RWBY: Volume 6, Chapter 4: So That’s How It Is

RWBY: Volume 6, Chapter 4: So That’s How It Is

f f♫ [Rising by Jeff Williams, ft. Casey Lee Williams] ♫ ♫ Stay close, move fast ♫ ♪ The darkness cannot last ♪ ♪ No hope, no path ♪ ♪ But we’ve got a dream to catch! ♪ ♪ And we cannot wait ♪ ♪ Trust the way we’re made ♪ ♪ The sparrow’s born to fly ♪ ♪ The mountain’s ♪ ♪ Tower ♪ ♪ The river knows to reach the sea ♪ ♪ The rain will help the flowers be ♪ ♪ We’re the same, you and me ♪ ♪ The lightning doesn’t take advice from anyone ♪ ♪ The willow doesn’t need to learn to stand ♪ ♪ As sun seeks day ♪ ♪ We’ll find our way ♪ ♪ And we’ll catch that dream together someday soon ♪ ♪ We’re rising like the moon ♪ ♫ [Yang]: Salem can’t be killed… You all heard her too, right? [Ozpin]: I… [Yang]: There was so much you hadn’t told us! How could you think that was okay? [Ruby]: Professor… What is your plan to defeat Salem? [Ozpin]: I… …don’t have one. (loud smacking) (wood breaking) (soft crunching) [Qrow]: No one wanted me. I was cursed. I gave my life to you because you gave me a place in this world. I thought I was finally doing some good. Ozpin: But, you are! Qrow: Meeting you is the worst luck of my life. Ozpin: Maybe you’re right. [Oscar groans] Ruby: What happened? Oscar: He’s… …gone. Yang: [yelling] That bastard! Tell him we’re not done yet! Oscar: No, this is different! He’s gone. It-It’s like he’s locked himself deep inside my head. Our head? [Oscar grunts] I hate this! I want it to stop! [Weiss]: He just left us? [Blake]: What are we gonna do now? (Yang growls)
-[Maria]: Enough! We need to get a move on. It’ll be dark before we know it and everyone of you is spewing negativity. There’s a trail over there. Trails usually lead somewhere. Yang: Lady, I don’t know who you think you are but- -No “buts”. I understand that you’re upset Honestly, I’m still coming to terms with the fact that this is humanity’s second time around. But, if we don’t move we die and I’ll be damned if I’ve lived this long just to die out here in the cold! No, she’s right, come on. I’m just going to be another one of his lives, aren’t I? Of course not. You’re your own person. – Don’t lie to him, Ruby. We’re better than that. [Nevermore screeching] [propeller whirring] [laughs] Welcome back, welcome back. I do hope you missed us as much as we missed you. Let’s go. Oh speaking of which, where is our Fall Maiden? [Tyrian gasp] [maniacal laughter] [Emerald groans in fustration] [Mercury]: Emerald, come on. [Tyrian]: Don’t tell me something happened to her? [laughter] I will cut off more than just your tail! Careful little girl… Cinder isn’t here to protect you anymore! [moans] [growls] Back off, freak! Oh, don’t misunderstand. I am in mourning just as you. Because it appears you failed our Queen… And that is.. a tragedy… [snickering] [maniacal laughter] I would like you to explain to me… How it is you failed so spectacularly? The faunas militia split our forces- Stop… Let me rephrase the question. Who is responsible for your defeat? I take full responsibility– But that wouldn’t be fair now, would it?! We all know who’s truly to blame! I don’t– Emerald…. I want you to tell me whose fault this was. Now. C-Cinder! We failed because of Cinder. That’s right. I want you to understand that failure. I want you to understand why Cinder must be left to toil in her isolation until she redeems herself. [Mercury]: You mean… [Emerald]: She’s alive? You’re joking. How could you know that? Are you questioning our divine Savior?! I– [nervous chuckle] Of course not, forgive me. It’s important not to lose sight of what drives us. Love. Justice. Reverence. But the moment you put your desires before my own… They will be lost to you. [gasping] This isn’t a threat. This is simply the truth. The path to your desires is only found… Through me. And so we must press on. The sword under Vacuo’s Academy, Shade– [Hazel]: Ma’am. I have.. more to report. Qrow and the children are taking the lamp to Atlas. [laughs] Not if I can help it. And they’re being led… By Ozpin. [Tyrian]: So soon?! [Watts]: He’s the only man with a chance of getting through to Ironwood. If that happens– [glass cracking] Leave! [Tyrian]: Your grace, I can– Come on. [glass cracking] [door slams shut] [cracking stops] [inhale] [sreaming] [glass shatering] It doesn’t look like this is gonna let up. I just want to get this stupid relic to Atlas. Let’s hope we don’t have to walk all the way there. I thought trails led somewhere? Do you have nothing better to do than to harass a defenseless old lady? Everyone quiet. Do you hear that? [metallic squeaking] [fence squeaks] [Blake]: Well, at least one good thing happened today. [Weiss]: It looks abandoned. It’s still better than this. Come on. I think we could all use some rest. [fence squeaks] Thanks for watching volume 6 if you want to see some volume 7 that’s on that’s on roosterteeth dot com, go check it out Yeah, and if you want to support RWBY, you can always go to the Rooster Teeth store buy some new stuff We got this RWBY sue me a line. It’s very cool. It’s some like Eastern art style stuff. You’re gonna like it I think you’re like we got a new premium capsule collection. We got so many things just go over there. You’re gonna like it

