Saints Row 2 Gameplay Part 9 File in the Cake(PS3 Full Game/gamer4life)sr2/gaming( saints row 2 ps3)

Saints Row 2 Gameplay Part 9 File in the Cake(PS3 Full Game/gamer4life)sr2/gaming( saints row 2 ps3)

all right friends fellas so welcome back
to another gameplay of Saint row – my name is Joseph so welcome back to my
channel of jilsuk ever fight welcome back all right so we go drive this one
right here Chitty Bang Bang all right come on there we go
she almost like a old car from a movie GT bang bang all right go this one over yourself oh shit all right
so is this gameplay part die so I still try not to cough so oh we’re here that was some fast very
fast all right hey what’s up I can’t believe what
they’ve done here it’s pretty classy huh whatever a strip club named TNA that was
classy this shit is just tacky so did you find
out what was in that lower dust shit science is hard anyway like I was saying
I can’t work it out but I know someone who can who it’s a woman I met in prison
she knows more about this shit than I ever will there’s only one what’s the
problem she’s still in prison great don’t worry about it I know how
you’re gonna break in Sampson get over here hey um you should
probably hurry okay all right
oh hell no there you go but Ari fast I can so
try get there that how far is it golly that’s what you call a stroke let’s I see it
all right there so Beit Shean D thanks for the bomb and
everything yeah what the fuck am I supposed to do with it don’t freak out I
got this all worked out person is powered by an old generator underneath
the building take out that generator it’s like double eyelids okay so why is
it generator it’s not like they gave me a tortoise place when I was in a coma
I’m getting to that relax the islands going through there oh thanks honey
I see it cool perfect you made it however I’m fast there you go okra hat bad feeling as shahe cool one
upstair good or it’s better work cool
hi so any get inside oh crap
well I went the wrong way I guess so on I go up oh there we go me sorry ah yes
oh crap okay and got my way yeah go up there
Vicki shooting there we go give me that anybody else
another so oh let’s go right all right down my way motherfucker
I’m back do you miss me another song ticket or either or die huh hey my else
surprise yeah your mom fucker
oh crap look a gun all them got a gun don’t hurt me huh all right so find her pick up sir cool what the fuck oh my gosh there you
go yeah that they shot a my home
hello hey we’ll catch up later
let’s get out of here oh gosh there you go oh come on man that fucking
ridiculous now a man had through this shit again alright alright I’ll go back up stay
here do the shit again you gotta be kidding me why I why or why
break your door alright shit Brioni oh thank you oh come on now perfect I’ll come on man that fucking bullshit hi son try again die die
these are Christ hi hello die what she they’re cool is this so another so shit yeah you did see that
there you go I said try again hello anybody else all right I back again died yes there you go you dare Arielle I’ve got this way only there get out give me death don’t my bean all
right damn yes cool your motherfucker gather come on Aereo the bottle fucker died what are you doing here we’ll catch up
later let’s get out of here yes we got is this got die motherfucker cool
drag the back down Sayer get a light oh my gosh what the hell got my way people they go oh my gosh come on fire alright how are you most there he was out here
oh crap they’re back to the city come on oh yeah bitch may I oh crap go this way let go oh great take a
helicopter why I can’t wait for you to meet my husband
oh great can you drop me off at my house fuck no so you’re sure you can figure out what’s
in the son stuff don’t worry sweetie when it comes to drugs or snickerdoodles
I’m the best ain’t that the truth baby Toby thanks for bringing my pumpkin
muffin back you need anything you let me know
oh I already talked to Laura about that in that case you mind giving me and the
wife some quality time I’d like to have a belated conjugal PTA meeting not at
all all right so we’re gonna stop right here
so thank you for watching oh say Rove to re pca don’t fit
click the like scribe have a share tick for to check on my channel until secure
for life alright see ya

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