SAP HANA Academy – Live5: Initial Setup – File Transfer

SAP HANA Academy – Live5: Initial Setup – File Transfer

Hello and welcome to the SAP HANA Academy. You are watching the video tutorial series:
Building Solutions – Live 5. The topic of this video tutorial is Initial
Setup – File Transfer. Hi, I am Denys van Kempen. In this video, we are going to setup file
transfer between the SAP HANA server and a client computer and transfer the Text Analysis
additional language files that we downloaded to the HANA server. As a reminder, here we have our HANA express
download manager with the text analysis files for additional languages.
and here we have the Getting Started Guide Section 6.4
Install Text Analysis Files with the path where this file should be copied
to. OK There are multiple ways how you can transfer these files. I will be using FileZilla here. It is a free FTP client. There is one for Windows, one for Linux, and
one for the Mac. All works the same. Just google “filezilla” and download the
client, not the server, the client, and install. Simple installation process: next, next, next and then you can start Filezilla. For the host, enter either the IP or the hostname. Username: hxeadm Password: well, the one you defined. Port is 22. That’s the port for secure FTP. So, if there is a firewall between your client and the HANA server, you need to make sure that this port is open. I have defined the IP in the hosts
file on my Windows client. That’s in the windows>system32>drivers>etc directory and would be in /etc/hosts on the Mac This way you can connect just using the host
name and not the IP. the additional lang file with the TGZ extension is in the Downloads folder on my windows client TGZ means it is a zipped tar ball, in UNIX
vocabulary, Let’s copy over the directory where this
file needs to go from the Getting Started Guide and copy this into the path on the HANA server /hana/shared/HXE/global/hdb/custom/config/lexicon and then you can just drag and drop the file Alternatively, you can also use WinSCP, windows secure copy. Again, just google it. It is a small download and simple install. Only for Windows this time. Here we have the login screen. WinSCP integrates with PuTTY. So you can use the same configuration and the UI is a bit more windows like. So you may prefer this if you are a hardcore
Windows user. Then, we need to extract the file. For this, I will use PuTTY. We have look at how to set this up before. Open the connection
Enter the password for hxeadm. and then, the path is still in my Windows
clipboard, so just right-click to copy The command was in the Getting Started Guide
as well. tar xvzf file name
x for extract v for verbose, this will give us a bit of
output, so we can catch any errors, should they occur z for zipped,
and f for file and then the file name in case you wondered, tar also works with
pipes and tapes, tar being originally a Tape ARchiver, hence the name and then we are done. OK, so much for Initial Setup – File Transfer You can find more video tutorials on our YouTube
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