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  1. I fucking hate how some episodes are 20mins and others might as well be fucking 10

  2. Hazel's a good dad to Emerald and Mercury

  3. If Hazel was grunting in pain/fear like that, Salem must have been putting him through some serious physical or mental distress. Scary.

  4. I feel really sorry for Ozpin/Ozma and I can’t blame him for what he did. His ex-wife is more harder to deal with.

  5. I want a backstory on how Salem met Cinder

  6. you know you're irredeemable when MERCURY protects someone against you

  7. Oscar doesn't deserve any of this 🙁 protect the poor cinnamon roll

  8. Stop ozpin hate honestly it's like everyone blames him he chose to come back out of selflessness imagine being in his position hes trusted and been betrayed many times how could he tell them everything not only would it cause unnecessary panic it would just be stupid , so what if he doesn't have a plan why should he atleast he hasn't given up the poor man can't even rest i feel so sorry for him he was unjustly thrown into a horrible situation because of some childish hypocritcal gods throwing tantrums and it seems like the world is against him

  9. Damn rip those windows they were pretty nice


  11. After ep 2 of vol 7…



    Protect Ozpin and Oscar! Team RWBY are hypocrites! That also for JNR and Qrow. Ozpin gets all the hate for ages, but when team RWBY do the same it's all okayyy. Wow #OZPINDIDNOTHINGWRONG

  12. How does hazel walk with balls that big

  13. Think team RWBY and Qrow need to stop being such whiny bitches and revisit that memory with a little bit more open mind. Oz ask how do "I" stop Salem, and the Djinn said "YOU" don't. Probably means Ozpin not the one who can stop her.

  14. fights for all eternity to save humanity (not only from Salem but from god destruction) and restore it to it's former status
    Allies give zero fucks and feel betrayed

  15. I still don't understand why everyone got mad at Oz. Like didn't he say that everyone turned his back on him when he told them the truth… Also he probably knew they were gonna flip out on him like Salem did.

    Can someone explain why they mad. If I found out what he was hiding I would just be like "Ight cool, let's think of a way of defeating Salem instead of arguing." I'm dead serious I would say this. Lol.

  16. These end credit people are killing it for me

  17. Oh look, they got Chris Sabat in. Surprise surprise.

  18. I honestly want Emerald to cut off more than Tyrians tail and cut his head off. He is to cynical to be roaming the world of remnant. She would be doing EVERYONE a favor.

  19. Salem: flips table
    Tyrian: is on the ground

  20. I don’t but do get why people hate ozpin. He’s trying his best to protect his comrades but in order to he had to keep it a secret. Ozpin has good intentions but they were poorly executed by hiding them though. He’s conflicted and it’s not his fault… but does he really deserve all the hate?

  21. Tyrian is the type to ask the teacher about her divorce

  22. 4:12
    I’m just going to be one of his lives

    Todoroki: ITS YOUR LIFE not his

  23. 3:36
    Aye count yourself lucky
    This is like marvels 3rd go around😂😂😂
    Dc has like 5 retries in the bag😂
    2 ain't so bad considering u don't occupy the same realm as mofos that break REALITY

  24. 4:24
    I feel bad for ozzy
    Not only do ppl hate him for concealing things(u would think after like 200 years he'd have picked up on the fact that hiding shit from people only comes back to bite u in the WORST ways), but most of his homies are turning away from him and most likely won't give him a chance to come clean about his actions.

