and turn on the bell for notifications so you can be alerted when the new episode of school spirit comes out next week. (Peace out from the captioners!)

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  1. Who else is on the spirit side

  2. Adrian is how i spell my friend’s name

  3. ONG THAT COINCIDENCE! I have a favorite book in Wattpad and the main character's name is Adrian Guillermo, and he has a cousin named Hazelnut "Hazel" Guillermo! Whattt???

  4. Am i the only one who thinks the school spirit beat goes hard.

    Just me….ok

  5. God I love this series!!

  6. If they added another A it would've said my name

  7. What happened with Rachel?


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  10. HazelNut Adrian soul

  11. Umm. I know some people don't believe in ghots but I see GHOSTS idk why

  12. I love the beat though 😸

  13. Ooof. I REALLY hate the black girl. Not because she believes in ghosts or anything, this is a universe in which she is acutally absolutely right about this – but because she is an obnoxious person. She doesn't listen, she doesn't think and she always butts her head through anything.
    Otherwise I am very impressed by the animations and the voiceacting. I like this series so far. =)

  14. basically a netflix series

  15. They didn't go back to say good bye!!!

  16. you asked the first if the demon is in your demon…you made the demon come to the human world

  17. you asked the first if the demon is in your demon…you made the demon come to the human world

  18. It would have been better if u kept it black and white

  19. I wish it longer 😭

  20. The theme is catchy

  21. Ima ask Santa for an Ouija board

  22. this is the final chapter aww man

  23. They dint say goodbye

  24. These videos are interesting


  26. Gemma is really rude

  27. Onyx is the best I love her

  28. Your vidios are the best I love how spooky they are 😻👻

  29. I'm surprised that hazel never mentioned the idiomotor effect considering she's looking for a psychology scholarship

  30. 3:07 This is what Hazel get's, i love this series but her face was priceless 😂😂😂

  31. Not even joking, this scared the hell out of me

  32. wow same nickname as my friend's

  33. and they forgot to say good bye…

  34. I'd prefer this over camp camp

  35. These theme songs are legit! Sapphire how are you doing this?!😍😍😍

  36. This is why u don't mess Ouija Boards.

  37. Can you make a season 2

  38. Girl: they can smell fear.
    Me:can they smell people that are pale as hell? Because you are

  39. I thought it was gonna say "Soup"

  40. Never play with a ouigi board

  41. My name is Adriana.

  42. am i the only one who notice but the planchette look like a heart

  43. In the thumbnail I thought Onyx’s shirt had a cross to cover her boobs

  44. Gemma is the type of person id avoid really

  45. when will be chap. 6?

  46. i want MORE AND MORE 😲😲😲

  47. When is season two coming out

  48. Need longer episodes, Saphire…these feel like teasers..🤤 I Need More

  49. Adrian wait a minute my name is Adrian

  50. My name is adrian

    *looks at Hazel*
    Me: Does she look scared to you??

  52. 0:40 love ❤️ this song

  53. Im using a spoon to type this 😀

  54. The biggest mistake was when they left her alone. In her bedroom. With the spirit. Bad idea

  55. So.. what happend to this series?

  56. Plzzzzzz plzzzzzz get us more of these mini series plzzzzzzzzzzz

  57. spooky and scary i love ittttttt

  58. The shopping guys said that the ouijia board are for kids but its for teenagers, adults and teens because if your playing it then your contacting with a spirit or ghost and make sure to end “goodbye”

  59. Who else is bingeing this

  60. When's the next episoodee!!! Aww!

  61. A little bit spooked 'cause my name is Hazel and some calls me Hazelnut. Jeez! 😂

  62. The muuusic is goood

  63. You did not say goodbye

  64. This is sooooo amazing I love it

  65. Płêàśë Mãkę Mörė Vîdèøś


  66. I am loving these👻🖤

  67. her name is :
    "Hazelnut"VERY TASTY 😋

  68. I thought Adrian wanted soup from Hazel. not joking. XDD

  69. Hey saphire how's the paranormal show going for u

  70. Cool
    Love the background music

  71. Did they just leave Sapphire like that?

  72. What the f😙😙k is wrong with spirit and don't mess with the spirit

  73. Well if hazel got gotten then it's her fault because she made Gemma leave so that's kinda what you get, sorry hazel.

  74. The intro is bomb

  75. These episodes are cool

  76. Hey am SAPPHIRE want to hear something scary ME SO HONY ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME

  77. Is this series going to continue? I really love it!

  78. Nobody said goodbye oh well that's your problem

  79. Sapphire, where did u get that beat, I love it!!!

  80. School cheerleaders: Come on everyone! Show us your school spirit!

    pulls out phone and shows the screen to cheerleaders

    Woo hoo! I have like so much school spirit

  81. Who thinks the background music is creepier than the story ???😒😒😱😱😨😨

  82. Every demon wants the soul… 🙄

  83. Boi you better be backing the fuck away from Hazelnut.

  84. The fact that Hazel is voiced by Sapphire is so hilarious 'cause Hazel is the type of girl who uses logic to think while Sapphire just always scares the shit out of us with her creepy ass story 😂

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