Salary calculation: TDS or income tax, PF, ESI, Professional Tax, Labor welfare fund or payroll

Salary calculation: TDS or income tax, PF, ESI, Professional Tax, Labor welfare fund or payroll

PF will be calculated on 12% Employees earning a gross salary less than 21000 will get a deduction of ESIC like other deduction(LOP, ESIC, LWF) less PF also from Annual salary. I forget to less PF here.

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  1. Thank you so much sirrr…
    Great vedio sir….

  2. Sir, after gross salary, deduction may be allowance exemption, entertainment and professional tax before calculations of tds. But I want to know employees pf and esi come as deduction from gross salary before calculations of tds

  3. Kindly make vedio on how to sourcing candidate on naukri, monster etc. Sites.
    Please sir….

  4. Brilliant video Sir. I must say that I have seen many videos regarding the payroll, but this one is the best. I appreciate your depth of knowledge and the understanding of the clear concepts. Please keep up your good work like this. I really pray that this channel becomes a big hit. Please make videos regarding the interviews of Payroll Head and Payroll Manager. That would be a real gesture. God bless you, Sir.

  5. Sir could you please provide us your Excel sheet with pf correction ??

  6. And also could u plz tell me if the TDS came out say 30000 for example in your example instead of zero then the 30000 is divided by 12 or remaining months and quotient is the tds for that particular month yes????? Plz answer

  7. Sir one more salarypaid/credited in 24 q form which amt should be taken sir???? Plz plz answer this at your earliest

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  9. Pf 12 % ya 12.5 %????? Please help

  10. Sir, how to calculate daily wages in case of absent. How to calculate total working days in months – 30 days, 28 days and 31 days

  11. Sir , please send excel sheet on my email , [email protected]

  12. Hello Sir, can you please send me attendance and salary calcution?
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  13. Hi, I need to know how to negotiate salary with a candidate? Or how to conduct a managerial round for salary?

  14. U r genius bro….Bahut zyada pyar from KERALA.

  15. Basic ka 12% hota hai aap ne 12.5% kaise liya hai pls reply

  16. Sir please Gst ki full description ke video banaiye, jisme how to calculate gst, filling and returns ki information ho taki help ho jay

  17. how to professional tax calculate in salary sheet (Maharashtra State Professional Tax Slab)

  18. thank you very much for the video. could you please share the payroll files you are showing in the video for practice. as I am completely new in payroll and want to learn payroll.

  19. Labour welfare formula Kya hoga

  20. Really Thanks for d video buddy
    .can uh provide us a sampel sheet for payroll for practicing payroll management. If uh do this its will be really helpfull for us.
    thank uh

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