  25. 4:25
    U talking shit but deep down everybody know u ruby's real dad😂

  26. Ozpin asked the wrong question. He should have asked how to give her rest. Like he could have been more direct and use talk no jutsu lol instead of trying to leave with kids

  27. I’m still mad after everything they learned the only thing that everyone gets mad at is Oz not having a plan, the guy probably exhausted every resource he had you can’t really blame him

  28. Wish they'd release the music that plays at 3:54

  29. I feel bad for oscar

  30. Can't tell if Salem is a mad boss or a disappointed mom

  31. Salem: 11:14
    Me:Well, if it makes you feel better Salem, he just got betrayed by EVERYONE HE KNOWS

  32. plan is simple. get all the relics and summon the gods. show them the bane of humanity is salem, and they’d remove her completely.

  33. ( Cuando termina)
    Oh come on
    Creí que había mas

  34. 9:24 "this isn't a threat" said every criminal ever

  35. Ozpin didn't deserve that hate. It's not his fault that he got sick and Salem couldn't accept it. I mean yeah he kept it a secret but it wasn't a lie and they only agreed on no lies and half truths. I also feel bad for Oscar. He'll have to live with the fact that his personality will be replaced with ozpin's. He also gets punched in the face so oof.

  36. 7:08
    Big dude: The fonus militia split out forces-
    Bad lady: Stop…
    Me: Yah, stop huh? Stop so you can't learn from yours or others mistakes? Yah good villain, real smart.
    7:40 Still throwing temper tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants… Just like she always has…
    7:48 Why do any of them want to serve her again if all she does is crap on them and yell at them…?
    9:02 Literally none of those things are you. Is the show trying to be clever? Why would ANY of these people come to a black fortress with a queen bitch, for love? Gosh this is terrible…
    I don't want to hear any, "Well cuz they're confused-" No… You don't become a literal monster who would join an army that kills kids cuz, "you're confused." That's bullcrap.
    10:40 Really good leader. Really holding it together and NOT being a total spazz. Oh wait, she is being a total spazz.

  37. When you’re teaching your child math:

    Mother: If you have five apples and you take one away, how much do you have?

    Little girl: Five! 😃

    Mother: …….. 7:13

  38. Emerald seems like she could really use a hug…

  39. Technically yang shouldnt be that angry at ozpin because yang also didn't tell them what happened in the vault but that isn't as severe soo

  40. 6:41–8:22

    Loss at Haven=Kingdom Hearts III's Ending
    Cinder=Donald and Goofy

  41. Off topic but…

    Anyone else have a huge crush on Salem?

    Just me? Okay.

  42. … She really is a selfish bitch… Well… She became one at least. Calm it down crazy lady.

  43. Yang: I thought trails led somewhere
    Ummm… technically Maria said trails USUALLY lead somewhere, there is a difference

  44. For an absolutely terrifying immortal demon, she's oddly understanding and forgiving.

  45. Well the gods in this were dumb in the first place punishing her like she did something massively wrong I mean they over punished her big-time well the guards in this were dumb in the first place punishing her like she did something massively wrong I mean they over punished her big-time. Now whoever she’s killed her children and became a terrible person so now would be the time to actually punish her but of course now they put that in the hands of someone else because they’re arrogant and stupid

  46. Sry nice to still see this show kicking

  47. I just realized it. Hazel actually doesn't know whose fault it is. As far as he is concerned, he had to deal with Adam and arrange for the academy to be destroyed.
    He was probably just told that Cinder and her crew would also drop by at the same time. He didn't know that was an altered plan, tinkered with by Cinder. So him saying "i dont-" before being muffled by Salem actually makes sense.

    Damn i love the detail in this show.

  48. There are and are gonna be butts everywhere ☺️. There eats/ate/were butts everywhere 😠.

  49. That's why you work with neither nor for evil. Evil is only interested in destruction and demise.

  50. Ok someone gotta put the Creepy Fawness dude in a mental hospital… like no joke! He is creepy as heck!!!!

  51. I'm actually sad for Ozpin. The thousands of years of torture he'd endured. He tried to forget, just came flushing back again. Worst part. Others took their anger towards him (which wasn't his fault he had a crazy hot wife who couldn't move on) and a clueless boy who had nothing to do with it.

  52. Remember when we all thought Salem was summer

  53. So is nobody going to talk how Raven already told Yang that Salem couldn't be defeated and Yang didn't believe it? How did she find out? Ozpin clearly wasn't very forthcoming with the whole of Team STRQ because Qrow had no idea.

  54. Salem: Let me rephrase the question. Who is responsible for screwing up Volume 5 so badly?
    Hazel: Alright, I'm the one who messed up the plot. I know people don't like the way my voice sounded when I use dust with my semblance, but really you have to admit I still had a decent backsto-
    "Salem throws the WHOLE table"
    Salem: Don't lie to me you little $*@%!
    Emerald: Ok Ok It was Momma Cinder! T_T She messed up Volume 5!

  55. I love Grimm Salem, every second of her is chilling and interesting. I'm so soothed by her voice

  56. "…meeting you was the worst luck of my life."
    That line, from Qrow of all people, had to have stung quite a bit.

  57. Didn't like yang in this series

  58. GOD DAMN IT LISTEN HERE yAnG, I'm sick of your nagging and complaining, leave this man alone your always on his back he doesn't gotta tell you all his business

  59. Crow: nO OnE wAnTeD mE (sniff) bEcAuSe i CaN tUrn InTo a BIRD

    Jeez dude get over it that's fucking cool! it's not like your immortality and cant die peacefully until you defeat the unkillable Grimm lady
    yea your life is so hard crow lmao

    (Edit: also him turning into a bird helps him so I don't know why he bitches about it so much anyway, he can go places faster and it even helped him kill that grimm on the train, why is he so pissy about it)

  60. Am I the only one who thinks Ozma/Ozpin is getting kind of a raw deal here. I mean, he's been placed in an impossible situation and, they're shocked that he's struggling. They're criticizing him for decisions he's been forced to make that they literally couldn't understand. Above all that, though, their worst affront against him is seemingly ignoring how much he's been through and how much he's done. He's lived and died a hundred life times to see Salem defeated. And when directly told by an omniscient being that he couldn't kill Salem, he didn't stop or give up; he kept trying regardless.

    While you're welcome to disagree, Team RWBY and everyone else present are total dicks in this episode.

  61. 7:32 Tyrian got bodied for no reason…poor religious serial killer

    8:45 Gotta love him.

  62. Salem can not be killed, but, she can defeated?

  63. Has ozpin been in a girls body? I wander what he did😍🤔😍🤔

  64. I still feel like Ozpin is good. Everyone makes mistakes and I feel like he was even kind of justified for keeping those secrets, with how they’ve turned out for him in the past when he shared them. He did what he believed was right. It was really at this moment I started to despise team RWBY.

  65. To be fair they just know orpin can not destroy her. Not that they can’t win it or what is the best course of action against Salem…. so many possibility and still one question left

  66. Can someone add captions in Hebrew?

  67. Who else feels physical pain when they listen to this song? I have to flipping regulate my breathing and clutch the spot on my heart cause I remember Penny and Prryha TTvTT I feel so sadddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. I feel like the shattering glass around Salem is a really good scene and the writing leading up to her outburst is fantastic. Great job, Rooster Teeth!

  69. No matter how you look at it. Ozpin has very good reasons for not telling Team RWBY and Qrow. Reasons backed with untold years of experience.

  70. Is it just me or is there any one else that immediately thinks Lanister every time some one says Tyrian. But fuck that guy is creepy, he males me feel so uncomfortable!

  71. I just feel so sorry for Oscar. Revisting this episode was so shocking, poor little Oscar caught up in Ozpin's lies.

  72. I liked salem's long flowing hair, I think it'd look nice with a witch hat too. The new hairstyle she has looks a little too hipster for my tastes.

  73. 11:15 hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

  74. Feel so bad for Oscar, everyone is mad at Ozpin but they’re physically abusing him.

    I honestly just headcanon that whenever Ozpin takes control of Oscar, it’s him that feels pain and vice versa.

  75. I thought Hazel was a woman before skskksks

  76. So how do they destroy salem then

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